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is admob integrated?

yes, banners, as the app description says ;)

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Hey bro how are you?, downloaded your events project update, one issue when i try to add event to calendar alertview opnes to much times not nice…any help to output only one alertview? peace!

it’s the “let messageStr” instance in sendMessageButt()

cool! thanks bro and peace!

you’re welcome, and don’t forget to rate Events on your Downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)

Hi, i just bought the App this week…very cool App…Great jobs guys…however i have 2 problems. 1. When i try to search for an event, the App does not display anything everytime i search, 2. when i submit an event, the App does not display any thumbnails of the images i want to select from the photo library, so it becomes difficult to select the image i want to upload….please help me, thanks.

the text search on the first textField can search for 1 word only, and such word must be included in the title, as this line of code does:
    if searchTxt.text != ""   { query.whereKey(EVENTS_KEYWORDS, contains: "\(keywordsArray[0])".lowercased()) }
We’ll update the app to use an array of lowercase keywords asap though, so you may perform a search with multiple words and the app will search for those words from the title and event’s description.

thank you so much…i have one last problem, when i upload an image on the submit page, i cannot see the images or thumbnails of the images i want to upload…so it becomes difficult to select the image i want to upload…can you help?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean, can you please send us a screenshot of your issue?

Hi, i notice you use parse, is this obsolete now?

no, because we’ve hosted Parse SDK on https://back4app.com, it’s a free BaaS service that will keep Parse SDK alive, check it out ;)

Hi, I’ve just downloaded the full package, opened in the latest xCode and noticed the detail page does not center (see screenshot)

I have not altered the code in any way.


please advice

one more thing: have you downloaded the file again from your Downloads page and opened it? do not use the one you already opened with Xcode 8, otherwise it’ll keep the wrong layout in memory


you’re welcome ;)

Any chance that a future update will allow more then 20 events?

No need for an update, you can show more than 20 events by just simply changing the ‘20’ value in this line of code in Configs.swift, as its comment says:
let limitForRecentEventsQuery = 20
put it as 100, 1000, whatever, and enjoy the app ;)

alsalo Purchased

Is the app able to specify the city where the event is in?

Does it show the events in my city ?

Yes, if you store the complete address of the event in your Parse Dashboard, you’ll see a pin on the map in its details screen. But this app doesn’t get your current location so you see all the events available on the Home screen, you can still use the search bar to search for events in your city, just type your city name and hit search ;)

Presales question? can we add categories and how difficult would it be to show events by current location. My app would be for all of us and i might have hundreds of events.

Hi, adding categories in this app may be difficult if you’re not an experienced developer, there are several things to implement in the code and the Parse Database, as well as add localization service to ferch events nearby your current location.

Hi, is there a possibility to connect the app with the eventica theme? fe: https://themeforest.net/item/eventica-event-calendar-ecommerce-for-wordpress So that Website and App are sync??

Thank you!!

Hi, unfortunately no, because it’s based on WordPress. You may search for an HTML version of such website and integrate the Parse PHP SDK to it (of course you need to be experienced with Parse php SDK) so apps and website will be able to share the same database.

This looks awesome. My only concern is that PARSE has shut down? Does that render this app as non functional?

This app works perfectly becase parse.com hosting shutdiwn, not the Parse Server and its SDK, it’s hosted on back4app.com, check the app description and that website ;)

Hello, is there a way to limit the amount of seats/tickets for the event?

Hi, not in the app, because it doesn’t have a registration mechanism, it simply points to an event’s website where users can subscribe and do stuff.