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Hi, Great job. Would it be possible to add a page that had a fullscreen background slideshow and your text overlays? If yes, is it complicated or simple? J

Yes, I think is possible using bootstrap slider. I will try and anounce you !

Thanks !

Hi, a very good job. I hpe of a update. Of course 5 stars for me ;-)

Thank you tito24! An update will be, of corse. Have a nice day!

Thank you fore the update!! In the online version lacks the code examples. Offline everything is OK??. Have a nice day!

Hello tito. Yes, online version is just a prezentator. Offline version is well documented with code example and demo of code.

Have a nice day and thank you!

Very amazing Job on this BS Theme! With your updates you have done a VERY fine job at providing great new styles. This is one of the best themes Ive seen on the web. very clean and organized. Author provides excellent support as well. Thanks and very good job on this product.

does it has any wysiwyg textarea editor on it? If not, is it simple to be implemented?

Hello fmblanco. No, Extrastrap doesn’t have any wysiwyg editor, but it’s easy to implement. There are some Bootstrap wysiwyg editors on the internet. Send me an email from my profile if I can help you with install.

Hello, this skin is a beauty.

  I want to know if I buy the Extended version I can develop templates for Joomla and sell on another site?   You know me answer?

  Thank you for your attention.

Hello, you can read more about the Extended licence here: http://codecanyon.net/licenses/extended. I know the Envato markets rules are this: if you buy an extended licence, you can use the item for a project that user can be charged for using. If you want to develop Joomla themes you can sell them only in Envato markets. For each theme developed, you need to buy an extended licence. There is no developer licence so all authors follow that rules. I hope I have helped you.

Thank you, I’ll see if I can develop a template to see if I am approved.

Hug, thank you for your attention.

I hoped to have the less version.

It’s useless when you’re working with less to customize further in your project.

Until a less version, it’s not worthing, waisted money on it.


You’re the man!

PS: Salutari din Cluj ;)

Really nice to see that you keep this updated.

Of corse I update all my themes on CC !

Will this be updated to the new Bootstrap 3 RC1?

Hello Xitude, Extrastrap will be updated to Bootstrap 3.x soon.

Thank you.

I’m sorry, i downloaded the new version but now the icon from awesomeness is missing

Hello dartokloning, change the URL from the @font-family of icons to be on your server not remote. It seems @font-family don’t support remove URL. On your bootstrap.css, line: 9082/9083 and 8563/8564. That should fix this.

Purchased…. :D Nice skin! Thumbs up & 5 stars for varcolac1000

Thank you ricoj !

Any news on when we can expect a Bootstrap 3 RC1?

Hello Xitude, I will try to update to the latest build but now Bootstrap have some bugs and the updating from 2.3.x to 3 is a time consuming work because some plugins I have in 2.3.x are incompatible with 3.x. I’m sorry for this, I will release the update as soon as I can update the plugins.

Update for BS3 is up. Thank you for the patience.

Thanks for incredible skin. I’ve purchased this for Bootstrap 3 and it was great. Also thanks for very fast support response with mails. I keep on at you this night very bad :D

By the way… 5 stars…

Thanks again :)

Thank you for all the good words and for purchasing my items. I will continue to offer very fast support every time.

I need help my new icons not working in 3.2.0 appears one error on each icon

What do I do to fix?

Hello adrianojr59,
please verify of the path to icons is correct and in console you don’t receive any 404 error for the FontAwesome plugin.

Hi, any plans for some update version?

Hello antiroop,
I have planned an update to introduce more features to Extrastrap. You will receive an email when update is up.

Thank you,
Alexandru T.

My developer told me to find a skin that I like so that he can turn it into a WHMCS theme. Can this be used for that?

Hello smrhosting,
This is a Bootstrap skin so it can be used to build any kind of website / application. If you want to use the theme only for personal use, you will need to purchase the regular licence, if you want to sell the WHMCS theme, you would need to buy the extended licence.

If you need more info, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Any updates on when this will be updated according to the newer bootstrap versions?

Hello hwnd,
Thank you for asking. We are waiting for the Bootstrap 4 release, in order to update the theme and add new features.

Ok sounds good. I’m just curious why you already haven’t updated to the newest 3.3.5 for this in the meantime?

There aren’t major changes except 2-3 features added, which ExtraStrap already has implemented something similar.
As soon as the version 4 (which I’m very excited to see the final version) is in RC2 or out of RC, we will update all of our Bootstrap Skins.

Thank you for patience and if you have more question, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or on our support forum.