Discussion on Events | iOS Universal Events App Template (Swift)

Discussion on Events | iOS Universal Events App Template (Swift)

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Changelog says you recently updated look of app. Do you have new screenshots or demo to see the new look?

The look is about the same, only small design changes were made. You can customize it after , we make them simple , for juniors. ;)

will you be updating to swiftUI anytime soon?

Yes, please check now

didn’t see no difference!

if you need more help with the app or the app customization, please open a ticket or email me via my profile page .

Hi, I bought “Events | iOS Universal Events App Template (Swift)” on 31 May and I opened it in Xcode 13 but it was not playing because of several Error messages. Could you please help. Could you please confirm if your product is updated for Xcode 13 on Mac? I tried emailing you from your main site but no response.

OK, we will update the app these days. ;)

I read your FAQ section concerning the Apple Sign-In feature but I’m still not sure I understand what it’s actually used for/with inside the Events App. Can you please explain the purpose of implementing Apple Sign-In? Do users now have to sign in to submit an event? What does signing in allow the user to do?

Good luck with your sales

iOS 14 update soon? Looking to buy iOS, android and web versions but just want to make sure they’re still getting frequent updates!

Yes, we can help you with this products ( ios, android and web ) , buy the apps then submit a ticket for us here :

So that means it’s iOS 14 compatible?

Hello How to approve event can you explain ?

Once an event is submitted, user will get the notification that “your event is created successfully and it would be publish after review by admin” so now on back end we have the column “IsPending” with True/False options which is by default true, means you can see the event on app. if it would be false then the event will not be appear on front end. Let me know if you have any other question.

hi i intersted with this app. but i have a question. are there pay function at this app. for example i want get pay for events at this app events price

This is not implemented, but it can be done for you for an extra charge. We can customize it for you ;) hit me a private message via my profile page.

Hi there, I am not sure how to approve an event after it has been submitted? I get the mail but no option to approve or deny? Thanks so much.


I need to ask if you code this template, how does it cost & time?

Yes, but I strongly suggest you to edit this template before publishing it ( colors, images, logo etc )

okay, now, what does it cost to code this template to be full application ?

From 70$

Hope you will love it ;) don’t forget to rate my app too

Hi there. Looks like a good App. I downloaded it from Codecanyon to my IPad, a zip file, seems it’s already unzipped because I can see the files but don’t see see a way to bring up the app to my screen. Can you help me out or is it not available for IPads . Thanks

When you will buy the app, you will see there the documentation for it. You could buy an online course for iOS development from and learn faster ;)

Thanks for your answer, but did you know cubycode was CodeCanyons months offer ? free, so If its free it should have come com documentation, unless its me that cant find it

Documentation must be there then .

When I add an address, the map in the event details isn’t pulling to that specific address. It seems to try and get an address from the title of the event rather than the actual address field?

found the fix. The use of the bounding box as center point for map pin is wrong, need to use a map item to make sure the pin shows the exact location of the address entered for the event.

Great you fix it – rate my app here :

I would suggest you update the app as well so that event locations are accurate, not sure if you have an official bug report channel to send you the details if needed?

I’ll leave a review once I get the other components up and running (Android and PHP versions). I’ve got a couple more tweaks I need to see happen before I dive fully in and purchase all the versions.

I am assuming that all versions can use the same instance of the parse backend.

The GoogleAds code is throwing errors in the console, it isn’t causing any errors in the app though. I would want to remove the ads anyway, so the fact that ads are not showing up is working out.

However – the video you link to instructions on removing the Ad code is no longer accessible, and I don’t actually see any placeholders on the Main.storyboard where the ads should even be?

Very much appreciated Cheers! :)

Thank you , if you have question let me know ;)

how i can add arabic language with RTL

This must be done manually for each screen.

if we need customization ?

open a ticket or contact via my profile page, we can do customization tasks for you.

Presales Question: 1) Do you provide similar Android App or is this compatible to any android app here in codecanyon. 2) Does this have a corresponding web version too ? Can you share the url to test it. 3) Do you update this app even if the critical mass of buyers is not reached?

Can change the backend to Arabic also different not pars backend

Yes, you can use any parse server you want.

I can translate to Arabic and support RTL ?

You have to translate all the app content, all text is written in english. RTL i can do for you for a small fee.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this. Does it have the option to send push notifications?

Yes, read carefully the product description.

Hello, any chance of recurring events in the near future?

Yes , this can be done, it will take me about 8 hours to do it for you. Hit me in private if you are interested.


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