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Hi, I’m testing your pluggin via your demo site, but I found an issue, in repeatable form, when the sub form includes datepicker, the second datepicker does not work, when click the second, it jump to the first datepicker, pls check. Best regards

The page I need help with:

Hello, this issue will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your message.

Hi, when the next update will be released? thanks


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I have a form which is not connected to woocommerce but requires stripe payment. I have enabled “submit form” and “forced stripe payments”. My issue is that the checkout button is visible on the form before any selections are made. Is there an option to hide the stripe checkout button until the various options are selected?

Hello, you can hide the submit button (checkout button) conditionally. Please refer to the documentation:

Hello, awesome plugin, thanks for your work !

But can you say me how to display the total price ([ezfc_total /]) without submit the form please ? For exemple display the price in header of website.

Thank you !

Hello, thank you for your comment. The total price should be displayed below the form automatically. In order to display the price in a different part of your website, you’d need to add your own JS code.

Is it possible to Design the PDF for Submitted Info?

Hello, you can modify the PDF and email templates with PHP.


I review your plugin. It is good. I will use redirection page. You added for example.

I use this option in your demo but you add some slug in last of url. ”?ezfc_insert_key=e65eb41d-ae2b-4ce0-882f-c92072620bd0”

I want to ask you: How I can this slug? I want to redirection url clean and simple.

Hello, it will be possible to hide the slug in the next update. Thanks.


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Hi I have already asked some questions at email. When can I get a reply?

Hello, could you please send me your ticket ID?


Iamhin Purchased

How can I get my ticket ID?

There is error on installing

Hello, there is no known issue when installing the plugin. Did you make sure to install the correct file? Have you tried uploading the plugin via FTP?

If this still fails, please send a message to to receive further support. Thanks.


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I am confused about the Global Conditionals, in theory these are great. However how do you save them? Updating the form doesn’t affect the globals at the bottom, they just disappear

Hello, please send a message to so I can get back to you. Thanks.


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I need some support with a custom calculation I am trying to achieve. I uploaded a custom js file, but it seems that the form doesn’t reach the function in my file, because nothing happens. Please help!

Hello, I’ve replied to your support ticket. Please get back to me via the ticket. Thanks.

Hallo, ich habe das Plugin gekauft, da ich mich insbesondere für die BULK LICENSES CALCULATOR Vorlage interessiere. Leider ist das besagte Template nicht wie beschrieben im Backend enthalten. Habe ich was übersehen?

Hallo, die Templates werden aktualisiert. In der nächsten Woche wird dieses Template hinzugefügt. Danke.

Hello – can this plugin create a script timer form like this:


Hello, there’s no inbuilt timer function but you could create this with custom JS code. The rest of the form can be created with the plugin.

Hello, I would like to know if your module is able to do the following:

Calculate a price based on 3 successive questions (3 criteria) from the picture price table here:

1: A price range 2: Single person or family 3: Age

And after having the possibility of adding two additional fixed costs.

Here is a syntetic example of the form:

- Dynamic rate calculated from the 3 questions asked (price calculated from the price table): X - Management fees (fixed price): X - Contribution (fixed price): X

- Total price: 3X - a small checkbox to certify that the legal notices have been read correctly

Thanks for your help !

Hello, you could create a similar form with the plugin. Depending on the requirements, you may need to add custom JS code to the form. You can try out the plugin here:

Pre sale question,

Hello, please let me know if it’s posible to creare a loan calculator for my web site? I see that it’s posible on your demo, but i want to have on the final one list with all the mounts payment value or to receive it via e-mal by customer.

i want to have a form like MORTGAGE CALCULATOR FORM example demo but on the end i want to show a list with all the mounth payment amount! I hope you understend my question!

Please let me know if that’s posible?

Hello, this would be possible with additional customization of the form. Please send a message to so I can get back to you.

Hy, OK, I have send you one e-mail. Many thank’s


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I have been trying to contact support for over a week with no success so far.. Please help me out

Hello, I’ve replied to your support ticket.


Can you tell me if it is possible to configure fields that depend on each other in the plugin? For example, in field ” a ” step 0.5, and in field “b” step 1. I increase the field “a” by one step, and the field “b”increased itself. Conversely, if you increase or decrease the value in the “b” field, the “a” field would react accordingly. In General, so that they listen to each other)

Hello, unfortunately, this is not possible with the plugin out of the box. You’d need customize the plugin in order to achieve this.


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Please help me: I made a custom calculation. Everything works, besides the price. It’s not getting the price from the function. I log the price in console in the function and there it works perfectly, but not in the form. Please help!

Hello, please send a message to

Hi!    I need a calculator for my homepage and yours looks pretty good.  However, I am not interested in having customers’ data in my database.  

Is it possible, for the clients to download the configured list as a file?

Please let me know if this is possible.

Kind regards,


Hello, it’s not possible to download the submitted form, but there is an option that submissions won’t be stored in the database.

Is your Plugin have integration for 2Checkout Payment Gateway.?

Hello, unfortunately, this payment gateway is not integrated. However, you can connect the form to WooCommerce and use it as a payment gateway.

Good afternoon, great plugin, thanks! I need to upload a photo and in order for its preview to load, there are many working scripts on the Internet, but not one of them works with this plugin. Question, please tell me why or how it is possible to make a preview of the uploaded images? Thanks!

No longer relevant, I solved the issue, I started displaying preview images!)

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Hello, I updated the theme. After the update, the shape is no longer displayed correctly. What can it do? Link: I would be grateful for help.

Hello, please send a message to