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I purchased your plugin, installed it on the following URL http://www.hablandodetecnologia.com and it doesn’t do a thing.

I am running Wordpress 3.7.1.

Am I missing something here?

Hi. I’ve just checked your website. Seems everything works there. For example, I clicked link “Un día caótico en las tiendas” and got popup with like button.

I purchased this plugin and it didn’t work. I tried it on two different sites with the same results. I contacted the vendor and he never answered. It’s obvious that he doesn’t care. Stay away!!!

Hi. I’ve searched in my inbox. You never contacted me (at least I didn’t fins your username). :-) I always help my customers. Check feedbacks for any of my script and you will not find unreplied/unsolved problem. Please let me know URL of website where I can see the problem.

I’m the same too. I just purchased your like to exit, and whenever I leave my site, nothing pops up. I refreshed the cache and logged out of all facebook accounts. http://jenewby.com/

It does. It’s regular “like” button. The same button is used by all websites in Internet. So it works like everywhere. To see that you liked the page, go to you facebook profile, scroll down and find block “Recent Activities” – it is there. :-)

Hey, i didn’t know you had an all in one social pop. Could I get a refund and purchase the full one, or just pay the difference

Hi. Undortunately, CodeCanyon doesn’t provide such functionality for its authors (I mean refund or partial payment). Please contact Envato support about this question: http://support.envato.com/


Looks like a great plugin, 2 quick questions.

1- Can the popup be shown only ONCE per session/user?

2- Will it work on mobile devices?

thanks for your time..


Hi Mark. Thanks for interesting in the plugin. There is no option to show popup once per session/user. It works on mobile devices.

is this still working with wordpress 3.8 ?

Yes. My demo website is driven by WP 3.8.1.


just purchased your plugin…...question?

do i really need to fill in all my 60+ pages that i don’t want to show the exit box?

I was figuring…....just when someone closes the site/browser the box is showing up

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin.

1. Do you mean that popup is displayed on internal link?

2. It is impossible to show HTML-popup when someone closes the site/window. Popup will be closed together with website.

ok. thanks

I was really excited when I got this plugin, but you don’t offer the option for a user not to see this pop-up after they like the page? That is ridiculous! People UNLIKE my page because they can’t get rid of the dang pop-up and the button is on there for them to remove themselves. This plugin would be wonderful if you were actually able to cookie people who liked the page so the pop-up didn’t display for them.

I’m extremely disappointed in this purchase. I feel like I wasted my money.

Hi. Unfortunately, plugin can’t now users who shared website before plugin installation. But, it rememebers those people who shared websites after plugin installation.

Hi ichurakov, nice plugins love the idea. this is a pre-sale question… is it possible for this app to auto logout after clicking the like button with a good bye you are logging out message, really need this featured for a client… the reason behind this is that he will have several mobile devices in malls and people will log and like his page and he wants this visitors to feel secure that their accounts are offline after liking it. hope you understand. thanks in advance.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such option.

Thanks for your fast reply, is it possible for a developer to implement this in your plugin or would you do this job and how much will it cost. Thanks again

Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance work.

I have a question that when any user like the page, so he will not get the pop again ever, either he will unlike the page. I mean who already liked my page he will not get the popup?

Am i right

Popup will be displayed until user liked through the popup.

ok if user liked the page then he will get popup next day again? Or he will not get the popup ever untill he unliked the page

It doesn’t check if user liked/unliked the page earlier. Workflow is like that: 1) Popup displayed if cookie not set. 2) User click “like” and cookie is set. Next time popup wont be displayed.

Hi, I tried your demo and it worked on Firefox and IE but it wouldnt work on Chrome!

Hi. I’ve just checked my demo with all browsers again. Everything works. Probably you tried it in Chrome earlier.

Yep, its working fine now ! Does it only work if someone clicks on a link to exit? Will it not work if someone clicks the home button their browser?

It works only if user clicks outgoing link.

Pre-sale question..After looking at your screenshots i don’t see any place to enter your fan page.

There is filed “Website URL to share” on Settings page. Regarding FB fan page, as I remember FB doesn’t fire callback function when you share their page. So it is not recommended to use FB page.

works with WP4 ?

Yep. My demo is WP4 driven.

Would it be possible to do an exist through subscribe youtube

Hi, is this plugin available for general HTML websites? Thanks very much.

Hi. Nope.

Hello halfdata.

Do you have a standalone version (not wp-plugin) of this script?


Hi. Nope.

Hi, First of all congrats for your work! I want to use the share button instead of like. You replied to an enquiry from user eching (3 years ago) “Hi. On plugin settings page you can set any URL that must be liked/shared.” So I must have this option for share. To be honest for this reason I choose this plugin. Please tell me how I can make the settings because I don’t find. I look forward to your reply. Thanks, Silv

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have such option.

I purchased your plugin and it works fine.

However, would it be possible to combine this plugin with this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/open-external-links-in-a-new-window/

It would be ideal if after the delay/like the external link is opened in a new tab/window in the way this plugin does it, so it opens in a new window on mobile too.

Currently all external links are opened in the same window and when the two plugins are activated the links are opened twice (once in new window, once in same afterdelay/like).

Thanks for your reply in advance.

Sorry, in that case I would like a refund please, because it’s not working properly now in combination with the other plugin, which is absolutely necessary on our site. Should I request the refund via envato or can you process it? Thanks.

Please contact Envato regarding refund.

Ok will do. Thanks.

tested the 2 external links on preview page. nothing happend. other than exited

I’ve just checked my demo. Everything works. Probably you tried it before. It remembers users and don’t raise the popup if you already liked. ;-)

Hello. Im interested in the plugin still working? If so, it is possible work in just one post I choose and not in the whole site?

Hi. It works with latest WP properly. There is no feature to enable it just for one post.

Thank you, is this included in your Opt-In Content Locker? or it is separated?

It’s different plugin with different functionality.