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Hallo ich habe das plugin gekauft und installiert..alles top aber das “SENDEN ” button wird falsch dargestellt. In internet explorer als = Anfrage Senden In Firefox als = Daten Senden

Und im backend (in firefox) kann man die schriftfarbe nicht ändern weil das popup fenster es verhindert.das solltet ihr beheben.

ich habe die seite in türkisch und die übersetzung klappt garnicht. wo kann ich das ändern ??

vielen dank

Hallo nochmals das gekaufte product ist nich das aktuelle. Bitte senden sie mir das update.

Your Version : 1.11 Newest Version : 1.12



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I like the look and feel of your component but upon looking at the back-end, I do not see where I can export the submitted data. Was this option overlooked for a reason?

Ooops! It looks like I didn’t look in the right place! Exporting IS in fact there!

Is it possible to load a form in an article?


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Very nice plugin. I was able to get forms with file upload working on a Joomla 2.5 site in under 30 minutes. Works great. The only improvement I might suggest is to capture the IP address and user agent of the person filling out the form.


Hello csharpconsultant,

thank you for liking our forms component.

You can capture the IP of a frontend user by adding a hidden field to your form and setting it to ‘get IP’. Getting the user agent is a good idea, we will add this feature in the next version.




is it possible to upload .stl-files?

I need help! Does it provide a shortcode for each form? or in module? so CAN DISPLAY ON CERTAIN COLUMN?

I realized i NEED YOUR Module Version for my site too. I found a link where you said if someone has bought your Extro form you will provide the module version too for free. Can you please email it to me at


I am using your module version. I need to know which line I have to del on default.php file that stop showing the default bubble tootip.

Just purchased the component. Love. Love. Love. Very easy to use. How do I get the module version?