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Daaamn, right on time. Will need this soon.

For this you need to request a customization. If you are interested then send message with you requirements and I will send you cost and time

So I only can print the excel file as it is, no other method of handling the columns is available?

Well, have you got a chance to check the demo? You need to upload the xls file and your data will be parsed in PHP format. If you are a programmer then you can do anything with that data.

does it work for multiple sheets and pivot tables ?

Yes it support upto 2 sheets

Nice script, ive tried with a huge files and it works fine :) But now user can display their files, you need to create a function to share that page ;)

thanks. Feature noted for the next update

Very impressive! Good script ! Keep it up :sunglasses:

thanks for the purchase

thanks for the purchase

Thanks for another purchase.

Haven’t got into using the script yet. But it would seem to not be able to handle .xls files am I correct? (it says it can in the sales title). Also, I checked out the demo (using .xlsx file with dates and seems the date is converted to a number. I have php experience so I assume the I would need to look at the code and convert the numbers back into dates before displaying or uploading into MySQL (my aim in using this script).


Ok, have tried playing with the script. Aside from failing when you upload a .xls file (to be expected as it seems to be written just for .xlsx). I have tripped over another bit that concerns me. You link to


and 3 other third party links…

Ideally I was hoping your code would be self contained and not depend upon external sites (they could be off line at the wrong moment). Also these links are http I tried your script on my secure site and was hoping to switch http to https which I tried and failed to get your script to work once changed (in the simplexlsx.class.php file).

I am kind of ok with the external sites but was wondering if the link could be secured ie https ?


Hi trying to make this script work for me. That date is proving a problem. At first glance I thought it was a Unix timestamp for example 29/03/2008 (uk dates dd/mm/yyyy) comes out as 39536 (which isn’t a unix timestamp on closer look). There is consistency 02/06/2008 is 39601 and 08/06/2008 is 08/06/2008 is 39607. Without getting into finding the date that these numbers start from and doing the math every time. Sure I could work that out with some effort, but have you a simpler solution. I am sure it works with US spreadsheets. Sorry to ask so many questions. I already have a way of parsing csv, xls and xlsx files setup but your solution looks a lot friendlier than the code I picked up about 5 year back…


Thank you , good script , can simplify my work in a report sent to the web xlsx our report , there are a few that I want to ask 1 how to separate the header with the data row td 2 Why I can not try the xls file ( 2013 )

Thank you

1) how to separate the header with the data row td --- ??? (2) Why I can not try the xls file ( 2013 ) - see https://code.google.com/p/php-excel-reader/wiki/Documentation

Hi, Does this supports excel files with multi-sheets?

Yes it supports. I will provide you the custom script if you need.

hello sir, the live preview of the plugin doesnt work, can you please contact me with an example of your parser, im really interesting in your product

Hi, I have just checked it and found it working. Please check it again. See demo screenshot at this link: http://postimg.org/image/wm5ww1lbp/

Hi, is it possible to conditionally parse data?

Hello. Your code is awesome! I use it and I`m very pleased but I need somethink and I don`t know how to do it. I need information from the first row of the table to be written in <thead>


Thanks in advance!

My code is now:

$xlsx = new SimpleXLSX($data['upload_data']['full_path']); $table = '<table class="table table-hover">'; list($cols, ) = $xlsx->dimension(); foreach ($xlsx->rows() as $k => $r) { if ($k == 0) continue; $table .= '<tr>'; for ($i = 0; $i < $cols; $i++) { $table .= '<td>' . ( (isset($r[$i])) ? $r[$i] : ' ' ) . '</td>'; } $table .= '</tr>'; } $table .= '</table>';

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Am trying to upload the excel to database using mysql, how can I do that, keep in note on execution time 600 and the file is 120k records

Hello. Can you please help me with number formating when parsing XLSX When I have number 32,44 is` ok, but when there is 32,10 it shows 32,1. How can I make it show zeros.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, Can I echo row by row data?

It would be great to te able to automatically update data from the source and be able to show specific cell data also… Think about that! Great product!

How can i show excel files with multi-sheets? Thanks