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Hello, what means by public $plugin_url ? What is difference between this and $plugin_url?

skip this question, thanks

Hello Team! I can’t figure why my Paypal button are showing the tags

on the button? Any Suggestion to remove it!

Hello, did you check if there are any special characters or html tags in the form option “Submit text” in the Layout section?

I have sent you a support question, that I can not get this to work, several days ago, without reply. Can I get help, or I would like money back. Thanks!!

Hello, could you please tell me your ticket ID?

This form seemed promising when I purchased it over one year ago. At that time, I noted two issues preventing me from publishing the form to my website. The first issue involves the option to force PayPal login at checkout, which you identified as due to a typo in paypalfunctions.php on line 95. The second issue is the appearance of HTML paragraph tags in the PayPal form submit button. At the time, you indicated these issues would be resolved with the next update in two weeks. A year has passed and no update has followed. Have you abandoned this software or do you still intend to update it as promised? In any case, please indicate the file and location of the code responsible for rendering the PayPal form submit button and I will try to resolve the issue myself.

Hello, the output is done in file class.ezfc_frontend.php in line 2026 as well as the function ezfc_price_request_toggle in the file frontend.js.

The submit text will be read from the form options (these shouldn’t include any HTML tags). I could take a further look at this. Have you already sent a support ticket?

Hello. In other comments posted here, WH_T_SP_C_ and neogenesisweb seem to report a similar issue. My guess is that in the admin frontend the javascript textarea editor by default encloses entered text with HTML paragraph tags and passes them to form button output. As mentioned, I reported the issue one year ago and you responded that it would be fixed shortly with the next update. Do you intend to resolve this issue and to update this software?

Pre-sales questions. 1- Can I establish a base price for each form? That is say a product base price of 100 for example and then add to that based on form selections? Another page with another form with a different base price? 2- Can the currency separators be changed from $1,000.00 to $1.000,00?

Hello, yes, both would be possible with the plugin. You can set the “base price” with a hidden element’s value and place it at the top of the form, for example. The decimal point can be changed in the global settings.

Hallo. Seit über 10 Tagen warte ich auf Antwort des Support. Das ist der schlechteste Support den ich je gesehen habe! Werde nie wieder was von diesem Anbieter kaufen!

Hello. For over 10 days I wait for response of the support. This is the worst support I have ever seen! Will never buy again from this seller!

Hello, apologies for the late reply. I’ve replied back to you via email.

Hey Keksdieb,

is this item still under support? Updates? Runs on wp v4.8?

Cheers and all the best,

Hello Steve,

the item is still supported and will be updated in future. If you’re looking for the WP version, please take a look at this item:

e-mails are not sent while the send button is implemented. We tried with PHP v5 and PHP V7, but same negative result. In first test about 10 months ago it worked. Because of layout resons of the mail we removed it again at go live time, but now we would like to implement it agiain, but after addin the ‘send mail’ button we notice now that it doesn’t work anymore. What to do please ?

Hello, please send a message to with the site URL.

Dear author, How about a much needed update of this app. I see the WP-version gets updates, so why not this version?????

Hello, I’m sorry for the late reply. I’m working on an update for the PHP version though the WP version is prioritized higher due to its demand. However, there will be an update of the PHP version in near future.

it’s posssible to connect with my database ?

Ok. how to customize ? Price display is mandatory on each form?

You will have to write your own PHP code to read specific values from your database.

Good day! There is a possibility of translation to Russian language?

Hello, currently, there is no inbuilt translation feature for this. You will have to add your own translation wrapper around the __() function.