Exam Quiz Application

Exam Quiz Application

Exam Quiz Application is a website that provides assessment facilities to users, to what extent they can understand the theory.

An administrator can upload questions that will be tested to the user (excel format attached in the project)This application is simple but very useful because in the application there are questions in the form of multiple choices, so that the user can answer the questions and be able to find out the score at that time after completing the problem.

Technology uses :

  1. Core MVC 2.2
  2. Mysql Database

Features include:

For Users

  • Register user
  • Work on the question
  • Questions can previous and continue.
  • Processing time.
  • Display the scoreB.

For Admin

  • View all user scores
  • Upload questions (upload with excel file)
  • Set the custom time for take the question.
  • Table of questions

Demo application :

  • User login => (Must register)
  • Admin => login (username: admin password: admin)

This application will work in IIS and Apache host.