Discussion on ez Form Calculator - WordPress plugin

Discussion on ez Form Calculator - WordPress plugin

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This plugin has been really helpful. I have been developing a Tuition Calculation form and I need to ensure that a couple subtotal values do not exceed the value of another field that is dynamic. Is there a way to do this?

Hello, unfortunately, this is (currently) not possible. However, you could limit the numbers with a little piece of code of javascript directly. If you need any help, please drop me a line at

Is it possible to output a percentage rather than price total? Is it possible to output both? I am trying to calculate a percentage saved based on inputs. Thank you

Hello, yes, you can. See an example here:

I have been working with this plugin for the last few days and overall I am impressed. I do have some minor issues which I am unsure how to resolve. Firstly, If I use redirect to a thank you page it does not redirect. If I have the redirect page as empty then I should at least see the Front end message after successful submission in which case it does not. I also have the form to clear after submission and it does not. The included mailer does not work very well and more than likely my host. I did solve it by using my own smtp plugin which connects to my google business apps. There are no warnings or popups for required fields such as Captcha. If I just hit submit it does nothing but if I enter the code it does submit to my email and still does nothing. Any suggestions with some of these issues? You may visit my page where the form is

For the public: the website ran an outdated version of this plugin. This issue only appears on certain webhosters with error-notifications enabled so the form could not be submitted. This issue was fixed as of version 2.7.2.

Thank you for the reply. I want to point out that I just downloaded and installed the latest version from here and is still registering as 2.7.1. This is the only version available here to me. Can I switch over to the PHP standalone? The wordpress version is more of a headache.

Hello, the PHP version will be updated next week.

HI, Very nice work.. I have an equation, I am wondering if this plugin can handle this quation or not. That equation have a if condition and checks if x < y, then a * b, and result of a * b has to be a whole number. Please let me know if I could do that in the plugin or how could I customize it to handle this?

Hello, unfortunately, this is not possible as of now.

I am quite frustrated with this plugin. 1. The Price format doesn´t seem to have any effect on the way my prices are displayed neither does it limit it to two decimal numbers 2. The whole form keeps resetting calculations from time to time when I update and save the form. 3. My problems are mentioned here already but not the solutions. Wouldn´t it make sense to publish solutions to common questions? The author seems to be very busy so it could help


1) do you use the latest version (v2.7.1)? This issue was fixed with version 2.7.0

2) I cannot reproduce this issue, however, I have heard it from another user as well. Could you please tell me when this bug occurs?

Hi, 1) I am using Version 2.7.1 and it doesn´t work. 2) It seems a bit random. Sometimes it is all operators, sometimes only a few. It appears after saving the form but that´s all I can say

1) Could you please send a message to with the form URL so I can look myself.

2) I will try to sort that out. Sorry for this!

Hello, tell me, is it possible to realize the reset values in the drop-down menu? For example, there are 2 main menu items, select the first item in the main menu appears first additional menu with numbers from 1 (default) to 5, I choose 3 and then the Main menu, choose the second point, where there is a second additional menu the same numbers, then I switch back to the first item in the main menu, there is shown my previous choice, that is tsyfry 3. is it possible that this value is reset to the default value, ie number 1. I hope Google clearly translated my text , thank you.

I wanted to add that it would be nice if there was an opportunity, after selecting the last value in the calculator to calculate, calculate button appears after clicking on a price that appears, and then prices online application form and all the parameters to calculate and contact details were sent to the post office administrator


regarding your first question: you would have to do that manually via javascript since there is no inbuilt function for that.

There will be an option to calculate the price with a button-click in future updates

Is it possible to duplicate a field in the form editor? Can’t figure it out.

Hello, this feature is available as of the latest version.

Hi, too many bugs.. i add a number html5 element and have placeholder and description, i add another one and dont have descripction field..

and Why some elements have Placeholders (numbers html5) and others not like Dorpdown menu..

Any way to add telephone numbers restriction?

The next update will feature a custom regular expression option which you can customize to restrict the input value to numbers only.

Hi, too many bugs.. i add a number html5 element and have placeholder and description, i add another one and dont have descripction field..

and Why some elements have Placeholders (numbers html5) and others not like Dorpdown menu..

Hello, I am not quite sure I understand correctly. Not all elements have placholder options such as the html element because the placeholder is only valid for input fields.


T1 Purchased

Hi I’m using your plugin for conference bookings. Is there a way to download the booking information? Even if it’s another plugin that plays well with one, that’s ok.


T1 Purchased

Is this plugin compatible with woocommerce 2.3

Hello, there is currently no option to download booking information. However, you can view single submissions in the backend (action bar -> envelope-icon “Show submissions”)). The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.

