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Hello!. Demo is not working… User and Pass not working

Checked right now and everything works. Username: admin@admin.com and pass: admin

Hi, I have some questions:

- in the demo I’ve set an exam to public still it doesn’t show up in the public exam list – what else do I need to do?

- how hard is it to localize the system?

- how can I share the exam to the students? Is there a special link, can I send a mass email to the students with the link with some customized content?

- in the results part, will there be a sort and filter option? after some tests there can be many rows there


thanks for questions. Answers:

- there is small bug, will be fixed very soon

- it is easy to localize, there is one file with strings for each page, it is ready for localization

- exams is published to students account when you activate it in your teacher account, no special links because student need to log in. Maybe I do something like this in future updates

- good point for next update, right now only rated/nonrated filter



Hi, It would be possible you create some example to demo how students view the examinations and corrections??? Thanks

Hi, there is a little problem. When I create an exam and somebody open it, timeout start and exam must be answered. Then will be disabled. So you need to create your own exam, assign it to class and test it by yourself. Or you can see it on video. I created demo class and demo student, so you can see student account. Credentials is:

Email: student@demo.com Pwd: student

Hi, it is possible to upload and share files with my student?

As I carry out a test that makes me select all answers . can i have the option of selecting only one box ?

No, this functions isn’t in this version, but we want to add this features to next version.

Hello, 1.Kindly add a payment gateway so that some tests/exams are free and others made payable,

2.Add the option for teachers to make some exams free or paid for

3.Add the option to export completed exams in a pdf such that they are downloadable after completion

4.In future, an Android App for this system would be very important

5.Add the option to create groups/branches or schools such that a student is able to choose which school he subscribes too.

6.Add the option to do tests for cash prizes as a way to encourage many students to take part. With this option, the system can decide to give prizes to the first 5people who happen to pass the exams and the test has to be paid for and and must have a duration to be completed when started.

Otherwise thanks for this script, its promising and am going to keep on monitoring until its ready for purchase.

When you add in those features above, you can make the new release as pro version at extra small fee.

I will always be happy to hear from you when the new release with the features above are included.

Thank you Ronnie

Good points but I don’t plan so massive extension. I can make it for you as custom work.

nice script!

is it possible to group student results for assigned exams and send all results to the associated teacher?

Or export results for all students that completed an exam assigned to a teacher/class?


Yes, it is possible. I can make this extended function for you. Contact me via my profile if you are interested. :)

Great! Thanks… will do, I also have some other ideas I will run through with you but give me a couple of weeks to organize myself!



I have a question. your system have Teacher panel and Student panel, but where is Administrator’s panel ? For example, a user registered and where Administrator can set this user is a student ? or a teacher?

This function is not in this version, but I can make it for you. Contact me via my profile. :)

Is markdown support? sometime the people need edit codes in the exams.

Yes, contact me via my profile.

This script is nice but seems not be what have been looking for. firstly i was unable to login into the student acct as the information is incorect. but what features have think it could work for me is as bellow.

1) Admin should have the power to enable/disable registration while admin should be able to add new students per categories/group while student get an automatic email with there login info or automatic sms with there login info when admin have added the student number or email

2) Admin should have the power to add new teacher’s from backend with teachers information and email whil automatic sms/email is sent to the teacher with there login info

3) an email/sms automatic update for result should be send to student per admin/teachers exam settings

4) an option for charging teacher’s for setting an exams and adding students with limitations control should be available with payment method that could work globaly like 2checkout (paypal and stripe don’t work in my region) or an offline payment method

5) an adroid or IOS app would be suggested as well

this script is really interesting to used in an institution but the registration which is enabled would make it public for other people to register. if that could be optional both student and teacher’s registrations.

Thanks, if i could see immediate effect of this scrip then keep waiting for me while i get many license of it cox i would be able to convinces alot of institutions around me to make used of this script.

Thanks hoping to hear soonest.

Thanks man! Great suggestions. :)


credentials is not work


Can you explain to me how the system works? Right now i’m using localhost

I have questions for this system 1. I’ve already invite student on the specific class, and it stored to the database. but i dont know where i can get the password?

2. I’m unable to register new teacher. when i tried to register, it show error “Tento email je už registrovaný, zadajte iný.”

3. There’s many Slovak language on this code. can you fix to default language to English?

4. Message function i still dont know how to use it. i cant change the reception.

5. On Setting function, i cant upload/change image of the user.

6. After i create the exam that contain optional question, short answer and essay question. then after the student do that test, teacher give mark on the essay question but on total I cannot change the score if i want change the correct score as the answer is right and the computer mark the question wrong. However, It cannot change and cannot save the score changed. *ps: you can refer to your own live demo, which is unrated result named Final Exam.

7. The question that I make on your live demo, for every question is not in line with the next question. Especially, on yes/no question. *ps: you can refer to your own live demo, which is named Final Exam.

8. Can you give a number for each question?

Thanks Alvin


1) Password is sended on students email.

2) This means, that this mail address is already registred. I will translete this message to English language.

3) Yes, in next update, all slovak language will be removed.

4) I will check it, could you send me a screenshot what’s wrong?

5) I will fix it.

6) I don’t understand, can you more explain this question? Send me a screenshot what wrong please.

7) Yes, there is problem, thanks, I will fix it in next update.

8. Yes :)


is the question random?

Yes, questions are in random order.

Hi dear author, I want to purchase this template, but i can’t see student’s panel, when i login by student account, teacher panel is opening. Additionally we think to use this template as corporate training in Turkish. my questions about it; - Is any possibility about removing or changing student words on panels? - is any possibility about changing language of student pages ? Thank you

I want to check drag and drop editor. What is the correct admin id and password?

Email: admin@admin.com Password: admin

Hi munka, Is the demo up-to-date? coz I saw that in the last comments you said that you had added more features, but I can’t see them in the demo… so could you please update the demo? thanks!

Hi, yes demo is up-to-date. I have some tasks on to-do list but I don’t plan in near future to make some big update. If i make some update, I will let you know.

Can not login to student panel, can you check?

Dear Sir, we are planning to give some practice tests of IELTS and TOEFL. We wonder if you are familiar with these types of exams and if your “code” enables us to provide these exams to our students (especially listening parts; the students should be able to listen for just once and in speaking parts students should be able to record their voices within the specificied time limit. Moreover, in writing parts we want to give detailed feedback based on the writing of students)? In addition to these, we have a quiary about payment; can you send the exam to the student/s automatically when they complete the payment?