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great job andre. If anybody is on the fence about this author I have to say his support goes far above and beyond the normal support. I do not need this script right now but will in a few months so to thank him I will buy it today. All you canyoners should do same before he realises how much it is worth and raises price ;)

Again thanks for supporting your google video map even when google stopped supporting it map

oh and you might consider releasing that google video map that lets users manually enter videos that are auto geocoded so they show selected videos on map Many of us would like to only have our videos or our clients video on the map :) IN other words another profit center for you and a beneficial script for the rest of the canyoners.

keep up the outstanding work

Hello. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Can you elaborate, on your feature suggestion? What do you mean by auto-geocoded?

Thank you again.

Very useful script and also very well made. It works perfectly, I like it! :):)

Thanks for your kind words!

I love it. May I ask can it be added in Drupal?

I’m sorry, I don’t know Drupal. I’m not sure it can be integrated without some code adjustments.

hello I’m sorry I’m not an expert, there is a video tutorial?

Hi No there isn’t, it wouldn’t be very useful because the integration is different depending on each user server environment.

If you need help I’m available to help you integrate with your server.

Hi, we have purchased script from you yesterday and want to display images directly with one step …

i tried to pass images directly to array but it didn’t work, can you please tell me how to do this?

$photos = new ExifMapGallery('photos', array('Marrakech/IMG_0348.jpg', 'Marrakech/IMG_0363.jpg', 'Marrakech/IMG_0364.jpg')); 

Looking forward to your response, thanks

Hello, Thank you for buying the script.

Currently, there is no way to pass images directly to the script. What you can do is pass the folder where the images are located:

$photos = new ExifMapGallery('photos', array('Marrakech'));

This code will scan and load all photos in the folder named “Marrakech”. Is there any reason why you would want to specify the images directly?

actually i want to show specific images for specific user, i want to show images for A member which owns by A and show photos for B which owns by B.

Any other way to get it like this ?

For that case, it’s probably easier if you look at my other script “Google Maps Photo Search”, and replace the google api url with your own.

Hi, i would buy that script and before that, i want to make sure that script will show images using URL like (, and so on … right ? Can you send me those lines of code to see it would work that way and then i can go to purchase that…. Looking forward to your quick response.

Offcourse. The google maps photo search queries a server and expects a JSON response with the image URL, image title, coordinates, etc. This is the code that creates an array of images to be displayed:
      for(var i = 0; i < l; i++) {
        var p = photos[i];
        var photo = {};

        // Skip photo if no geo information
        if (!p['georss$where']) continue;

        // Parse coordinates
        var position = p['georss$where']['gml$Point']['gml$pos']['$t'];
        position = position.split(' ');
        var lat = position[0];
        var lng = position[1];

        // Check for reference:
        photo.position = new google.maps.LatLng(lat,lng);        = p['gphoto$id']['$t'];
        photo.title     = p['title']['$t'];
        photo.url       = p['content']['src'];
        photo.type      = p['content']['type'];    = p['author'] ? p['author'][0]['name']['$t'] : '';
        photo.width     = p['gphoto$width']['$t'];
        photo.height    = p['gphoto$height']['$t'];
        photo.thumbnail = p['media$group']['media$thumbnail'][0]['url'];


Please note the

line, that’s where the URL of the image is indicated.

Hi. I am looking for a script that users can upload photos and automatically get displayed on EXIF information contained inside jpgs to google maps. Can this script performs on the above? Thanks

The script displays existing geo-tagged EXIF images on a map. Currently, it does have any functionality to allow users to upload photos.

Ok. So to display photos on google maps i should upload photos in one single folder, or better i can inside the script the folders where to read images?

Yes, there is an option to indicate the path where to find the photos:

// Automatically find all folders and photos inside /photos $photos = new ExifMapGallery(’/photos’);

// or, // Select individual files $photos = new ExifMapGallery(’/photos’, array(’’ => ‘a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg’));

Not working for me. This is the error 2015 05 26 031037 with this setting 2015 05 26 031326

screen of the error 2015 05 26 031037

Hi, It seems you didn’t pass the correct path to your photos main folder. Please send me an email ( for more help.


The new version works perfectly. Good job

Thank you.

Hello! Sounds good to me, has a demo for me to see working?

Sure, I can setup a demo for you. Do you have any geo-tagged images you want to test? If so, please send them to me at

Is it possibly to add a function that would allow users to only view images from a specific date range that they set. Date of image taken in EXIF data and will/will not show depending on users date range selection.

I think this is possible. I will get back to you if this can be done.

can it be made to display images on map in dynamic galleries like this:

Yes. It will dynamically scan the folder(s) for pictures.