EVEREST - PHP Classified Ads Script

EVEREST - PHP Classified Ads Script


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  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • 100% Responsive
  • Accept Payments via PayPal
  • Accept Payments via Credit Card
  • Accept Payments from any Country
  • Powerful Tracking System
  • Stores System
  • SMS Verification to Phone Number
  • Email Verification
  • SEO Ready
  • Multiple Administrator
  • Login via E-mail address
  • Login via Social Media
  • Scan QR Code
  • Twitter & Facebook Autoshare
  • Ads Upgrade System
  • Account Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Prevent Spam Emails
  • Trusted Seller Badge
  • RTL Support
  • Newsletter System
  • Search Filter
  • International, National or for some Countries
  • Featured Ads
  • Invisible Recaptcha
  • Offers System
  • Accept/Refuse Offer
  • AJAX Based
  • Messages System
  • Likes System
  • Send Ad to Friend
  • Move Ad to Trash
  • Footer Widgets
  • Easy to Install
  • Pricing Page
  • Top Ads Silder
  • Automatic language switch
  • Store Feedback
  • Sitemap
  • Add Countries, States or Cities
  • Adsense Support
  • Email Notification for New Login
  • Send Warnings to users
  • IP Blocker
  • Maintenance Mode
  • SMTP Support
  • Manage Your Ads
  • AJAX Comments
  • Password Reminder
  • Login History
  • Manage Payments
  • Watermark Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates and access to our support section
  • Clean Programming: Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Users Conversations
  • Random Ad
  • Parent/Sub Categories
  • Ads/Comments Report
  • Pages System
  • Contact form
  • And many more for the futures updates


  • PHP 7.0.0 or greater
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Cron Job Support (important)


version 1.3.3 – 12/29/2017

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------
[fixed]  Bug when user want to reset password
[fixed]  Bug when guest create new account and does not receive activation email
[fixed]  Bug when login via Twitter
[fixed]  Bug when login via phone number
[fixed]  Issue with front page featured ads slider
[fixed]  Bug in offers page
[fixed]  No image when share on social media
[fixed]  Bug in inbox page

// # List of new features
// ------------------------------
[new]  New uploader

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------
[improved]  Now you can delete parent categories
[improved]  Now you can select parent category to post ads
[improved]  Now you can add the same slug for sub categories
[improved]  RTL theme improved
version 1.3.2 – 12/23/2017

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------
[fixed]  Bug when block new ip address
[fixed]  Maintenance mode not working
[fixed]  Bug in stats page 
[fixed]  Nexmo phone number validation issue
[fixed]  Register page issue
[fixed]  City not exists issue
[fixed]  No image when share on social media

// # List of new features
// ------------------------------
[new]  Azerbaijani language - Big thanks to @roootone
[new]  Ad show page for mobile
[new]  Maintenance mode page

// # List of updates
// ------------------------------
[updated]  Laravel framework 5.5.23 to 5.5.27
[updated]  Packages updates
version 1.3.1 – 12/19/2017

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------
[fixed]  Bug when guest create new account
[fixed]  Bug when change language
[fixed]  Related ads does not change 
[fixed]  Related ads price issue
[fixed]  issue when create new ad
[fixed]  issue when edit ad from dashboard
[fixed]  featured ads slider 
[fixed]  RTL theme issues
version 1.3.0 – 12/16/2017

// # List of new features
// ------------------------------

[new]  Amazon S3 - Now you can upload your ads images to Amazon servers
[new]  RazorPay Gateway - Payment method for Indian customers
[new]  Barion Gateway - Payment method for Hungarian customers
[new]  CashU Gateway - Payment method supports (US, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Europe Countries, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey)
[new]  Out of stock badge - Now users can check if product in or not in stock
[new]  HTML5 editor - A better way to create a good description for ads
[new]  IdentifyMe - Users now can login using their phone number in one click
[new]  Instagram Login - Login using Instagram Account
[new]  Pinterest Login - Login using Pinterest Account
[new]  Linkedin Login - Login using Linkedin Account
[new]  VK Login - Login using VK Account
[new]  Search Alerts - If user/guest didn't find what he is looking for he can create an alert, so if any future ads match the alert he will get a notification
[new]  JS Fields Verifying - Now system will verify fields using JavaScript before server side
[new]  Rating System - Users now can leave their reviews about products
[new]  Features Ads - Now features ads appear on top of the site
[new]  Comment Emoticons - Now users can insert emoticons easy on their comments
[new]  Video as wallpaper in homepage - You can now set a video as wallpaper in front page
[new]  Multiple Themes - Now multiple themes feature is available, so more themes will be available soon
[new]  Enable/Disable States or Cities - Now you can enable or disable states or cities
[new]  Search in countries, states and cities  - Now you can find any country, state or city easy from dashboard

