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Hi there,

Is there any way I can see the demo ??? Because the demo here doesn’t work.


Please check again, the Live Demo is working fine for us at the moment.

The live Preview does not work. I tried it with safari and chrome

It works, we just tested. I think you moved your mouse too fast. Please move the mouse a bit slower towards the edge.

Exit Offfer plugin looks practical and a must have for and eCommerce site (IMHO). Can we configure the Exit Offer to pop in when user make their final checkout?

can you please email me at to clarify what you mean by Final checkout ?

does this plugin let to a coupon code creation? coupon code for limited time maybe 30 minutes, only useable once.

This plugin is to show the coupon code while someone tries to go our of your site, you can create by any other coupon plugin.

Can this be customized by product? I would only want an exit offer on specific, higher end items. Or I might want different coupons or different percentages, depending the item.

Please email us for custom development and quote :)

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t need anything custom. If this product had exit offers per item I would get it. But it’s not a necessity for my site, and not something we’re looking to pay for at this time. Thanks!

Currently this module works for any page of the site.

This plugin works only for move to exit upper right or also on other clicks i.e. back or somewhere else on page? That would make sense, cause customers do all kind of things on page :)

so any other click on page that takes customer away doesn’t show popup? Please correct me if i’m wrong. Thank you for such quick answer.

works fine .. as i understood correctly it sets a cookie to customer and popup shows up even after few other pages clicked and when goes out of content .. smooth ;) Anyway, one suggestion. Can we use product title in popup? Like You have a {TITLE} in your shopping cart …

Actally, as you can use the HTML content at the popup, so please just write the Product title words in the HTML content.

it should be variable from WC, because i don’t know which product is added to cart …

Actually, its intention is to show a message and ask the users to continue shopping at your store :)

Pre-Purchase question… Can I load an iframe and can I trigger the pop-up only from store pages, not from other pages not part of woocommerce.


It accepts HTML. So, all sort of HTML content can be shown there.

I have purchased this and am currently using it. I was wondering if a feature could be added for the pop up only to Display Once per customer?

Yes, we can perform custom development to add this feature for your site at additional development cost.


Is it possible to chose on what page/product page will show the popup ??


We can perform custom development to implement such feature at additional development cost. You can email us for a quote.

Does this automatically have an option to only do the popup when leaving a cart or product/sales page?

Yes, it has that option. Please check the documentation to see the first option here :

Demo is not working…

It is working Fine for us. Try to move your mouse out of browser moderately, you will see the popup with the exit offer.


This seems to trigger all the time (When Exiting Site) even when there are no products in the shopping cart (I do have “User has item in Shopping cart” option selected)!

Any ideas why?

Please submit a ticket at with your site access info and the issue details.

Will this popup always show, even if the customer completes the checkout?

We need this modified so that it is disabled after a customer creates an order, and need it disabled for anyone logged into an account. I emailed last week regarding costs for customization and haven’t received a reply.

Please email us at to discuss the quote for such customization.

Thanks, email sent

This looks great, good luck