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hello i will buy but i want to learn can i change turkish language and can you help me for instalin

yes i will help you to install and also how to translate language


guia365 Purchased


When will we have the update? There is more than one year that you are promising.

Hello, I notice that there are a lot of questions about “when will the new upgrade will come out”? is this version the new upgrade? if not when?

there is no plan for update right now may be in future if i get more sales

Hello Author, Awesome script but can we get mobile app version of this ?

Yes i can do that as a custom work if you want.

What is the Minimum PHP version Needed?

Thank you… I am purchasing it right now.

Please contact me if possible. I need an extra work (paid for sure).

yeah sure you can drop me a message at my email at superight.com@gmail.com or skype superight.com

Hello! How much would you charge for it to work as it is php page and ios/android app? Is it possible for you to implement a signature/subscription plan on it?

hi, sorry i did not got your point can explain what you want to know “How much would you charge for it to work as it is php page ” thanks

how can i login and see demo

thank you but what i need is admin. where i can add and remove profile, member

you can see admin images only for now

OMG how can i know to use your code. please give me demo admin.

Will this work with SSL and in subdirectory as in website.com/jobs?

Yes it will