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I have a custom post for cars, they have categories of makes.

I need to put the slug name into part of a link. I’ve tried editing the everslide.php file with similar answer from someone else, but it’s not resolving.

TEMPLATE slug_make -finance/> meta_make </a>

PHP // slugs for given taxonomy placeholder foreach(get_object_taxonomies($post_make->post_type) as $tax) { $terms = get_the_terms($post_make->ID, $tax); if ($terms && !is_wp_error($terms)) { $slugs = array(); foreach($terms as $term) { $slugs[] = ’<a href=” .=”” get_term_link=”” class=”’ .$term->slug. ’” title=”’ .$term->slug. ’”>’ . $term->name . ‘’; }

$tmpl = str_replace(" slug_$tax ", implode(' ', $slugs) , $tmpl);
   else {
      $tmpl = str_replace(" slug_$tax ", '', $tmpl);

Can you point me in the right direction.


So every photo should have a link with a slug? The best way to do this is to add you own placeholder into everslider.php and then use it in “Custom template” (or if you decide to customize any predefined templates in templates.php file).

So open everslider.php and look for everslider_slide_template_placeholders()

and then add this code

$custom_groups = wp_get_post_terms($post_raw->ID, 'custom_group_taxonomy');
$tmpl = str_replace('%custom_group%', $custom_groups[0]->slug, $tmpl);

In code above you have to replace ‘custom_group_taxonomy’ with your custom group and use %custom_group% placeholder in template to retrieve first assigned group to your post. Then you can put it in URL like this

 <a href="%permalink%?makers=%custom_group%">%title%</a>

Perfect thanks

Hello! Everslider is a great plugin. However, for some time I cant edit the Template Settings. They are simply not clickable anymore. Is this a known issue? Thanks for an answer (even though support expired).

Thank you for coming back. I really can’t figure it out: Removed all other plugins, tried standard themes, re-installed wp core. Still: Template screen is not clickable – the non-custom templates do work though. But I need the custom template feature to work. Thanks for any help.

Hello, I did not solve the mystery but I set up a fresh installation and everslider works as expected. Thank you for offering your help. I really appreciate it.

Great! If you will have any questions please feel free to contact me again

Presales question, can this slider simply use images instead of posts. Im looking to upload pictures of houses that link to pages on the site. Does this plugin strictly use main images from posts or can I add my own images and link to pages?

Hi! My plugin takes Featured Images of posts (including custom posts) and uses them for slides. It’s not possible to simply assign images to carousel slider.

Does this plugin limit you to one slider, or are you able to create many sliders within one site? Asking, because some slider plugins only allow you to create one slider. Thanks for any help.

Thanks for question! You can create as many carousel sliders as you want. They can be styled differently and use different sets of posts for photos.

Thank you for the info

Is there a “random” option in the order by setting? Thank you.

Yes, there is Random option.

Hello, I’ve just updated to the latest version of Wordpress and now if everslider is activated I get the following error Fatal error: Call to a member function get_queried_object() on a non-object in /var/sites/f/fastcarfinance.inspirationincbeta.co.uk/public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 45

This appears to have something to do with the latest version of Advanced Custom Fields too

Hello! There is a lot of different code that can call to get_queried_object(). Basically this error will occur when global $wp_query object is not set.

Did you try to switch a theme also?

Hello it’s definitely ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ latest version causing this, I’ve rolled that back and it’s fine. I will check my theme also.

I just purchased EverSlider. It works great in Safari and Firefox, but I’m having a strange issue in Chrome. When it first loads the plugin seems to ignore my slide dimensions, and loads all my slides very small. When I left click on a slide to Inspect (in hopes of looking at what’s going on with the CSS), it suddenly resizes and displays correctly.

Can you take a look?

My site is here:


Please click the Video Stills link at the top, or scroll most of the way down the page to see my use of Ever Slider.


It appears to have resolved itself, although I didn’t change anything. It was acting very strange.

It might be caused by browser cache

Thanks for this slider, i love it. on other sites it seems to display 3 images in full width, but mine only displays 2, not full width. my phone only displays 1. can you help me to figure out how to get it to 3 images full width? thanks!!

Hi! Media query to make arrows visible on screens smaller 600px can look like so

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px){
 #video_slider .es-navigation a {
        display: block!important;

video_slider is your slider ID

that worked perfectly. could you please give me a code sample of the second question? your answer: “To stop video that is currently playing you can either use API of player or reset src= for <video> or iframe” – i’m interested in the reset src= code. thanks!!!!

For <video\> element you can stop playback by calling


and for <iframe\> video this can be done like so

  var video  = $(this);
  if(video.attr('src')) {
    var temp = video.attr('src');
    video.attr('src', temp);

This code you should add into beforeSlide() or afterSlide() callbacks which you can add via “everslider_settings” WP filter ( see section “9. For theme developers” in plugin docs)

I’m setting my slider with content, and it’s previewing just fine, but when the shortcode is on a page, it’s not loading—just giving me the spinning ‘loading’ graphic.

Same problem on both Firefox and Chrome, on a Mac.


Thank you for your reply!

This is a site I inherited and unfortunately I’m not a developer! Is there any way you could please guide me on fixing this?


