EventsLocator v4

EventsLocator v4

Display Facebook or custom events and pages on a map. With the new update the app is now following material design guidelines. You can use it to display your own events or automatically fetch them from Facebook. PHP backend also included.


Demo on Google Play:


Version 4.0.1 (24.10.2015):
– Bug fixes.

Version 4.0 (23.10.2015):
– Admin panel for database management,
– security fixes,
– Facebook SDK version update,
– redesigned android app,
– removed notifications feature,
– updated dependencies,
– showing events on the map instead of Facebook pages,
– removed “add to calendar” and “navigation” buttons,
– removed PageActivity.

Version 3.0 (11.03.2015):
- Following material design guidelines,
- AdMob ads,
- notifications,
- calendar, facebook and google maps action intents,
- added page activity which shows cover picture, page picture and page category,
- voice search.

Version 2.2 (09.12.2014):
- Added Android Lollipop support,
- new Lollipop theme,
- added timezone support,
- some bug fixes.

Version 2.1 (24.11.2014):
- Facebook SDK updated to the newest version (PHP, version 4.0.0),
- updated documentation.

Version 2.0 (23.06.2014):
- New marker and app icon with PSB file included,
- added in-app search option,
- button ‘zoom-in on my location’ now appears only if user’s location is available,
- add.php now enables you to add Facebook Pages to database more easily,
- some bug fixes.