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I want to read the excel and save the data to the database? This be done with the code? I understand the save to database is not available but if i can code will that be possible ?

Yes I can code it for you. No idea whether you code it properly. If you are interested do send me a document which contains all the custom features and then I will send you a quote. Need your email for that.

where do i email the document ?

Hi, I was trying to test it on live preview, but I dont see the data loaded/parsed. I am interested in a code like to load an excel file and parse it to my app. Thanks

I have just checked it and it worked fine. Just make a excel file and add few columns like name, age, city and add data against that columns. Then save that file and from the demo of this script, upload your file and it will show the result. Also the script is error free and many customers purchased it and used it without any issue. You can even buy it . Thanks

Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. When I use demo and load my xlsx file I get: Parsing Result

Upload *.XLSX File

what I dont see content on the screen, is that correct. I want to make sure I am no missing something. I am needing a code like this, so, I want to see it working to buy it. Thanks

please send your excel file at eshban@gmail.com so that I will check it and send you the screenshot.

Looks really promising (no luck with either PHPExcelReader or PhpSpreadsheet) however I only get “error: can not get property” (via my localhost visual studio 2017 debugger) wher I need see the contents of my cells. Any suggestions?


please send your excel file at eshban@gmail.com so that I will check it.

hey your script not working on localhost any requirment?