Hi, not responsive?

Hello, there are still some issues with some elements. The next update will handle responsive elements better.

Hi! Is it possible to multiply the total price with – for example – *1.21 in case the question of the relation item is answered with a YES?


Hello, yes, this is possible. Check out the example:

You can import the data by clicking on “View import data” and import the content into the backend.

I forgot to mention that the email subject line displays this “Susan\’s” instead of “Susan’s” – How do I get rid of the dash. it is both in the admin panel and the email subject line.

This is a bug and will be fixed with the next update.

I am having a few issues with this plugin…

1.) At the top of the emailed estimate received this is displayed: table { width: 100%; max-width: 800px; border-collapse: collapse; } tr, td { padding: 10px 5px; vertical-align: top; }

How do I fix that?

2.) The emailed estimate prices are wacky. It displays for example $ 26.5 = $ 26.50 (on 2 lines) instead of just $26.50.

How do I fix that?

3.) Is it possible for the email NOT to display choices that were NOT selected? It shows everything whether it was selected or not. It looks super messy showing everything.

Thank you in advance!


1) It seems that your WordPress version disables html emails to be sent. This could be due to external plugins or due to the webhoster (which is unprobable, actually). You could try to add the following line to the file “class.ezfc_frontend.php” right below the first line of the method “send_mails” (line 830):

add_filter( 'wp_mail_content_type', 'ezfc_set_html_content_type' );

Then, open the file “ezfc.php” and add the following lines:

function ezfc_set_html_content_type() {
    return 'text/html';

2) Go to the “Global Settings” page and set “Price format” to:


3) There will be an option for this in the next update.

I can not seem to get this plugin to work. Everything seems fine with the exception of the total at the bottom. All I get is -. I have included a subtotal and that is also blank. The plugin works great on localhost but does not run on my site. I deactivated every plugin and still does not work. Any suggestions?

Hello, this is probably due to a bug in the current version that only appears on some webservers. This will be fixed in the next update. If you need a temporary workaround, please drop me a line at


Is it possible to use your plugin to accomplish something like this:

If yes, is it also possible to assign certain purchases to certain users depending of the input fields?

Sincerely, Mika

Additionally, how does the hooks works when using the WooCommerce feature?

Is it possible to use the values from the from after the WooCommerce has been processed.

For example, let’s say the user choose English as an radio option, is it then possible to grab that value (when the purchase is complete) and use it so only the person aligned to english task received an email?

Sincerely, Mika

Hello, yes, you can create a form like the one on the site. Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign special prices to certain users only as this is a pretty unique feature request.

Regarding your second comment, it is possible to achieve that, though you would have to write some additional php code in order to make it work. There are two hooks that you can use, see

Amazing!!! Thanks a lot, just what I needed!

15 days ago I wrote to the support because I have a problem with the plugin but no response.

I contact you because the last time I gave you access to the backend of my website ( to resolve a problem of the plugin which is the form could not be submitted because I use conditional fields that hide a number of options which are required fields, and because of that the form doesn’t send, you told me that in the next update you going to fix that bug then I was forced to put the fields as not required but doesn’t work for what I need.

Another thing I noticed is the notification displays the fields that people don’t fill because the conditional hide some fields.

I want to now if you are going to fix that bug and when if is possible, because I need to use in my website.

Thank you very much because the plugin is great and usefull.

Unfortunately, I did not receive any login credentials from you. Could you please send them again to – thank you and sorry for any inconvenience. I will have to investigate this issue a little further.

of course I will send you the login to my website, because I have a friend that is programmer and he told me that this is a huge bug which is what I think because the fields that are dependent of the conditional fields can’t be marked as required

thanks for solving my problem, I love the plugin and the support was very useful. Definitely I recommend buy this plugin.

The conditional hidden works great, thank you very much.

can you please get back to my message thanks


Just purchased this, great form builder! I am wondering about exporting the form. Is there an option for a submitted form to be editable in EXCEL or other apps? Basically, after a customer submits their form and I have to make any edits to the values, is that an option?


Hello, thank you for your kind words. There is no feature such as Excel export, unfortunately.

Editing submissions will be implemented in the next update, though.


I’m having the same problem as mario2020 – the plugin cannot find class.ez_functions.php Could you not just give me and mario2020 the file so we can add it in rather than wait for an update? My client is desperate to get their form online and working. It would really help! Thanks

Hello, please send a message to along with your purchase code so I can send you the fixed version already.

I haven’t purchased. This issue happened with the free version. However I went with another forms plugin in the end. Thanks


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