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Och, my mistake. Ignore comment.

Great job. Congrats

Thanks for your comment. I will add another template HTML soon

Not completely clear to me how this works.

Here’s a use case:

1. I have a grid that has retrieved a bunch of records from a mysql table 2. I want to put a button above the grid e.g. [Export to CSV ] 3. When I click the button it runs and delivers the ‘report’ defined using your export button wizard?

Or does the user have to step through the wizard themselves to define and generate the ‘report’?

You use the wizard only once to create your export. But after your user sees only the button to download your report.

This is a genius little app. Very intuitive and quick. Already proven very useful, thanks!

Thanks very much for your comment

:( doesn’t function! i don’t understand what’s wrong. Could you help me? csv file is created but is empty!

Are you sure about your sql request. Please contact me at david@haupria.com for more help.

yes is a normal and easy select * from tablename where 1 or a full select of fields!

how many records is possible to handle?

there is no limit

is possible to have a live demo?

there is a demo avalaible : just click on the “live preview button”

Does it support unix timestamp to DATE when exporting to CSV? Thanks

Great script! The only issue is that it’s not compatible in Chrome. The field selection isn’t working or the testing of the file. Use it in Firefox.


Just purchased.

There are a lot of files in the zip? Over 900?

Is this correct?



Apparently the button functionality only works in Firefox on Mac and with no browser on PC and any other on Mac?

Is there a fix to get it working on at least one browser on PC?

UPDATE: it seems that when uploading files from Mac, the integrity of the files’ code can get corrupted, so I uploaded the compressed file, expanded it on the server and then it works, at least with Firefox on PC and Mac. :-)

[ Problem solved ]

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home/haupria/www/seb/lib/getTablename.php on line 27

Using this in the latest Windows 7 Ultimate Firefox Browser and IE the Wizard does not save the table & fields chosen during the Wizard Steps.

I get connected, I choose a table, the table and all of its fields appear, after checking the Key Id and the other fields NOTHING gets written to the foo_config_ini but the initial

; Export Type export_type = 1 ; Database Parameter host = localhost dbname = mytestdb username = root password = root49 tablename = wizardtest sqlQuery = field = column_name_field = filename = wizardtest

Your instructions show the table & column names being written into the query in real time into the config.ini

I cannot make this happen.

My first guess is a jquery conflict or something but I use a lot of apps with all kinds of jquery when developing & your wizard was the only thing loaded into my browser.

I know I can write in the whole query but I liked the “Wizard” function when it is working.

It is time to UPDATE this Button Wizard / 4 years is way too long for it to work as it did before… too many changes in jquery, etc.

I substituted the latest version of jquery but this still does not work as advertised.