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Hi, able to provide the admin page login? Wanted to test before buy

Hi, Please see the screen shots for admin thanks

merhaba, ilan ve kullanıcı id ile seo dostu url olma imkanı yokmu örneğin http://delightcode.me/scripts/expertrack/externalPortfolio/57 bunun yerine böle http://delightcode.me/scripts/expertrack/externalPortfolio/erkan

sorry can you write it in english please thanks

Any updates?

Hi, I just want to purchase this script but I found some critical errors, I create a employee acount but when I try to edit my profile I found some errors when try to add work section: date field has not date picker (more easy for people), and after update always set date as 01-Jan-1970. When edit work script add date value to Location field. I would like to check admin panel too, every seller do it for demo.

yes i m working on updates of all my scripts to make it better as my new script just released it will be a very good portal after update thanks.

Thanks, I will wait for update, date picker is better for date format too, users use different date format that may cause errors in your system.

hi 1) how we share the jobs posted to social medias? 2) how the admin retrieve the resume of a candidate? 3)how the admin will see the chat history ? 4) how can we mark hired for a candidate when the candidate appointed by a company ?

hi yar please replay

sorry for late reply all these features are not part of script but can be added if you want thanks

Can you customize? Do something similar to care by professional (Doctor) would need a “booking system” to take the appointment a day and time fixed by the doctor, but that the user can access without permission, on the day of the consultation the patient pays on a “Payment gateway” Paypal and local Sistem of gateway , before the private “Online chat” (with possibility of attaching images pdf, studies of the patient) and together with this chat to create a “Ticket System” (to end in delayed medical or professional consultation)

It would be possible for this script

“Expertrack Script – Find Experts or Jobs Online”   Or for “QAEngine Script – Online Question Answer Community”

I do not know if you have a bit of both, which one would be better for my project? I made the purchase of the two

Best regards

German Pace

email replied.

Excellent professional attention !! Highly recommended I give 5 stars

thanks :)


khill22 Purchased

Hey, where do I find the google maps api?

its include/footer.php


khill22 Purchased

are you sure? I can’t see it?

yes its there if you need more help please contact me on email at superight.com@gmail.com with you site details thanks

new update?

Can’t tell you the time but it will be in this year soon

Great update

is anything new coming? even as a theme our addon?


yes many new features.

Its working now please check there were request quota issue with google map api.

Hi again,

In feature list you said “Mobile Ready Template”. Does it mean it get iOS and/or Android app ready?


No it means it design is responsive.

Pre sale Question? when is the update coming up for this? can you list me the future updates?

In the mid of next month most of the port is done already so hopefully.

ok, let me know when it is live here.

your demo is not working pal, i think the feature i need to have is not described so can we do customization ?

delightcode.me/scripts/expertrack please here i don’t know i just updated demo site and its not working

you can email me for customization or my skype is superight.com

Are there plans for future update?


Hi Is this script similar to freelancer.com and any other. Please respond as am interested

Yes its a job posting script but also support for employees to post these details as portfolio so its for both jobs and employees

Http://delightcode.me/scripts/expertrack/ is not working. I get a 404 error on the content.

Pre Sale Question: Does this script asks your for money before one can see the contact details of the candidates / the employer and if yes then why is it limited to 2$ (as per your description of the product)

can you please explain your question ?

Pfre-sale question: Hello, this script seems to be good, but some questions: - Why pay for informations about company ? people can find it on google.. (sorry but just want to understand the way to earn money without pay for tel number. . The option for add portfolio as featured is a good way for money.)

- Do you plan an update of this script or add functions ? (booking, courses etc..)

Thx a lot

company in this case may be a recruiter that’s why its like this. Yes i have plan to update this script may be in upcoming months thanks

hello, whats new in the update?