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Nice Job! GLWS! ;)


Nice work!

I would really love to see an option to allow the pop-up appear after the visitors enter the website, or you could create two popups one when they enter, and another before they leave.

Just thinking our loud :)


Thanks for the purchase and loving our item. You can get the following item to show a popup when they enter, capture their emails and also show them the offer :

Hello Experpro,

The plugin stopped working after installing Circloid – Responsive OpenCart Admin Theme; I’ve re-installed again but did not work at all and did not get any error msg’s.

I’m still trying to figure out the problem; please let me know if you can guide me.


Looks like it will take customization to with that custom admin theme. Please email us at and we shall discuss through email.

Hi i have sended you an email

which email address ? Please email us at


does not open popup and bar on the main page. just opened on the search page

please help

Maybe, there is issue due to your theme ? Please email us your site FTP and Admin access info. Thanks :)

i send you email, still not working

Please check your site and update the comment. thanks :)

It only works for me when I exit the browser page, and then return to the web page again. If I just leave the page with my mouse, nothing happens. I’m using the latest Firefox version.

While you try to leave the page it shows the Exit Popup

Hi there i am having problems with this getting it to work i have done every thing it has said i have even tryed this on these i dont use i have submitted a email to

Submitted a ticket Ticket #465538

Submitted a email to this also submitted a ticket to and also sent message on facebook to the person i got a email off can someone sort this out please

Thank you so much for Rating us 5 *

I installed this exactly like your documentation said to but I don’t see it listed in the modules section. Does this work with OpneCart v2.1.0.2? The documentation shows you using v1.5

Thank you and I believe your issue is already resolved.

Yes. it’s working now. I added a question to my support ticket as well about the fix. Thanks

Hi, is this module able to recognise if custommer is leaving store without order and what type of product he left store? So I can personalize popup for each custommer.

We can perform custom development at separate cost to offer such feature.


Does it support the same way in mobile user interface too ?

Please check the demo at your mobile.