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Hi jsttech, please add more description to your plugin. I’m interested to have one!

My country have no Zip Code so I/m very interested to these. Also I want these functions to make it better:

1) Add 1 more “Cost Per Peak Time / Kilometer”. Ex: I will add 5PM – 7PM as my Peak Time in my country so it will need more higher cost.

2) Add a Fee with Minimum Total Cost. Ex: I set 100$ as minimum total cost, my customers just want to buy 50$ so I need add 20$ fee to delivery it.

Update fast, I will buy it.

By the way, your demo not work at Checkout page.


Thanks for your interest on plugin. let me check all your requirements and will get back to you. also please sent me an email on info@jst-technologies.com


I like tienkietboi suggestions. Maybe you can create another variation of this plugin for people who provide services, like massage therapists. It can work like this.

1. First calculate the distance between two points.

2. Then apply a charge based on the rules we have created.

These could be based on a site-wide default, or one product, or item category, or time of day or the day itself.

If you can create rules then it would be really great because once you have the distance then the rest is easy, it just has to check the rules for the cost.

Rules can then be things like

- If item is equal to product ID and delivery day is Friday, charge x rate per km (or mile)

- If item is in category equal to cat ID and delivery time is between 2-4pm then charge x rate

- If item has been created by this author then charge X

I would definitely buy a plugin that works like this, even if the cost was around $25.

I’m interested in this plugin. What we’re looking for is a plugin that checks the distance between our restaurant and the customer. Are the following conditions possible with your plugin:

1) FREE DELIVERY – when customer makes a purchase for minimum of 20 pounds and is within 3 miles radius (to the restaurant)

2) PAID DELIVERY 2.50 – when customer makes a purchase for less than 20 pounds and is within 3 miles radius (to the restaurant)

3) FREE DELIVERY + 1 POUND PER ADDITIONAL MILE – when customer makes a purchase for minimum of 20 pounds and is more than 3 miles radius (to the restaurant), paying additional 1 pound for every additional mile ( up to 6 miles altogether)

4) PAID DELIVERY + 1 POUND PER ADDITIONAL MILE – less than 20 pounds + 1 pound for every additional mile (up to 6 miles)

Thanks for like this plugin.

These are conditions are not possible in this plugin. but soon we will release next version and you will get all your requirements.


Thank you all.

We are appreciate. your valuable suggestions and requirements. we are trying to fulfillment all your requirements.

We hope you will like it.


Hi, Presales question: are we able to charge a rate of $30 for the first 20km then a further $2.50 per km thereafter?

Awesome work. Congrats. Good luck with sale

Hi Guys,

Quick Pre Purchase Question..

Can this plugin do the following?

0-10 miles = Free Delivery 10-25 miles = £1 per mile

If you could advise ASAP it would be appreciated.

Hi, I’m trying to implement a very complex shipping rate. Please let me know if your plugin can do it.

Shipping rules are based on District AND Weight.
1) District 1, 6 Ton for $XX
2) District 1, 10 Ton for $XY
3) District 1, 15 Ton for $XZ

4) District 2, 6 Ton for $YY
5) District 1, 10 Ton for $YX
4) District 1, 15 Ton for $YZ

You can have a look at the shipping quote that my shipping provider provided at here : https://prnt.sc/hoyjf2

I would like to also know if you plugin could display map of customer’s shipping address when calculating shipping price?