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Dear Author is this App support to add image to questions?

No, for that there is image quiz

Can this app create quiz inside the app, import quiz, export quiz? I am looking for something similar like this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dotpubs.customQuiz&hl=en

Only that it allows export the quiz to a server, then my students can import the quiz from their phones.

Pl. send DM for customizations

How questions are added in this quiz?

You can add your question in xml file which in under project.

How can I remove “Enter Your Name Here” without messing up the code?

if you are using android studio than press “ctrl+shift+F” here search for “Enter Your Name

Here” you will get the line here you can change your this line.

Please I like this app and it seems this is what am looking for. The problem is that I don’t really have knowledge about coding and it seems that almost everything is done via cpanel. Please this is what I really want to know…

1.How many courses (subject) can one create with this app? I want app that can create atleast 20 courses (subject) 2. Is there an admin panel where one can be updating questions and answers regularly? 3. Is it possible to have a whole subject timed at once rather than per question?

Please these questions are important to me before payment. Thanks

All contents are in app. You can add upto 45 mb data it’s lots more for text file.

If you need cpanel based it’s requires custom modification.

Any android studio version ?

No sorry

Hello, Is there away to BUY TEST/EXAM and integrate in a payment gateway?

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you Ronnie

good app but exam finish turn home any not button. And demo apk android lopipop wiew:


Hello please how to add new category


Is there any chance to use photo inspite of text? Some of my questions include photo and answers too. So Is it possible? I bought your item, but It does not benefit my aim. It’s very useful but doesnot fit mine. It is like pratical way to use program for text questions. It’s very easy but my texts are dialoque or picture. If you answer me about this, I am greatfrul for you. Regards,

is there inapp purchase ? are the questions encrypted in the database ?

can insert image under question and answer ?

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Hi, before i’m buy, can i make my own test? Thank you