Evolve Commerce - WooCommerce Filters & Toolkit

Evolve Commerce - WooCommerce Filters & Toolkit

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Evolve Commerce – The WooCommerce Toolkit – Version 1.1.0 Now Live!


  • Ajax Filters, Paging & Sorting
  • Custom Filters – set by shop default or by product category. Drag and drop ordering of layout, colour, size, price, category, ratings, tags
  • Conditional Settings – Change product priorities and assign a series of settings that work when a certain set of conditions are true (for example time, day, date).
  • Recommendations – build powerful recommendation widget areas
  • Sorting – sort categories of products by alphabet, date added, stock level, purchases, ratings, views, adds to basket, purchases and then sort them again for even better control
  • Mappings – group search terms, filter items and product information
  • Search Settings – customise how your search page looks, define stop words, edit synonyms and more
  • Custom Layouts – control how products appear

The complete freedom and flexibility for your shop. Evolve Commerce gives you the tools to get the results with out of the box functionality.

Instead of just giving you the solution, EvolveCommerce gives you the tools and complete control over how these results are delivered to your customers.


Develop a story and cycle of consumer patterns and Evolve Commerce will help guide customers to action.

Flash Sales
Show Flash Sale items in product categories on certain days and at certain times and show particular products on particular days and times.

Payday Promotions
Show sale items or recently viewed items top of categories on last day of the month / payday.

Time of Day Sales
Show certain products at weekday lunchtimes.

Endless Possibilities
We believe that a customer’s first interaction with your shop is one of the most important opportunities for you and for them.

The industry has proven that the ability to customise how your products are shown, when they are shown and targeting why customers view your products helps to create a story, trigger emotions and lead your customers to action.

That’s why we created Evolve Commerce – The WooCommerce Toolkit