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does it allow to import this data?

No, it only exports. You can receive data from wordpress

Does it work with WooCommerce products, variations and orders?

It doesn’t support WooCommerce

Does it work with custom post types?

It views custom post types but doesn’t work with custom fields of post. I’ll add this function in next release (over the next week)

Hi, if you upgrade for “import & export” we will buy.

And need Woocommerce support.

Really, if export Woocommerce product > the best export & import plugin, because export to EXCEL, :)

I agree with sinayes – I would buy it like a shot if it exported WooCommerce orders, products and variations to CSV

This is plugin doesn’t work with WooCommerce but I will start develop new plugin next week.

for the woocommerce plugin, please at least consider adding import function as well… I am sure it will sell…

Added custom fields support, now you can export custom fields and settings of other plugins which use tables: _posts and _metapost

Hey, I bought and downloaded the plugin, because i wanted to export calendar data based on posts. now i’m in trouble with this, because it only shows up 2 entries of all posts (got to be over 100) and i’m not even able to download these two entries. any troubleshooting? (users export works fine!)

I responded you to your email (Sandreas1789), if you didn’t get message please contact me (


I want to buy this plugin, but first i want to know if i can to put another code table in wp admin panel. I want to put statistics and more. I wait your answer. Thanks

Hello, this plugin support all data types from wp posts table and custom fields from wp postmeta table. If you need export custom columns from WP Tables, I can add it in new release for you. Can you send me example your “another code table” on my email:

I would buy this if you had checkboxes next to each row, so we can include/exclude which rows to export.


Do you think the feature I requested will make it into an update? If so, I will buy now in good faith.

I’ll upload new version of the plugin with feature to exclude rows tomorrow. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Hi, Is there an option to set a date range based on post published/modified date-current time before exporting post data?

hi, can your plugin filter the export by meta key prior to doing it?

for example can we search by personnel code for example the search term contains part of a string ie, BV and so on?

Will this plugin export Gravity Form entries?

+1 for woocommerce support. also with WPML (wordpress multilingual) support, to split export CSV files by language.

Hello, can this plugin also export the featured image?

very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales

Hi Nice plugin,

The below items are not working for me. 1, Cant export the excel on either Mac or PC but can the CSV. 2, The columns when changed order don’t save when creating the profile.

I would like to ask if it is possible to better work with advanced custom fields as I can pull the data that is stored in the tables as the values but where there is a select box it will return 1 instead of what the item that is selected same with users select boxes in advanced custom field.

Also if in future updates you can let use change the header name of the columns for export.


Author fixed the issues for me within an hour! Awsome plugin and will work well with my project. Cheers!

I am glad that you like my plugin. And thank you for your kind words :)

Hi, I need export bookings from Events Manager. EM has custom built-in csv exporter for bookings, but I need to save a default export. Don’t want to choose data for export every time I need export. Is that possible with this plugin? Can i export booking from Events Manager? Thank you

Hello, please, accept my apologies for late reply. I checked compatibility of the plugin with the Events Manager. Unfortunately the plugin exports doesn’t correctly export bookings and events, because they use own tables in database.

Hi, looks interesting and possibly what we need.

Please can I check: - can we filter data by field options e.g. I have a custom field (radio button options) for priority (not taxonomy), would we be able to filter only high priority? - can we add a button on the front view for browsers to click and download data - can we filter on data range?


Hello, I apologize for my late reply. Unfortunately plugin can not filter by field options. Please send me more details about the button on the front view that you need to , thank you.


Can we also export Multi-Select, Dropdown and Checkbox Values of Custom User Meta Fields? We are currently using a plugin that is not capable to export these multiple values.

Hello, the plugin can export these data if Custom User Meta Fields use WordPress default tables.

Thanks for clarification. Excellent Plugin!