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Different ways of loading photos on the map.

Scan and automatically find all folders and photos inside the photos folder
$photos = new ExifMapGallery('photos');
Select folders to display, automatically finds photos inside the folders indicated
$photos = new ExifMapGallery('photos', array('Marrakech', 'Svendborgæ', 'Beijing'));
Select individual files and folders. File names are separated by ”,”.
$photos = new ExifMapGallery('photos', array('Marrakech' => 'IMG_0348.JPG,IMG_0364.JPG', 'Svendborgæ' => "*", 'Beijing' => "*"));
Select individual files without folders
$photos = new ExifMapGallery('photos', array('' => 'IMG_0348.JPG,IMG_0364.JPG,IMG_0363.JPG'));

How to load a geojson data layer from google?

After initializing the script, you need to listen to the load event and insert the data layer:

<?php echo $photos->script(array( 'scripts_path' => 'js/', 'container' => 'map', 'geolocation' => true, 'latitude' => 39.5, 'longitude' => -10.35, 'zoom' => 2, 'api_key' => '' )); ?> <script> exifMap.subscribe('/gmaps/loaded', function() {''); }); </script>

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