I checked your site and noticed that JQuery is loaded at the very end of footer via this script tag

<script type=”text/javascript” defer src=”http://konnessi.com/fifth/wp-content/cache/autoptimize/js/autoptimize_d6a56e86ce303a041ab6a37d690cb983.js”></script>

But, in fact it should be loaded in head section, to make other scripts work properly which depend on it.

I recommend to disable “autoptimize” plugin and check everslider. If it still won’t work, please contact me again.

That works—thanks so much!


I am interested in your WordPress Slideshow Plug-in. I am working on a Wordpress Multisite and due to this, I need a Plug-in which supports the following functionality: If a Slider is created on Blog A, it should be available with the same ID in Blog B. Due to this, I think it is necessary, that the Slideshow is working with the same table on both Blogs. On my Multisite we are only working on Blog A and broadcast the posts to Blog B. So the code snippet has to be the same for both blogs. Is it possible with your Plug-in?

Best regards and thank you Andreas

Hello! My plugin is written so it uses get_option() / update_option() functions. And in WPMU this means that slider settings for blog A will be different as for blog B

Very nice plugin. Thinking in long term… Why haven’t updated it since 15 November 13 ?

Hi! There is no bugs in this plugin that I’m aware of so I don’t release updates. Also currently work full time on other projects, thus do’t have much time to work on adding new features.

Is there an option for the carousel to autoplay on page load?


In Everslider settings in Autoplay you can find next options

On/Off Enable autoplay On/Off Start autoplay automatically On/Off Pause autoplay on mouse hover

Hello! Pre sales question: is this plugin compatible with visual composer? Thanks!

Hi! No, it isn’t. You will have to insert slider with [everslider id=”slider”] shortcode

Presale question: Is this plugin compatible with WPML? Here is my use case, I want to display thumbnails and the titles of my Posts on the homepage of my site. By default, the site will load in English, but users have the option to change the site language to Spanish via a dropdown menu in the header of the site.

Traditionally, a Post will have a standard URL such as “www.site.com/post/example1”. When a user selects Spanish, the post URL changes to “www.site.com/post/example1?lang=es”.

Would this plugin be able to display the translated Posts via the same shortcode on the homepage?

Hi! I think this won’t work. Everslider support localization via .po/.mo files. So you can translate some words using Poedit, but it mostly admin part.

Is it possible to construct an autoplay conveyor belt like in http://www.madebyaugust.com/ with your plugin? Thanks in advance for any reply. Nedim

Hi! Unfortunately it won’t be possible.

Hi, I’ve noticed an issue with the slider. It is showing posts that are in draft mode, it is really important that it doesn’t do this, is there something I can add to stop this happening?

Hi! My plugin displays all posts with status “publish” , but if you are logged in it may also show private posts + future and drafts.

To prevent this you can explicitly set post status to “publish” only in wp-content/plugins/everslider/everslider.php file.

Line 201 with WP_Query, add param post_status like so

// run WP_Query
    $query = new WP_Query(array(
        'post_type' => $slider_options['source'],
                'post_status' => 'publish',
        'tax_query' => $tax_query,
        'orderby' => $slider_options['orderby'],
        'order' => $slider_options['order'],
        'posts_per_page' => isset($slider_options['limit']) ? $slider_options['limit'] : '-1' 

Hi! Like others here, i can not change the Template. The options are gray. How can we fix this?

Hi! Could you provide me with access to your WP site? You can send login details using mail form on my profile page. Thanks!

E-mail sent! :)

See my reply.


Munuland Purchased

hi. this is a good slider. but can i set it to slide specific posts using lets say, posts IDs. I want to use it for a business directory but iam finding it hard to set it to show all my listings in one carousel. when i click the listing souce, not other group options or category show up hence fails to work. Please help

Hi! There is no field to set IDs for posts to display in carousel. But you can use tags or create a category for your posts and then set it in carousel settings. This way you can only display specific posts.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


ruthvant Purchased

ACF images and custom posts. The old version of ACF worked if you added something like this to functions.php or everslider.php to convert the id of an image to the link. This code will only work with normal posts on the latest version, not custom posts, which I need.

function icon_placeholder($tmpl, $post_object) { $icon = get_field(‘icon_test’, $post->ID); $iconimage = wp_get_attachment_url( $icon ); $tmpl = str_replace(‘ icon_placeholder ’, $iconimage, $tmpl); return $tmpl; }

add_filter(‘everslider_slide’, ‘icon_placeholder’, 10, 2);

ACF have said, the following, but it doesn’t mean much to me, can you help?

The issue might be because you are passing a $post_object as the third parameter to the get_field(). The API expects the third parameter to be either true or false and controls the formatting.


ruthvant Purchased

I used this code over a year ago, I think you sent it or a variation of it to me then I tweaked it when it stopped working on the latest version of ACF.

All I really need is to pull the images (not featured image) from ACF into a bespoke template in everslider, but all I get is the ID number. So the code I am using resolves the ID and returns the image src instead. Unfortunately it only works on normal posts not custom posts and I have about 6 custom post types.

I am looking to use this on a new site, so if it works I will purchase a new licence.


Could you show me custom HTML template that you use for carousel slides?


ruthvant Purchased


< % meta_test_meta_field % >

< img src=” % icon_placeholder % ” alt=”test” >