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Excellent design!

Thank you!

Hi, very good idea. Can you export custom fields from a post?

Hi! Currently there is no support for exporting ALL custom fields. We do support the following meta fields:

WordPress export post URLs, meta fields


I have just uploaded several hundreds of images to my media library. I’ve not embedded them in any page, post or whatever yet. Can I export all the URLs of my original images files with your plugin? (I don’t want the URLs of the other formats that WP automatically generates, like thumbnails, small, medium, etc.).

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Did you select the “URLs, Titles and Meta” checkbox when doing the export under “Tools > Export”? You also need to un-check “Include intermediate/resized image URLs”, see

I didn’t try that, indeed. I ticked “Media”, as I only wanted to get the list of URLs for the images in the media library. With the options you’re showing, I thought I’d get the post/pages URLs and titles.

Yeah, the “Media” checkbox is the default one provided by WordPress. However, this plugin adds the “URLs, Titles and Meta” section.

Yes, you would need to select only “URL” in the “Export Fields section to get just the image URLs.

Hello, I think your plugin is great. I need to import the same information you show in the example (title, content, yoast meta,...), is posible the importation or the plugin is only to export?

Hi! This plugin only provides the export functionality. Importing this data is complicated because it doesn’t really contain all the necessary meta data from the individual posts, attachments, etc.

It is mainly targeted at creating a list of links for redirects (when moving domains, for example).

oh! it is a pity. Thank you very much for your help.

For what is the part of import of your plugin? It appeare in the menu. There isnt a description in the demo images. Thank you.

Hello! I bought your plugin nice job! However I am running a woocommerce store and It would be really helpful to export data for ecommerce products and categories. Is there any way you can add this in a new release?


Hi! The product images should be already included in the export. Same with the product and category URLs, I think. Or do you need something else?

Hi I’m interested in purchasing this plugin for the SEO/Yoast information, but I was wondering if there’s any premium service or custom integration you offer, so that every time a new post or page is published, the plugin sends this information to a google spreadsheet.

I just bought it. I clicked on Export urls, titles…and I see that you get a file also with the media and attachments SEO, and all that. I was expecting to be able to select if I want to export the SEO data only from posts and/or pages, not attachments and media

Can I have a refund?

my blog has roughly 30,000 posts/pages and it appears that it is too much content for your plugin to handle… do you have a fix or should i just refund?

Hi! Yeah, this is probably because of the PHP memory limit on your server. The plugin will try to set it to maximum but it might be reaching the actual hardware limit.

Feel free to request a refund if it doesn’t work, and sorry for the trouble.

Hello budy, how are you? When I click on the migration of the urls I have a 500 error. Could you help me with this problem? Thank you

Hi! Do you have access to server error logs? Seems like it might be running out of memory depending on how much content you have in the database.

Hi there

I purchased this plugin but am getting all the tags, categories etc. I just want to get the actual posts and pages.

Also, if we add the titles, descriptions, etc. Is it then possible to import that back into Yoast?

Is it possible to also export the actual post.

How do I do this with this plugin?


Hi! There are no toggles to exclude the tags and categories during the export so you would need to delete them manually from the CSV file. They should be grouped together and easily recognisable.

For the actual post and page content export you can use the standard WordPress Importer plugin which outputs an XML file with all post content and other post fields.

Lastly, there is no way to import Yoast SEO titles and descriptions since the post IDs stored in the database can be different across sites. This plugin is mainly targeted at getting the full list of URLs in a format that can be easily adjusted for all kinds of redirect implementations on various platforms.

Will this export woocommerce urls, names, categories and tags?

By default, the plugin works only with the default post types—posts, pages and attachments. However, you can comment out the line 284 of plugin.php to include all public post types, including WooCommerce products.

I’ll push out an update in the next few days that will enable this by default. Thanks for the suggestion!

Version 1.2.0 of the plugin has been submitted for review and should be approved in the next 24h or so. It includes the fix for exporting all custom post types and taxonomies.

Upon purchasing and installing the plugin, the interface is completely different than that shown on codecanyon. I do not see the option to export as CSV as shown in the product screenshot and discussed in the plugin features. Where do I find this functionality?

Disregard this question (I am unable to delete the comment). I see that the CSV option is only available when “URLs, titles and meta” has been clicked.

This is looking amazing tool to transfer the URLS title in Bulk. I want to use it for my <a href=” ”>blog.