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Dear ! UltimateKode , i tested your system on Demo Version , it so good for me , but i have one question ( This system strore all invoice in Databas ?? ), Can i keep my invoice for a long year in database ??

Hi, You can keep invoice records and data as long as you want it. There is no time limitations for any feature. All are for lifetime. Regards

Hi, I was going through your web app I was wondering if it is available for multiple companies. Please let me know if this is possible with this app and if it is possible then how can I activate multiple company’s support ? Please do let me know . Thank you.

Hi, Please mention on support@ultimatekode.com. In which way you want multiple companies support ? Regards

Hello, the demo link is not working. 500 error. Also, in the features list you didn’t talk about multiple warehouses or branches, are these supported? Thanks

Hi, Application demo is back, It was due to server maintaince. Regards

Thanks for your kind answers. But you did not answer about Multiple warehouses or branches… This is the only feature that is preventing my boss to buy your app. How can we deal with this? One more small question, how do I see a list report for customers with credits or unpaid invoice. Thanking you in advance for your answer.

Hi, Multiple branches feature is not available. While customer related data is available in reports section. Regards

Dear Users, We are facing some sever problem, so you may face problem in demo. Soon we will restore demo service. Thank you for your patience. Regards

What payment gateways are included?

Hi, Stripe payment gateway is included. There is a problem with our hosting provider, soon we will migrate to different server and make the demo live. Regards

Thanks! Also I need it to work on a secured connection such as https. Where do I have to edit file so it works on https. It currently is working on http that is it. Thanks!

Hi, Please edit includes/config.php . In future send a support message to us instead of the comment. Regards

Hello UltimateKode, I am very much interested to buy the products, but I have one requirement that is “product offer latter to client ” the option needed, please say is it possible to included the apps.

Hi, Thank you for your interest in our product. Please write us on support@ultimatekode.com and mention in which way you want to implement this feature ? Regards

I wanna purchase now but i need to know if it’s easy to translate in french pleaz

Hi, Thank you for your interest in our product. Sir, easy/difficult depends on you even some people manage this application Arabic like difficult language also. Application has pure PHP coding. Regards

The french translation is ready or i will do it manually ?

The french translation is ready or i will do it manually ?

The french translation is ready or i will do it manually ?

Hi, Please write us on support@ultimatekode.com and mention in which way you want to implement the translation ? Regards


relisys Purchased

Hi. I like your script. but one of the issues I have is when making a sales invoice for a quick sale, I wanna put in a name of the customer and maybe a phone number but its also making me put in address and city and state. Alot of the customers dont wan to share that information on a quick sale. They just want buy and go. Is it possible to make only the Name to be the required filed? and not the others?

My other question would be if there is a way to add some kind of a policy to the sales invoice where i can add text like 30 day exchange or store credit?

I would like to buy this as soon as possible but the required fields problem is stopping me. I know some php and html but I don’t want to learn the entire script to have to change it myself plus I would have no way of knowing what other things it would effect.

hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for your interest in our product. Regarding your first question you can send a request after purchasing while second question solution is already available. You can browse it in settings>billing and tax settings=>here you can set invoice terms. Feel free to contact us at support@ultimatekode.com for more questions. Thanks


relisys Purchased

Should I delete the Install directory after finishing to install the script? Seems like a security issue to leave it there. No?

Also it seems like the upgrade directory can run the install too? Should that be deleted as well?

Otherwise hackers would have access to try to connect to the database.

ALSO: if i go to domain.com/view/ it shows me page of private invoice information. Why is that happening???

Also I am able to see contents of domain.com/curency-templates/

I am also hoping that none of the install / upgrade folders are going to be index by search engines because the we are in trouble.

This script is not looking very secure right now. I hope all of this can be fixed very soon.



Hi, There is no security issue with install directory/upgrade directory they both need database username/password to perform installation/upgrade. If installation or upgrade is already done than nothing will happen. It is depends on you if you want to delete these folders.

domain.com/view/  contains a sample file with dummy data not any private data.

Currency templates are just for illustration, it contains tutorial for some advanced currency system setup , not directly related to application . For your information there is a robots file included to stop search engines, it prevents search engine indexing.

Thank you for writing. I hope you have cleared that there is nothing to fix in above points.

In future please write on support@ultimatekode.com for any question or support. Thanks


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Oh ok. But is it safe to delete install / upgrade directories? Nothing will break?


Yes! you can. Regards


relisys Purchased

Hi. It appears when I try to add products to stock the title is cut off at 50 chars. Is there anywhere I can change this? Thanks

I have sent an Email to you regarding this modification. Thanks

Curious on the demo there is status for quotes…but where does someone change that status? I’m interested in a program for my company. Looking to allow my sales people the ability to create quotes for customers and have them be approved by me the owner, then allow them to create invoices.

Hi, Thank you for you interest. The desired feature is not available yet. Feel free to contact us at support@ultimatekode.com for more questions. Thanks