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I have commented out all the admob code for now, but the home screen still has a blank space at the bottom of the screen reserved for the ad. How to I have the home screen view use the whole space? Thanks!

you simply have to adjust views in the Storyboard to cover the blank area, drag the bottom edge of the collectionview down to the bottom of the controller


you’re welcome, and don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Trying to figure out why when I open the app the Home button says home. But when I press the “Refresh” button it changes to “Past Events” even though none of the events have happened yet. How does that work?

the title in the navigation bar changes into Recent Events, not Past, or Events found if you perform a search. you can search for

self.title =
in Home.swift to edit the navigation bar’s title

I am trying to make the event image square throughout the app. When I resize the Submit Event page image to a large square, it resizes automatically to a rectangle and the date picker is in the middle of the view at run time, even-though, I am resizing the scroll frame and view and moving everything down accordingly…

well, you have to check the margins by selecting your imageView and clicking on the ruler icon on the right side panel in Xcode, remove the red lines that strech the imageView and test if it works for you

can i add wecashup.com to my app as customization

all right, you can customize the app as you wish, i’m not available for freelance work at the present, so if you need help for that you may search for freelancers on Envato Studio.

then i am sorry i will need to buy some where else. but i love your product

all right.

The keyboard does not seem to dismiss in the Contact form view. When I tap outside of a text box it stays.

Yep, I’ll check it out later.

I figured it out, the Referencing Outlet was not set on the Tap Recognizer.

right, i’ll connect it and update the code here :)

For some reason the app only shows 20 events. Is there a way to make it scroll or show more? I have over 40 events.

Figured it out sorry

yep, with the query.limit() function ;)

Is there an option to have an “export to iCal” button to add the event to the iPhone’s calendar?

Nevermind, I found it

yep ;)

hi am interested in this app , i would like to knw if possible to use change the language of the app interface to Arabic and if possible how hard it could be . thanks

you can do that by translating texts of buttons and labels in the Storyboard, and some alert string in the swift files, plus you would have to move some Views on the right side

yes my only concerns is moving Views to the right side , is it require a code or just pick and drop by mouse

mouse and margins in the Size Inspector panel on the right side. If you’re not familiar with Xcode, check this article, it’ll help you a lot: https://hubpages.com/technology/iOS-About-Xcode-and-its-interface


I was wondering how difficult it would be to implement a payment feature (swipe or paypal for example) through which users can buy tickets for the events. Any ideas?


Hi, it’s pretty complex if you’re not an experienced developer, you need to implement PayPal SDK and update the code to update tickets amount, send purchases notifications by email, etc.