Discussion on Extreme Laboratory Management System

Discussion on Extreme Laboratory Management System

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Hello, I’m Oscar Duarte. I just purchased your software and I’m currently installing it in a testing environment before moving it to production. When trying to install the project, I’m encountering the following error: ‘Invalid purchase code’. Could you please assist me? I look forward to your response. Thank you and have a good day!

Hello Oscar , We are sorry for the issue you are facing , one of our support team have replied to you , could you please reply to him ? Support member email :

Hello, I already answered the email and they still haven’t given me any answer, it’s been a month since I bought the software and I can’t install it because it says that my purchase code is invalid

hey guys , demo not work

it is working fine , please try again

hello team i am facing 404 page error can you please help

We have solved the issue . Please check it again


luq001 Purchased

please respond to my email


luq001 Purchased

Poor customer service and worst documentation. surely to improve


luq001 Purchased

Poor customer service and worst documentation. surely need to improve

we have replaced the filed accordingly but at last step “Open your browser on “your-domain”/update/2.6” we are facing problem. I tried,, but it is showing 404 error. How to fix it.

I emailed this to your support email few days back but u didn’t replied

Hello your qr code on patient report directly gives access to patient profile That means anybody cam access every report of that patient

All personal details of patient is disclosed just by scanning qr of patient report.

How to solve this isssue

This is the concept from the qr code that gives access to medical reports of the patient and the patient should secure his qr code from being scanned .

I will suggest this instead of qr code linked to profile page. Make qr code which embed only current pdf report only. This is a serious security issue as any one can change hi profile bio and save anything without patient knowledge

Also i m facing few issues 1) gmap of branch location is showing java error on chrome browser 2) how to avoid qr code from printing on patient report? 3) on few android devices tapping call button on branch section show error. 4) code has image attachments issue with android 10 or android. Cannot use both

hi grettings i want to know if the app is only to Android? do you have ios app?

Yes the package includes IOS App

in mobile app its showing the device is not compatible, you guys dont have latest version


Aqtsoft Purchased

I have installed the package on demo server. Now i want to move it live but it is not letting me install it over there and saying the key is consumed. I have to deassociate from demo server to make purchase code reusable on live. Can you help me?


Aqtsoft Purchased

I have emailed to support as well but none from support came with an answer. I am in hurry.

We have free your purchase code , you can install now using the new domain

hi, can u share is new update coming soon for improvements? Tq

We are preparing for a new updates , once it is ready you will be notified of the update steps

Lab Management system pre-buying query

I would like to purchase your system but I need some information before buying , I hope I will receive guidance from you. Please tell me which hosting is best for running your software smoothly, Shared or VPS Hosting. I have no Idea About Installing Mo. App. Please guide me how and where to install Mobile app. Can you Install your Lab System and Mo. App in my server id I purchase it from you.

i send enail to “” on 21-11-2022 but but still i didnt get answer.

can u suggest hosting co, name which is best for running your script smoothly. .


Hello piyushraipurcg, we have already replied to you email but maybe there is an issue that caused the email to not be delivered . We recommend all hosting provides PHP 7.3 such as Hostinger

Please reply to my support email. I have purchased the software almost 1 week ago and still could not use it. This is not how you treat customers.

Please check your curl installation , for us everything should be working fine

I have checked curl is running fine. Please connect to my system and solve this issue ASAP. I have purchased it on 10th Nov now is 21st Nov, still cannot use it. Tried to install multiple times with no and mailed you so many times, is it so hard to give a 5 min support to your customers!!??? Please mail me and I will send you the remote connection.


Gopso Purchased

Why dont you reply to messages? This is not good for software business. There is error in the code and reports are not displaying. I have been trying to reach you for days and no response. This is not encouraging.

Hello Gopso , the script is running fine for all of our clients , we aren’t dedicated support for you . You have to employ a developer to check issues related to your server . We are just responsible for installation process which we have done perfectly .


Gopso Purchased

This report has never displayed since the installation. We have never been able to get the report. I believe this may be from Installation.

Also I thought my purchase included Support because we paid for that.

What does that paid support cover?


Gopso Purchased

Hello, When we login into the patient profile, we only see receipts, we dont see the Investigation Reports. Is there something that i am missing? I thought we should see the patients should be able to access their Investigation Results from their profile when they login.


Gopso Purchased

Hello we are having Error message when we try to run Accounting Report on the system. Please kindly look into it.

The username and password has not been changed. It is the same as you gave me.

Also we want some adjustments on the Culture Options. We want to be able to input the Culture Report same way we do for other tests.

Kindly reach out and let’s resolve these two please.

replied above


Gopso Purchased

I have sent mails to you and haven’t gotten response for days. Please respond to the email as it is urgent for use to resolve these issues.

replied above

How to create a new test report for patient for example CBC for patient and add its results then print

You are welcome , you have first to create invoice from invoices section then you will find the invoice in reports section . There you can edit the report and update result .

Then you can sign the report and print it .

Hello, please i tried installing using the YouTube video but i can’t get it to work. I would like you to assist please.

I actually checked and i haven’t received any email from you, please can i try the purchase code on my live domain? This is beginning to affect our deployment.

We have deleted your purchase code from our list , you can try now to install it on the new domain .

Awesome, Thanks

I have been sending you emails and no response. Kindly respond please

Hello please respond to the email. I have uploaded the file as you instructed. When are we likely to finish the Installation?

My installation is still not done. After sending series of emails. You have not been responding.

This is horrible as a Service to say the least. I am having the worst experience with you. Simple question I have ask. Recommend the hosting service that will work for you and you won’t reply to that simple question.

I gave my hosting plan details and you complained it is not working for you. Then I ask you to recommend another, let me purchase it and you won’t answer. Did I just waste my money? Is this the type of Support you provide for your software? Where it takes days to respond?

This is horrible.

Hello Gospo , you have a hosting plan which doesn’t support CPanel which doesn’t support a zip file extraction . We are trying to support you with free installation service , which no one is doing on this platform . We are sharing an installation video , for how to install it , if you are in a hurry you can try to watch the video and follow the steps :

Respected Sir , kindly solve this issue when i take backup this error come out .Swift_TransportException Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username “” using 2 possible authenticators. Authenticator LOGIN returned Expected response code 235 but got code “535”, with message “535 Incorrect authentication data ”. Authenticator PLAIN returned Expected response code 235 but got code “535”, with message “535 Incorrect authentication data ”.

This issue due to wrong email configuration , please check it again

Respected Sir kindly inform me of the 1) General Setting SMS Setting, from where I can get the SID and Token of Twilio. and how Domestic: SMS is sent from within the selected country.

Respected Sir, I want to use the SMS feature or gateway which is used in Pakistan. kindly add this feature. and tell me how much It cost. i also email You kindly reply

Sir waiting for Your Reply

We have replied to your mail , please check it


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