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is there a way to make the menu invisible? i found two options, alway, and rollover, i need to have the optiion “never” ;-) is this possible?


Sure you can :) remove all controls and set the menu height to 0 (zero)


Can I run the script with jquery 1.11.0 ?

Is there a fullscreen or responsive option?

Hi there,

Is it possible to use the plug-in within Edge Animate? If yes, how can I integrate it.


Hello there,

I just purchased your product, its great, but I just realize that it stacks on panning and dragging the product in smartphones, even in your example. Any idea on this?

Thanks a lot

When I hover a popup it ‘flickers’. I’m usinng multiple viewers one page, each viewer has a seperate config file. Each viewer has popups (type small) that have an unique button id. I can’t figure out how to fix this, please help asap.

The above seems to happen when the other viewers are on a frame which also has popups. If the other viewers aren’t on a frame with popups they don’t ‘flicker’.

Can you please share the option by which Expo360° application will be responsive as stated in Codecanyon home page.


We in no place mention responsiveness. The player only functions with a strict size defined in the configuration file.


Hi, its not working. I pucharsed but when i open the index.html or any example.html the images do not appear.

PS. It happens on Google Chrome


Chrome blocks local scripts from running, try running in firefox for example.


Hi, adding hotspots isn’t working via settings.xml file – whenever i add a hotspot on a different frame the 360-image stops functioning properly. Not sure what to add in the xml file. It works when I dont add any new hotspots… :((

I believe it was you that dropped me an email. Let me know if you fixed it :)

Hi yes I have resolved the problem. Thanks.

Here is the combination of ending tags that worked for me in settings.xml in order to get hotspots on more than 1 image frame and to get it to view on platforms (ie, firefox, chrome, safari) in WordPress(4.5)

<!- Images List ->

<image src = “img_1.jpg”> <hotspot> ... </hotspot> </image>

<image src = “img_2.jpg”/>

<image src = “img_3.jpg”> <hotspot> ... </hotspot> </image>



No problem, glad you worked it out. Don’t forget to rate :)


Does not work on latest versions of ie(11.0.96) or firefox(45.01) Works on Chrome and Safari I tried adding & removing the / in <image src = “img_1.jpg”/> ?- is there something else i can try?

nevermind – the wrong xml file was being referenced. it works.

Dear sir, I am trying to plugin your Expo360 into an existing web page. There seems to a conflict between these two lines. Your plugin: <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8” />

And my existing page (From a template): <meta charset=”utf-8”/> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”>

What can I do so that I can plug your viewer into my page?

Thank You Herman deGala

Hi! You don’t need to add that meta tag to your website. You just need to include the expo360 script. Regards

why no one is answering my ticket??

i sent you the link in private

Sorry can you resend? changed the email as the other one wasn’t valid anymore

i sent you the url via private msg

Hello after initial load of the 360 if i refresh my screen the 360 is spin loading so fast because it’s cached, can we slow that spin after the initial spin?

Hello? Strongly recommended! Add adaptive options, this option is very useful in the mobile terminal! This plugin will be even more powerful!

Is it possible to use the PHP 5.2 and earlier versions ?

Is there a wordpress version?

Hi, is there a way to delay loading images in a viewer to speed up page loading time? Thanks.

hello, how can i fix the code if i want to add more then 32 images for the rotation? i wish to add 44 images for the rotation

I am trying to resize the viewer but the image not resized