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Hi ichurakov,

Why not combine all social networks together?

Call it “Exit Through Social”.

-. Exit through G+1 -. Exit through FB Like -. Exit through Twitter (Tweet/Retweet) -. Exit Through Pinterest Etc.

So let the visitor decide which network to use to share the page/site.

I will do that. Just want to give more flexibility in prices for buyers.

it is true? you release the same plugin wth other networks? Why not a big and great addon with all networks?

Hi. I’ve submitted “Exit Through Social Share” plugin to CodeCanyon and now I’m waiting for approval. :-)

can we do that with shortcode ? I want to use this some internal links too.

You can use the following trick: add attribute class=”plusonetoexit” to internal links. For example you have internal link: <a href=”http://www.mywebsite.com/page.html”>My page</a>. Replace it with: <a class=”plusonetoexit” href=”http://www.mywebsite.com/page.html”>My page</a>

wow :) that was exactly what I want,thanks..

Does this work with Google Circles?

No. It just give +1 for pages of your website.

Hi, it`s not working properly after wordpress upgrading, have you got any solve?

Hi. I’ve released updated version of plugin and waiting for approval from CodeCanyon staff. If you wish to get it faster, please contact me through profile page and I will send it to you.

hi i just bought your plugin, i setup on the settings page. But the exit google + isnt showing for any of my pages…


Hi. I’ve just checked your website. It seems plugin works. For example, on this page you have external link labeled as “http://yourmirroreddomainorfakedomain”. When you click on this link, popup appears.

so it only shows the popup when the user clicks on a external link? can i make it to where it opens when they leave my website for whatever reason?

Unfortunately, no. This plugin was created to handle external links in Posts/Pages. I’m sorry for saying that.