Exact Copy of the Order Confirmation Mail

Exact Copy of the Order Confirmation Mail

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InstaCopy Greatness

InstaCopy creates the exact copy of the confirmation mail your customer receives. It allows you to form the whole list of recipients: administrator, sales, bookkeeper, logistics etc. This way you get the full control of the customer experience that standard OpenCart admin confirmation just can not provide.


In real world after a customer has paid for the product, he receives nice looking shopping bag, which he carries through town, having a good feeling about his purchase.

In E-Commerce all the customer gets after he already paid his money — is confirmation mail.

That is why it is absolutely critical to leave your customer with the beautiful, compelling, nice formatted and good written confirmation mail.


  • Fully customizable
  • you control who receives the copy — is it just you, or your whole team – no limits
  • to add or delete the receiver is just one click
  • InstaCopy creates the custom subject line addition — so you can create email rules and route the customer confirmations to the special folder in your inbox
  • Proof of perfection
  • control the formatting issues
  • control the customer experience
  • control the up-sale products
  • Security
  • protect yourself from email forgery
  • have a backlog of all orders – as they were sent to customers
  • never allow yourself to be tricked by criminals
  • control the tax calculations, the shipping fees etc.
  • No core files changed (Vqmod)
  • Quality made in Germany


In order to use InstaCopy you will need to install vQmod plugin.

After the vQmod is installed there are only three simple steps to install InstaCopy:

  1. Copy all the files inside of the upload files to the directories inside your site
  2. Go to “Extensions > Modules > Order Mail Clone” and then click [Install].
  3. There is no Step 3 =)

Support is guaranteed

As soon as you become our customer, you will receive hight quality support. Sever setup, FTP or even Skype call.

Version History

28. June. 2016 Version 2.2.0 – Fixed the Bug with the HTML mails in OpenCart 2.2 18. Nov. 2014 Version 2.0 – Supports Opencart 2.0.0