// # List of uncomplete features
// ------------------------------
[uncompleted]  Cloudinay Cloud
[uncompleted]  Google Two Factor Authentication
[uncompleted]  New way to prevent spammers
[uncompleted]  SMS gateway for Russian customers
[uncompleted]  Pay via Bitcoin
[uncompleted]  Follow stores feature

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------
[improved]  A lot of changes on default theme 
[improved]  Detect user country while register
[improved]  Ads images quality while uploading
[improved]  Using user geo data while posting ad, no need to rewrite them again
[improved]  posting comments
[improved]  Ajax requests
[improved]  checking for spam emails 
[improved]  Many more improvements...

// # List of fixed bugs
// ------------------------------
[fixed]  Invalid phone number while updating account, register or via dashoard
[fixed]  Bug in "ads/show.php" language file
[fixed]  Bug in "Helper.php" file
[fixed]  Show inactive ads when seaching bug
[fixed]  Country, State or city not found cause "Trying to get property of non-object" error
[fixed]  Many more bugs...

// # List of updates
// ------------------------------
[updated]  Laravel framework - Latest version 5.5.25
[updated]  All packages are updated to latest version
[updated]  Price format
[updated]  Contact seller button for guests
[updated]  Price format
[updated]  Many more updates...
version 1.2.1 – 09/25/2017

// # List of updates
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Laravel Framework - new laravel version 5.5.12
[updated]  Laravel Packages - new packages updates
[updated]  Styles and JavaScript files

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------
[fixed]  Image resizing fixed
[fixed]  Other bugs fixed
version 1.2 – 09/23/2017
// # List of new components
// ------------------------------

[new]  Regular Price && Sale Price
[new]  Affiliate Links - Now you can add amazon, ebay, gearbest... product affiliate link as ad
[new]  New Design
[new]  Browse By Countries
[new]  Blog System / Articles

// # List of updates
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Laravel Framework - new laravel version 5.5.11
[updated]  Laravel Packages - new packages updates
[updated]  Styles and JavaScript files

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------
[fixed]  Lot of bugs fixed
version 1.1 – 07/27/2017
// # List of new components
// ------------------------------

[new]  SEO Links - Using a seo link like: instead of
[new]  Stripe Payment Gateway - supports: Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Singapore and Japan
[new]  PaySafeCard Payment Gateway - paysafecard is available in 44 countries worldwide
[new]  Paystack Payment Gateway - supports: Benin, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco and South Africa
[new]  Mollie Payment Gateway - supports: credit cards, SOFORT Banking, iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister Cash, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal and Paysafecard
[new]  Enable/Disable Payment Gateways - You can now enable payment gateways you want and disable what you don't
[new]  AdBlock Detect - now the system can detect if visitor using adblock plugin or not
[new]  Live chat - stores owners can config live chat plugin usign api
[new]  Store Cover - Users can set a cover for their stores
[new]  Multiple Currencies - set multiple currencies for multiple countries
[new]  Pay Per Day - now users can upgrade ads or account by days instead of fixed period times (month, year...)
[new]  Youtube Video for Listing - You can now add youtube video for your listings

// # List of updates
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Laravel Framework - new laravel version 5.4.30
[updated]  Laravel Packages - new packages update (26 packages)
[updated]  404 error page, now it's looks nice
[updated]  Styles and JavaScript files

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------
[fixed]  no search results without using filter 
[fixed]  tracking system failed to get ip
[fixed]  paypal checkout error
>> and other bugs

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------
[improved]  a lot of changes on theme 
[improved]  tracking system