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Great Work! GLWS :)

Thank you!

Nice work, GLWS! :)


Hello, looks great :) .. just wondering if instead of loading a picture… could it load a list of links?.. would be great for a grid menu.. to click on and show subcategories instead of an image! .. if so I will buy it right away.. Thanks.

o ya .. would also be cool with the ability to put a background image on the links page.. and have the links redirect while clicking anywhere else on the window would close the category window. or even include a close button.. But I believe just having the ability to add html code into the window should be enough. I have looked through hundreds… maybe thousands of files… and never seen anything like it (each one is missing something), even tried to alter some files .. but just continuous conflicts with jquery .. and i dont have the time… and I believe that your Expander and lagless coding abilities would make this a hit on code canyon. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. Even if it lags a bit.. I do not care.. as long as I can put a responsive grid up.. and can have a window popup responsive to mobiles.. displaying subcategories (which are also responsive.. with maybe even a slider function?) .. would be a great thing… just very simple .. and fast (if possible).. I know it sounds very simple and can be achieved through many ways.. but i believe your Expander and coding abilities combined with these functions would be the Best Option on CodeCanyon :) Cheers

Wow thanks for the explanation. I think I understand your Idea now. Your mock drawing helped. I have another Item in development, but I think this is a great idea to implement for the Expander. Ill try to submit the update by end of this week/weekend. Thanks for the great input!

Looking forward to it.. :) Thank You

very nice ;)

Thank you :)

Can I step through multiple images in a gallery without having to close each image before opening the next one?

Is there an option to turn off the animation (e.g. {animation:'none'})?

Do you have any plans to add keyboard support (e.g. ESC to close)?

Yes, I’m slowly upgrading the Expander to fit the needs of the buyers. I would definitly love to add some support for gallery. Perhaps it can work like this: When there are multiple images right next to one another. The viewer will see arrows once the first image is fullscreen, and of course Keyboard support will be thus implemented. There is a default trigger for animation, however if you try and set your own animation, {animation:”mine”}, it should work without animations since mine class does not exist. I will also add this to the list of new upgrades.

Very useful library.

Thank you!

Nice job. Would it be possible for the preview image to be a smaller image (less KB) and then show a larger one when clicked? The thing is, my initial images are allways the same size, eg. 200×100, but the larger ones could be different formats; 600×500, 650×450 etc.

Yep thats a common use case. The Expander allows you to do that by simply adding the url option. So {url:’the hd image link’}. You can read more about it in the Demo page under Show Options.

I like vonstorms question as i do that aswell, I have large images but need small thumbnails. Also, on the demo my cursor is not changing when hovering over a picture to let me know its clickable..

The feature for thumbnails exists, all you need to do is provide url in the options for the HD image. The cursor can be an upcoming feature, however I wanted to keep the original image as unmodified as possible. Maybe some sites don’t like hover on cursor.


Love it :)

Is it possible to implement it on Opencart? so it works instead of the popup colorbox?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure, I have never used OpenCart. However Expander is very felixble. You may be able to write a simple script within that does what you wanted.

great plugin ! I’m trying to implement on my joomla site. It looks like it’s impossible to write the data-expander tag without getting it changed to data-expander=””. (due to html validation). The plugins works but the popup sticks to the top left corner of the screen. some help ? thanks a lot best regards

try data-expander=”{animation:’diamond’}”. So switching the single quotes with double.

Hi I can’t get the url option to work (I’ve tried swapping the single and double quotes) My code is: <img src="images/cardwellrollofhonour.jpg" width="768" height="677" data-expander="{url:' HR.jpg'}" />

Thanks – that certainly DOES work on my local server – but not on I’ve tried your one ie {url: ”/cardwell/images/BlackHR.jpg”} and also {url: ”images/BlackHR.jpg”} Neither of these seem to work – any further clues (and thanks heaps for all your help so far!)

Woo Hoo! it’s working – thank you!

It seems to be an error on my part, sorry about that! I will update the expander.js with a proper fix to use http:// prefix as an object. Thanks for helping me find this bug!

Simple and well done!

Thank you!!

Version 1.2 is now ready. It includes the following:
  • Gallery Item property
  • Keyboard shortcuts to move to the next Gallery Item
  • JSON parser and oursource URL bugfixes

Very nice script. Thanks! Here’s an example of it in action: Demo of Expander

Woohoo!! very nicely done


I just purchased Expander. It never dawned on me that it might not respect the original aspect ratio of the image when it expanded it.

The images expand to a wide aspect ratio even if they should be square.

You have to have a work around… Right?

I’m sure I can figure it out, but I bought it so I could save that time ;-)



I think I can do a better job of explaining the root cause of my particular issue. Our original images are responsive, so they have their width set to 100%.

This style setting is being carried over in the expanded view of the image. What we need to be able to do is to display the expanded image independent of the way the original image is displayed on the screen.

We’ve already tried using the URL to bring up the expanded image, but it didn’t change the outcome.

I hope this helps.

We’d really like to be able to use your tool – The effect is great!

Your help would be appreciated.



I apologize, I’m not sure if I understand it 100%. Do you want to use a thumbnail image then when expanded into another image presumably a high def version of the file? Or do you mean the image is stretched and ratio’ed to fit your screen but you would like to overwrite that?

Is it possible to use div instead of img? I just want tiles/rectangles which can expand to fitscreen, not images.

Your demo page is offline. THX

Thank you!!! I have brought it back up again. You can now check the demo