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Hi, how to use gst format.

Hi, I had replied your email long ago. We had discussed already. Feel free to revert back on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

There are no purchase view option in manage purchase. Then if any purchase receipt is due then how can supplier pay partial payment? How can i send email to supplier?

Hi, Receipts are to record the purchase. These are for incoming stock. The supplier will not pay, you have to pay to supplier for the items. As he he is selling the items so he will automatically send email. I had sent an email to you regarding it. Regards,

I want to buy invoice system but before purchase want to clearly below points. Point No 1- Can we change currency symbol from $ to INR, Point No 2. Do you plan to add more Payment Gateway, Point No 3. Do you plan to add sms Gateway like indian sms gateway like pelfoftlab or any api example you can provide, Point No 4. Do you plan to make the apps to be able to multi lingual like Bengali / Hindi Please let me know ASAP, I am planing to purchase. Thanks

Hi, 1. Yes you can change. 2. You can order payment gateway customization after purchase as per your requirement . 3. We offer free SMS setup to compatible gateway. 4. Not yet any plan. Thank You.

can i use my own sms gateway…

Yes! if it has communication functionality with PHP

can i integrate payumoney paymentgateway

Yes You can. Feel free to revert back on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

ok is it single use or multi users, i mean can run it on multi domains…?

No You can not, single use only. Feel free to revert back on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

Hi sir, I want to buy this . The only thing SMS Functionality. I would like to know some details. 1, Is It compatible with Indian SMS Gateway Msg91 ( https://msg91.com/ ) 2, Is It send SMS when invoice paid ? 3, Is It send SMS when invoice partially paid ? 4, Is It send SMS as payment reminder ? 5, Can you integrate payu money payament gateway If aim purchased ?


Hi, Your requirements can be fulfilled please send an email to us using support section or email us on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

Hello Sir, I want to buy this but it’s not in French and in the features you said many language…. How do we go about it?? Skype : matinesoft for instant purchase and installation

Hi, Thank you matine2015 for your interest in our product. Only printable material translation is available. There is file and guide included to translate printable material (invoices,receipts, quotes). For more info email us on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

i want to buy this software but i need to ask if you can consummation or modify something maybe report for invoice or design for invoice? and i also need customer ledger in customer view section

Hi, I had replied on your email. Thank You

Awesome support from UltimateKode


walcee Purchased

Hi, does this software allow a client to sign up and enter their own profile details?

Hi, I had replied on your email. Thank You

I Ask this question again, because you didn’t answer to last customer, Hi, does this software allow a client to sign up and enter their own profile details? and how can i change the language to DUTCH? do you already have the translation ?


I haven’t received any question from you. The application is written in pure PHP. It supports all languages but you have to modify yourself. Customers are translated it Arabic with RTL format also. There is new application available which has client sign up feature.


Please feel free to write on support@ultimatekode.com for detailed discussion.

Thank You,

Hello sir, As per notification, you have released an advanced version of this item. As I am an old customer of this item, is there an option to upgrade this basic item to advanced? You stopped updating features in this item, rather developed another item based on this. Afterwards, we may find a new released of this item may be named pro. I was looking forward to receiving new update and check out occasionally, but received new item released. If I have advanced version, what to use with the basic one. Please consider to have the option of the advanced or let us to upgrade our item by providing extra fee from this item to the price of advanced. I like your item and wished a good sale even still now.


Hi, Thank you for being a customer. The Express Invoice is designed for simple use. We have pushed already many updates for this item and will release updates in future also. Neo Billing & Express Invoice system are technically different so you can not merge them together. Both systems have different kind of usages for distinct requirements. Regards

When i navigate to the site folder it says”ERROR: error occurred. Please, Check you error log file.” and then in the PDO_Error.txt it says 2017-12-31 07:12:38 :: Array 2017-12-31 07:12:28 :: Array

Hi, I have replied to your email. Support/Assistance in customization are provided only by email/support tab. Please send an email to support@ultimatekode.com with detailed requirements. Regards

Demo not work

Hi, You face error in demo while using some of mobile devices(not pc). Please clear your browser cache and try again. Regards,

Hello ! I need to remove some sub-menu and rename. Please advice. Thanks

Hi, Support/Assistance in customization are provided only by support tab. Please send a support request detailed description. Regards

A pre-sale question

I am looking for a INVOICE, RECEIPT & Packing SLIP woocommerce plugin, or RECEIPT & PACKING SLIP woocommerce plugin.

Most of my customers are from labs of Universities. The universities want to make sure that the money from their credit cards is paid for lab using products, but not be taken by lab themselves. So, the University purchase departments want to see is not an Invoice, but a Receipt which shows the the Balance Due is Zero ($0.00) which means the money paid to our company.

Basically, I want your INVOICE to be changed to RECEIPT, and the Balance Due is $0.00. (If you can put a watermark PAID in the middle of the Receipt that will be great.)

Please let me know if you can transform your INVOICE to RECEIPT, so I can purchase your code.

Thank you,

Hi, Thank you for your interest in the product. It is a standalone application, not a woo commerce plug in. Regards


rkrbd Purchased

please report section make more improve

Thank you for the suggestion, will consider it in upcoming dates.

Hello, i am purchase this software but tell me 1 think how to change “sales team roles”...???

Hi, You can purchase if you have knowledge of PHP software modification. Thank You!