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Your live preview does not do any conversion. Everything result to 0.

Thanks 3ga42adcy32,

It seems to be working ok for me? I’ve tried on two PC’s and seems to be all good?

Can you double check the amount is not 0?

It doesn’t convert using Safari and Chrome if the Envato frame is not removed.

Thanks again. It seems like a problem with Macs only as I can’t reproduce on Linux or Windows (IE, Chrome, Firefox). Unfortunately I the only Apple product I have is an iPhone – and that too work correctly.

Anyway, I did made a change to the form submit address. I assume that is where the issue is.

However, the actual PHP class that does the converting is all in good working order.

Where does the data come from? Rates updates?

Hi vlater033,

The rates come from Citibank N.A. They are supplied via Google API . They are updated at least once a day.

If you try convert a value of 1, it converts, however the input box reverts to 100, if you try convert 100 or 1000 it returns a result of zero…I hope that explains…

Good spot, Mate! Fixed on demo. Submitted update (may take up to a day).

would be good also if you would have a button to reverse the currency. (eg if I have “ARS Argentina” and “The United States USD ”, a reverse button, that are: “The United States USD ” and “Argentina ARS ”).

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that would be useful.

When I get a minute I’ll add it to the demo.

However, it wouldn’t really affect the PHP class as something like that would probably be javascript driven. Doing it in PHP is also possible and would be a simple case of re-sending the form and swapping the values around. The current code is as simple as:

$result = $convertObj -> currencyConvert($amount, $from, $to);

Adding the extra logic (a personal choice) would an easy task. I’m happy to help you if you wish?

Again, thanks for the feedback. Hope I kinda gave you some insight!

Regards, J

There you go mate, done. I’ve submitted an update with a code example. It may take a day or two.


Thank you for your amazing product, it is wonderful!

Would you please help me solve this issue though, this is still the case: If you try convert a value of 1, it converts, however the input box reverts to 100, if you try convert 100 or 1000 it returns a result of zero…I hope that explains…

This is not working in your samples but the live demo.

Thanks again!

Hey mate,

Glad you like it! Firstly, what version are you using? There was an issue for a previous version.


Hi again,

I have downloaded the latest package, I have uploaded it to my server and the problem persists… However there is nothing wrong with your live demo. Just the sample files inside the Archive have this issue…

Thanks again

What currencies did you convert from and to?

So I’ve just submitted a new demo (we’ll actually a fix for the second demo) and it’s the same code used on the demo. If you email me via my profile page I’ll email it right to ya!

Hi there, is it possible to change the currency feed source? Instead of citibank can it be changed to the European Central Bank?

Any options to translate or place in wordpress page?

Sorry, there are no options for translation. This item is English only.

If by place in WP you mean a plugin, then no sorry. This is not a WP plugin

I bought the script in two days and it does not work, reaprei that neither the demo works.

Demo fails to convert but outputs 0. Please fix and let me know.

is this working, demo give error messages !!

You should check the demo… seems broken.

its still broken. Envato should remove it if its non functioning?