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Hello. Why I can’t look demo?

Hello, the demo works well. Could you please check again?

Hi. I’m using ez Schedule Manager – WordPress Plugin but I want to send sms notifications to my clients when a booking is made. Is it possible to use WP SMS Professional Package to do that?

Hello, this would be possible with additional coding. Please send a message to

Pre-sale Question: I just want to ask, if we have 10 users, can we make 10 or more schedules for them separately, in each page of their accounts? thank you

Hi, I just want to ask if this schedule can be added to different user accounts. the idea is if we have 10 accounts, then 10 different schedules for them per week. Is it possible? Thank you. I like you plug in

Hello, yes, you can create as many schedules as you wish.

Hi, I am using the following theme but it doesnt have an option to add businesses with their schedules and times for classes en events. Would this plugin allow new businesses to updload their schedules for classes and events? Please let me know. Thank you!!

Hello, this is not possible with the plugin as this seems to be a unique feature.

hello I’d like to buy your plugin but I need to know if it’s WPML compatible or if I can translate it easily in french with the po file ? I need also to know if I can add a specific field for phone number because I ‘d to use sms notification. last question : can I install the plugin 3 times in the same wordpress to manage 3 differents calendars for 3 people. King regards

Hello, please apologise the late reply. Yes, you can translate the plugin with the .po file or a translation plugin like Loco Translate.

Yes, you can add your own form fields in the backend, too as well as adding more schedules.

Hello, thank you for your answer. How is it possible to add more schedule with only one plugin installation. I am very interested to have details before I buy. Again thank you

You can add as many schedules as you like. Best take a look at the demo before:

Hi. I’ve just download the plugin and I’ve been trying to upload the file to WP for more than 3 hours now, getting desperate.. I’ve managed to upload the file on WP but it seems like loads of content is missing? For example inside ‘public entries’ it says ‘No entries found’? And I can’t do anything when adding a new schedule… I might have uploaded the file in an incorrect way but I’m not sure.

I would really appreciate some help..

Hello, please create a temporary admin account for along with a detailed description of the issue so I can investigate this.

Heloo, so i got one issue, i want my hours to be like this from 12:00 to 22:00 and to be able to make a Schedule from 2 hours to 2 hours but that is not possible becuse you have setup max hour to be 23:50 and it dosen;t show the last hour 22:00 and that is an big issue, how toi fix that?

Hello, this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your message.

Last update was made on 3 July 15, when is the update comming?

ETA is end of this week!

Hi, I have a conflict with wpml when someone is trying to make a reservation, any idea on why is this happening?

Hello, please create a temporary admin account for along with a description of the issue so I can investigate this.

I made the account; when someone is using the reservation form nothing happens after pushing the submit button; although the registration is complete and I can see it in the backend there is no confirmation message for the customer.

Hello, could you please tell me your ticket ID? Otherwise, I can’t refer the account to this issue.

In the form section is there possible to do a select dropdown list underneath name email and time, i cannot see this function.

Hello, yes, you can add a dropdown field like this:

[dropdown|value 1;value 2; value 3]

Hello! Great plugin, have one questions. Can I make if private entry – addclass entry-blocked for front? I want just custom time block by admin. Thanks.

Hello, this isn’t possible in the current version but I will add this in the next update. However, you can modify the file frontend.min.js and replace the string “entry-public” with “entry-blocked” so public entries won’t be shown but only blocked ones.

Sorry, I forgot that I already done this. Just too much work.

Hi can i get some help this extension does not work completely.

The last update was on the 18th May 2017 as you can see here:

Please follow these steps in order:

  1. Go to
  2. Find ez Schedule Manager and click on “download”
  3. Remove the old version from your site and upload the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon

I tried that and its version 1.0….This is taking entirely too long to get support for this item. I see in the past you fix other customers who did not even pay for support. why are you making it so difficult for me to update. We have went back and forth all day and still in the same position.

It’s not like I don’t want to help you. The updated version fixes this problem, though I’m not sure why it shows v1.0 for you. I sent an email with the updated version to you. Please get back to me via email.

The demo for the frontend doesn’t work on iPhones, the rectangles can’t be “clicked”. Will you fix this in a future release? I want to know before I buy. Thank you.

Hello, I’ve tried it with various smartphones and it seems to be working well. Can you please check this and confirm whether it’s a bug on your smartphone only?

Hi there. I would like to translate the tekst FREE and CLOSED, which you see on all the boxes in the frontend. How do I do that?

Hello, please create a temporary admin account for along with a description of the issue so I can investigate this. Please make sure to include your Envato username in your support ticket.

How can I see the backend of your platform? Thanks

Hello, you can download the demo here:

Alternatively, install the plugin “ez schedule manager free” from your WordPress plugins page.

Can I add an optional checkbox to the form?

Hello, sure, you can do that. Add a checkbox element and set the “Required” option to “No”.

How would I add this? I am currently using [checkbox| Yes;No;] which shows three checkboxes (yes, no, blank) and you have to tick one. I just want one box that can be left unticked.

Hello, I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ll add this feature in the next update. You can use it with [radio|Yes;No]

I am getting the error – Invalid form data. Please reload the page. Any ideas what might be wrong.

Hello, please send a message to along with your purchase code so I can get back to you.