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the app works great with one exception- the times after import are 4 hours later than they should be (eg. supposed to start at 10pm thurs- even imports for 2am fri) is this a known bug/ easy fix? the app works great for em otherwise.

Hi, Cezary!

I just bought your module, after I tested your demo version.

Unfortunately, on my website, the module cannot login to facebook app, the authentication popup doesn’t appear at all, and the page remain blank.

The app is corect cofigured, all the other plugins are dezactivated, there are no conflicts, and the browser don’t block popups. (anyway I tested in 3 diferent browser), but the popup doesn’t appear.

Can you give me a clue, where should I search the problem?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you

See the documentation. You need to create an app here https://developers.facebook.com/ and use this credentials inside the plugin. My app has no authority to operate on your domain.

Thanks Cezarys

The problem is not the basic settings (facebook apps and website module). I think it’s a conflict somewhere. Even with all the modules deactivated.

I tried on a subdomain (basic WP website) and it works just fine, but on ther main domain, nothing. The autentification popup refuse to appear. I even try a WP fresh install and it works, but after I move the tabel with events and posts, the problem appears again, especialy aftrer importing the table wp_postmeta. Unfortunately this tabel is too large to search manualy for something suspicious (I don’t even know what should I look for)

Right now I’m out of options … so, a helping hand could be useful

Thank you in advance, Cezarys.

Hi Cezarys

Still no answer after one week, and your module refuse to work. I suppose it will work only on new websites, or small websites. On old and large website (+4.000 events) may experience conflicts or incompatibility (even with all modules deactivated). So it’s useless for me. Unless you can give me a solution to make it work. I’ll wait few more days for an answer, otherwise I’ll ask for refund. Sorry.

Will this automatically grab and post new events from FB? Or would I have to log into wordpress and click import FB events everytime?

Is this plugin still supported? and functional? Thanks

Interested in purchasing this plugin however I have a couple issues.. The demo has and error when you attempt to test it out and the video link doesn’t show the actual functionality of this plugin. My question is.. Can I import events from multiple pages or just ones that I own on Facebook?

I don’t understand what I must insert in the field “Text of the link to Facebook (for shortcode #_FACEBOOKURL )”... somebody can help me? Thank you very much!

How do you get events from a Facebook Page? I created a facebook app, but when I try to import it only gets my personal events, rather than the Page events.