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I have just purchased the countdown script, I am having same issue as reported previously by other purchasers.

When trying to access, get “internal server error” can you please send me the fix


Hi and thank you for your purchase,
could you send me an email with the FTP infirmation to access to the comingsoon folder on your server? Otherwise try to simply delete the .htaccess file inside the main folder or/and in the admin one.

You should also check the file permission:
File: 644 (0644)
Folders: 755 (0755)

Hi. Thankyou for the rapid response. Deleting the .htcaccess files fixed the issue


hi. going to first setup xxx/comingsoon/admin/index.php is asking me for password

HI, the default password id: admin
Thank you for your purchase

thanks. now after setting up on admin, i seem to be having problem displaying the page.

i manage to fix it. thanks for your previous reply. good script :)

What am i supposed to enter here: Cronjob Setting Checking Word:* PHP Command Parameter(instant sending):* PHP Command Parameter(cronjob):* I have HostGator.

The fist one is like a “password”, it will be checked when the countdown finish
About the other two the php manual says:
php -f
However this is the hostgator manual: Link:

/opt/php53/bin/php -f
I had this to work: php5 -f to work on hostgator, but it isn’t listed anywhere as a comand.

Hi, I would like to purchase the countdown page. Looks like what I exactly need.

TWO questions:

- can this be embedded in an HTML page?

- are there any callback to the server?


styzer the live preview is not working….Is this gif generator, if it is then I want to buy this.

How to set cronjob? i use local VPS

Hello, actually the script should add a new entry in your scheduled crontab once you have filled the setup field.
If you have some doubt about the success of the operation you can check your crontab, for example there is an icon in CPanel where you can edit all your cronjob, but I don’t know if you have got the same user interface

Best of luck with the SELL :-)

I did send you my cpanel details. Please help me ….