Discussion on Exicube Taxi App

Discussion on Exicube Taxi App

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MalamiM1 Purchased

why you don’t reply in our chat Anujit

I have a question, does your app provide as meter calculation showing in both customer and drive app? Thanks.

No meter calculation is not there.

Thank you for your response. Could you please provide me how much the additional cost would be if I request this switchable option?

Please connect on for discussing further.

I can’t log in to the admin page, because entering the phone number doesn’t work, the phone number always disappears after entering the OTP

Please share a screenshot on the chat.

Dear sir reply my ticket

Use chat. How to get Support by validating your purchase code –

Please clarify the following Points. I am Looking for 3 Main Option Airport Transfer Come Ride 1. In Airport Transfer they want to service to only a Particular City then Geo Fencing or any other service where he can restrict a Ride within the Geo Location should be Possible 2. And application should have an option where we can default Set Drop as Airport if selected or Pick as Airport is Selected, where Drop to Airport or Pick From Airport should available 3. Ride Can Work the same how it is in your Application except on change where in case of No Drivers Available then it should go as an enquiry to the back end and then admin should be in a position to confirm the booking and assign the Driver Manually 4. Can Driver Upload the Documents on his Own and till Approval he should not be allowed to accept the rides 5. Is there a fine from the driver on Multiple Cancellation from the driver 6. Second Option Outstation should go as an Enquiry to the admin so admin can confirm and assign the Driver 7. Can SMS Service be integrated to my Local Service Provider for assigning of Driver. 8. Is PDF Invoice Generated for the trip Completed? Is it a GST Invoice 9. Can we mention toll Extra 10. Third Option where in Local it will charged based on packages created for per Day. Ex: 4 Hours 80 Kms Price is 1000, 8 4 Hours 80 Kms Price is 2000

Hello Author Congratulations for great work Pre purchase Qn

This app can I integrate with car rental and bid or because i need also feature to rent car and ️

2. This app apart from car booking can i add motorcycle booking??

These can be controlled and there is settings for all these in Admin Portal. Please connect on chat for further discussion.

I send you email but yu didn’t reply yet

Where did you email? We have replied all. Email us at or connect on chat.

dear please tell me Exicube Taxi App / Exicube BidCab App & Exicube Delivery App all these 3 projects work with same admin cms or these 3 are separate projects

These are 3 separate projects and have differences in each of them.

Hello, will you be selling Exicube Ride on Envato? since it is a complete solution I think most customers would rather buy from here because of updates. Also please consider adding paypal and stripe included

No we will not be selling Ride here. We have our own business reasons.


nasjas Purchased

Hi, can you make the admin settings allowing to set the driver radius in m rather than km? We need to set driver radius like 500m, 750m, etc… Currently it is in km which is not effective as the drivers do not wish to pick hires that are less than 1km while they are in 1km radius.

Discuss the customisation possibility with team on chat


nasjas Purchased

This is not a big customization, it is a simple thing, just one line of code would do it. If you let me know the line number even I can do it.

Could you provide the credentials of bother rider and driver so I can test both driver and rider ends?

That “fix it” and “always on” appear as soon as I signup. After I clicked it and have it always on, those two no longer appear.

I downloaded “Exicube Taxi” on one device and “Exicube Ride” on the other device. That was why it didn’t work. Now, I have “Exicube Taxi” on both devices, but the app crashes all the time with my iphone 14.

Connect with team on chat. Please explain them your issue.

I want to cancel sending OTP because its cost is high in Firebase after updating Google policies or using one of the SMS service providers for other companies via API … You promised us to accomplish this within 15 days and there was no response on the support site and we are waiting for the update… Is there any Solution or update for this cost ?

send otp by api sms another company or by message whatsapp

Connect on chat for all you post purchase discussions.

Thank you. Your site support has already responded and informed me that there will be an update on September 17th

Hello, thank you for your efforts and I was impressed by all three apps, but the programming of the customer app with the driver app in the same app made me hesitate to buy can you separate it and make each app alone and buy it separate from the other thanks for understanding you please take my note seriously

We can separate them with some additional customisation if someone is willing to spend on the Installation and publishing service. Please connect on chat for further discussion.

Please add the following features: - Discount: by day, time, frequency, % off - Gift code


1- Hi, exicube is made using which framework?

2- Is a reskin planned for Exicube?

1. React, React Native, Firebase. 2. Before end of this year. For one one to discussion with team, please us chat.

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Hello. Is there a reward program for customers? Is the person using and earning points, percentage of money spent, etc.?

There is no reward system yet.

We want to buy this app but we don’t want to edit it and develop, is there any packge that we can buy and you will handle everything? like we just gonna give you the branding colors, logos, some editing to do. Please i just want to know which packgeto buy for this matter

Yes we have the services. Please connect on chat or email us at

Pre-purchase question, does it come with a drivers app? Can I get a link to that demo to check it out.

Same App. Demo links are on the Codecanyon page below.

Will this platform allow for the distance to be measured and displayed in miles?

Yes totally possible with a simple settings change.

That’s great! So it’s a setting not custom coding? Thank you!

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