Expired Domains Crawler

Expired Domains Crawler

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Expired Domains Crawler search for expired domains based on predefined keywords, Stop wasting time and money and get all you need in one tool.

  • Multithreaded domain crawler
  • DMOZ – Majestic – SeoKicks support
  • +45 Domain extension support
  • Very customizable search
  • Export to TXT and CSV

Download and install .NET Framework 4.0:

Source code:
Developed with Visual Studio 2017 (Visual Basic.NET 2017).
Full and updated source code is available to purchase: 150$

NOTICE: Read the FAQ before asking, i’m sure there’s an answer to your question:

V1.4 – Improvements

* Added MOZ settings form
* Changed MOZ login method
* Now a MOZ account is requiered for domain authority check

V1.3 – Improvements and bugfix

* Added list sorting by column
* Added MOZ domain authority (experimental)
* Added export list checked domains to file
* Improved internal parsing engine
* Improved antiflood control

V1.2 – Improvements and bugfix

* Added request delay timer to avoid antiflood protection
* Added MOZ domain analytics
* Added "Check AdSense ban" option
* Added copy domain to clipboard option
* Added "Save to file" option in right click menu
* Added tooltip help on user interface
* Added "About" form
* Added internal debug tweaks
* Changed donate with Paypal code
* Changed some icons in user interface
* Changed main icon
* Optimized parsing engine

V1.1 – Bugfix

* Fixed "Network failed" error
* Updated main icon

V1.0 – Initial release

* No changes

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