Explr - jQuery Simple Tree Plugin

Explr - jQuery Simple Tree Plugin

Static yet persistent, good-looking, customizable, cross-browser compatible, smooth animation effect, simple & lightweight <3KB jQuery simple tree plugin to create a simple hierarchical tree navigation from a normal menu list elements.


  • Simple and lightweight (4KB minified JS+CSS)
  • Each branch could be set to start as expanded/collapsed
  • 50+ custom icons ready for individual/multiple menu item(s)
  • Supports AJAX contents to be loaded from each menu item’s href destination
  • Supports multiple tree in one page
  • Requires only semantic markups: ul, li, a
  • Styling is customizable via CSS
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Session cookies (to keep the tree hierarcy state when load new page)

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See it live here:


  • Version 1.4 (upcoming)
    • Hope for more improvement.. :D
    • Version 1.3 (16 Apr 2011)
      • Added: ability to disable or set the duration of sliding animation effect
      • Fixed: IE7 glitch
      • Improved: passed JSlint test
    • Version 1.2 (17 Nov 2010)
      • Added: Session cookies to remember tree state when load new page
      • Fixed: IE support
    • Version 1.1 (16 Nov 2010)
      • Added: ability to toggle sub-menu with clicking the parent link as well
      • Added: options to change AJAX loading text and folders’ tooltip
      • Fixed: missed dotted lines in every last-child menu
      • Fixed: weird element placement by resetting all margin/padding of tree elements to 0 in the beginning of CSS
      • Improved: strange behavior of the tree in IE
    • Version 1.0 (6 Nov 2010)
      • First version released


    • jQuery JavaScript library from jQuery
    • Stuttgart icon set from PC.DE