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If it says” IT SEEMS YOU HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED ONCE” , how can I start working on the plugin or better still, how can I execute the installed ewallet gateway and edit every sections of it?

we are on vacation, we just back today. we will start providing support from tomorrow. pls wait …

Dear Sir/ma, Some days ago I sent you my cpanel details for installation of my ewallet online payment gateway on my website, you replied me instructing me to upload the ewallet gateway files into my cpanel, which I have done.

I have uploaded the files into my cpanel, your firm has not installed the ewallet online payment gateway on my website. When I bought the ewallet online payment gateway from your firm, I paid for support alongside the payment, yet your firm has refused to support me in installing the ewallet online payment gateway into my website.

I am having difficulty installing it, please install it for me, I have sent my cpanel details to your firm and I have uploaded the files into my cPanel .

Please install it for me, its more than 6weeks since I bought the ewallet online payment gateway from your firm.

Thanks, Envato Username: WaseTriumph

we already reply ur mail, there are no cpanel access so we not yet able to install it

Hi, i am interested in your software, can you please me tell me how can i contact you? i wanna ask you something that i can not ask here. Thank you.


redpages Purchased

i am interesting this app. but I want to make sure first, is this application running on nginx server?


redpages Purchased

but, if I click any menu, the direction is always to the front page. Why? my server is using nginx.

mail me: with ur base url


aryabh Purchased

hi when i try to install it say WE CAN NOT VALIDATE YOUR PURCHASE. Please Enter Valid Information. what to do??

normaly its happened when some1 try to install it more then 1 time. did u try to install it before


aryabh Purchased

ya!! i installed it!! bt later i deleted !! now again installing it!!

forthat its happened, pls mail us ur purchased code and cpanel access:

I have been trying to install it its telling me WE CANNOT VALIDATE YOUR PURCHASE. What should I do to resolve this problem

pls mail us ur cpanel access, we will install for free

Its has been installed but I can’t access my admin dashboard, its saying VALIDATING YOUR DATA for more than 30mins

mail me ur base url:

I have being trying to login to my admin but to no avail. Its says VALIDATING YOUR DATA. I have used different browsers still it i can’t login

My base URL is

Pls resolve this issue, for two months since I bought d ewallet system I have not been able do anything with it, I can’t login.

we are answering ur mail, just follow ticket answer

Can businesses add this as their checkout option ? Is there some code or how can this be done?

yes possible, API system available there

I can’t login into my admin dashboard, my base url is :

as i see support guys already reply ur mail. pls follow ticket reply mail

can a guy create add a “product” and add this product to his site .. accepting this as a method payment?

last questions ..

1- can me – the admin – manually increase or decrease any member’s balance? 2- can a member withdraw his money to a “Bank account”? this withdrawal option is available?

both answer is YES


geo-r Purchased

Hi, my admin dashboard, its saying VALIDATING YOUR DATA for more than 30mins

Since the beginning of this week I have been trying to login to my admin dashboard but it only shows – VALIDATING YOUR DATA. Till this minute I have not been able to access my admin dashboard.

its working fine from our end, we already sent proof about that on mail

Is this script 100% un-encrypted? Are there any encrypted files? I read comments on installation issues, is the script making calls to your server in order for it to work? What happens to the script if your server is non working or you go out of business (hopefully not)?

envato not support any encrypted script, so be sure that there is no encrypted files. also envato never support any backdoor system so there are no back connect system on this script


dvaryani2 Purchased

I tried installing the software but had some issues and when trying to reinstall it again it says you already installed once. How come when the database execution had an error how could the project have been installed. I m waiting for a reply since morning tried to reach support over phone but no response yet

regular license for one domain installation only, if u need multiple use then buy extended license

Hi! Congratulations for your work.

I am interested in buying it but by reading the comments it was not clear to me, please, answer the following questions for me:

¹ Does E-Wallet accept deposits and withdrawal to bank account?

² Is there a code (purchase button) so that users of a website can buy products and be directed to the E-Wallet?

Note: I could not see this in the demo version.

Thank you,


Thanks for the feedback. I am referring to receiving and withdrawing through bank deposits or transfer by hand.



hand = manualy

would you plan to add escrow feature?

not yet