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Hello Detailed documentation series? For setup and edit. Is there a demo of Home Feed page content? How ayarlarnıy Feed? Does the page content to have more demos?

What plug-ins to connect with WordPress? json-api examples, etc.

Hello there, actually there is no Wordpress implementation in this theme, it is meant to be pure graphic only, if you need help to implement Wordpress i can help you with that / extend this theme for Wordpress support. Thanks for the interest.

How much does it cost adding a Quiz Page (gets values from json) and survey page?

You got any example? Or just explain a little more please, what kind of quiz? :)

Something like Fortin Quiz Pro in here :)

It depends on the complexity you want to achieve i guess, want to talk in private about that?

Hi, that your script works 100% for IOS 10?

I’m asking because I bought another one here in the canyon site and I’m not getting in any way make it compile on my mac. Could you tell me which version of cord that is using? Could you help me set up if I can not on mac?

Hi there, i had no problem in compiling and testing on iOS 10, ionic version 2.1.0, cordova 6.3.1, cordova-ios 4.1.1 (should work on 4+ in any case), cordova-android 5.2.0… i never tried to setup on windows but i may help if you have troubles! cheers

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I wonder if you have a better way to remove the coffee from the system, once you have purchased it I realized that it uses it. I am not aware of it for that reason alone the scripts would be what I need.

there is a js version of the files in the src folder

Hi, do you offer full app creation for wordpress as backend for this template :)

There is no Wordpress support at the moment, i think its going to be in the next release, you may give some suggestion if you need something

Really beautiful ;)

Thanks :)

Hi Macchie, I would like to contact for a few more design, however I could not see your contact details. Can you provide your email address or skype id that we can chat? Thanks

Hello, I’ve uploaded the files to phonegap and when installed the app is showing the splash and then a white screen and nothing else


Svhach Purchased


If I download the template and build it on ios I receive the following error: 3: EXC_BREAKPOINT (code=EXC_I386_BPT, subcode=0×0)

Can you please fix this issue?

Thank you