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Sir, I apologize for everything bad i said about the plugin. But i really want one setting. Please tell me an easy way so that i can use one at a time as you told to other members. Please.. :-(

Sir, i would like to have a Wordpress plugin that can remove or hide the last line from every post on my site. Is that even possible, if so any related plugin out there ? or Can u design some ?

Hi. Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance work.

I was damn sure you’d use this term ” Unfortunately” Hehe… ;-):P Anyways….No issues

Can you make the user like your Facebook page or follow your Twitter account rather than the current page link? And if so, will it remember the cookie and not pop up each time the user clicks an external link?


1. On Settings page you can set URL which must be shared.But you can’t set separate URLs for FB, Twitter, etc.

2. Script remember users who shared the page.

Your demo links do not work. the first link just goes to wordpress (no popup), and the second link does nothing? Pity sounds like a good plugin.

Make sure that you didn’t try it earlier. Clear cookies. I’ve just checked – everything works (Chrome, FF, IE10).

Hello Ilya!

It’s possible to add VKontakte and Odnoklassniki to this plugin?

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, at present time I don’t have such plans.

PS: I’m not Ilya. :-)

I’m so sorry :) No, currently I’m searching for a WordPress plugin, not just for site.

It seems the settings only allow to exclude links. I want to show the pop-up to only a few selected external links, and since I link out to many links on my site I can’t prepare an exclude only list, but if you could update the plugin with an “Include only links” it’d solve my issue.

TL;DR: Looking forward to purchase if you could add an “Include only links” feature.

Hi. Unfortunately, at present time I don’t have plans to update the plugin. But thank you for idea. I’ll include it into further updates.

it is not working fine ..:( i dont want any popup in my interlink. i just want it on out going link but that plugins give on each link in my website

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t see badge “purchased” near your username. If you used different account to purchase the item, please contact me using those account.

Hi pre purchase question if I want people to share when they close the page does this do this?

Hi. Nope.

is this adsense safe ? is an adsense ad considered as external link…?

It doesn’t work with adsense links.