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Hi there, i have test the Support for Stock Awesome Warehouse Management And Invoicing apps, i only have one question before i buy the apps. Is there any way that i can make an quotation in this apps? thank you

Hi, it will be good if you explain the question on support@expressinvoice.xyz. Regards

i’ve sent the email, it’s from yusa.dibrata@yusa.web.id thank you

Hi, I had sent on same day. Please check out the spam folder. And I will resend. Thanks

can you provide me whole php file include sql files.can i edit the code as my need.

Hi, You will get including sql file and can edit the code as per need. Thanks

the code is simple php code or php framework.

If you are making a big project which you expect large amount of users and you need to think about performance and scaling, you shouldn’t go with a framework, because it comes with so many extra things with extra overheads, which will badly impact your performance. Also as a big project, we have given time and efforts to build own custom framework as per the project specific requirement. Note that I am mentioning custom framework here, not Core PHP. You will like you are working on simple PHP code.

please add multiple product add system with serial number and product id…

Hi, We will be glad to assist you . Please explain your query on support@expressinvoice.xyz. Regards

i mean to say in the nexxt update.. not for me personally

where the system.php file this file is not found in the folder

Sir please write on mentioned email.

i send the email

It works online and offline both, please enter correct database details. I have sent a detailed email. In future if you have any issue please contact us via email Regards

hi there, can it be use as SAAS if i modify the codes pls?

Hi, Thank for your interest in our product. Please submit your questions on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

after the update the print invoice option is not work

Hi, Please check your email. Thanks

Is it a way for clients to fill an order form and being automatically added as a client and start a recurring billing with auto card payment?

Hi, it will great if you write us : support@ultimatekode.com. Thanks

Hello, i’ve set € as currency but in the invoices it puts: “€” instead of €, also why is there a “ROUNDOFF” of 0.02 added, what is that?

also, is there a way to change the table for invoice and quotes?because i need the ID of the rpoduct to be at the beginning

Hi, Greetings from UltimateKode Team . Thank you for purchasing our product. First, Please open currency template folder and read instructions to set currency symbol, if you are facing any issue . Round Off means adjustment, like $50.02 to $50. Second, please explain what you want to change in tables. Feel free to write back on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

Buenos días

Tengo una pregunta, en los reportes es posible ver las ganancias por productos? Por ejemplo me gustaría conocer qué productos dan mayor rentabilidad.

Muchas gracias

Hola, Actualmente esta característica no está disponible en el producto. Sin embargo usted puede pedir el servicio del arreglo para requisitos particulares después de comprar. Estaremos encantados de ofrecer personalización con un presupuesto razonable. support@ultimatekode.com Gracias

can i install in multi domain

Hi, you can use it for single client. Thanks

why wont you block stock limit. i mean when the stock completes if i click on any product for sale which is in out of stock. it must show alert message no stock available

Indian Rupee symbol ₹ is not supported. Please include this ASAP

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Hi, We are discussing on email. Thanks

I sent an email 14 hours ago, but I am not getting any response

Sorry, the email was in spam folder. Regards

For Manage Customer or Customer view, can i see total DUE amount? I found this script after many searching. But problem is there. I want to use this for retailer shop. There have customer due. And also they pay us Partial so i need this to see full DUE amount from customer view. Its not loading your website. Thanks

There have no stock limit notification. How i manage this? If you update it i am going to PURCHASED.

Hi, Please just mention it on support@ultimatekode.com Regards


Tlosos Purchased

Dear EnjoyUniverse, First of all I would like to thank you for such great system. Second when I change the company details in my language ‘Arabic’ it is change it to ? symbols which is means not support Arabic. Can you kindly help me to solve this issue. Thanks and regards

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our product. Sorry for the delay in response. Officially it supports only latin group language. To get Arabic you need to change database storage engine and html head lang=”xy” Etc Regards


Tlosos Purchased

Many many thanks. I success to change the database engine to utf8_genera_ic and most fields accept Arabic language. However, one of them i.e. Customer still not accept Arabic. Kindly can you let me know where should I find html files which are need to change head lang. Many many thanks Tlosos

Hi, Please write your support queries on support@ultimatekode.com Regards

Hi i want to know where is the options for due invoice
did your software have this option to view due date for a particular payment

Hi, Please explain your support query on support@ultimatekode.com Regards