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What are the features provided in this ExtendedGridView Control?

  • 1) Default Styling Applied
  • 2) Custom Paging Handled (Pager Control)
    • => No need to bind the whole dataset
    • => Infact you can bind just the rows required and set the properties for the PagerControl
    • => My Extended GridView will show the Pager Control accordingly
  • 3) One more event to Jump to specific number of page (i.e. directly going to 20th Page)
  • 4) IsCheckBoxColumnRequired property can be used to show the checkbox column as the first column (including SelectAll feature)

What are the new Properties provided in ExtendedGridView compared to .Net GridView?

  • 1) GridPageIndex = number you would like to set
  • 2) TotalRecords = total number of records
  • 3) GridPageSize = number of records you want to show on single
  • 4) IsCheckboxColumnRequired = to add checkbox column as first column in the GridView (with SelectAll functionality implemented)

How to use it in Code?

  • 1) Add Reference to the ExtendedGridView library (provided in download)
  • 2) The way you would use GridView, you can use ExtendedGridView
  • 3) You just need to set the following properties:
    • => AllowPaging = true
    • => GridPageIndex = number you would like to set
    • => TotalRecords = total number of records
    • => GridPageSize = number of records you want to show on single page
  • 4) Just make sure that, you handle the Grid PageIndex Changing Event
    • => In this event you can rebind the required data (new 20 records)
  • 5) You can handle JumpPageNumberChanged Event and bind the records accordingly
    • => You will have to set the GridPageIndex according to the new value, which you will get along with the Event Details
  • Note:- => While dealing with ExtendedGridView… you can use GridPageIndex instead of PageIndex

What are the new Events added in ExtendedGridView Control?

  • 1) JumpPageNumberChanged = To get the new pagenumber which user has provided for moving directly to that page

What is ExtendedGridView Control?

ExtendedGridView Control is extension of .Net GridView Control. Thus all the features available with .Net GridView will also be available with ExtendedGridView Control. Additionally ExtendedGridView control provides new useful features, which are specified in Description as well as another FAQ entry.

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