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swift or obj-c???

Hi, it’s Objective C version

Hello, when will have push notifications of new events available? Thanks

Hi, we plan to release this feature in June.

it looks so nice but why don’t you add event images feature like thumbnails? it looks so poor now.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We plan to release the event image feature in the next release.

nice app, but in EVENT DETAILS you put DAYS instead of DATE

can users load their events?

Thanks Josh. Users can’t load their events via app. You can enable some users to load their events via Admin panel https://goo.gl/a6IkL1

Is backend in php?? can host on own server?

Yes, php admin panel and mysql database. You can host it on your server.

When is the new version coming out?

Hi, we’re a bit late, so we need a few weeks to develop the update.

You can add places like bowling allies and other activities, but the template is optimized for geolocated events (every item has a start date and a end date)...

Would this be hard to change so that I can add all year activities?

You can remove “start date” and “end date” from admin panel and and form app UI. So, you can use an event like a POI.

When will push notifications feature add this app

Hi alkansalih. We hope to add push notification feature in the next months. At this moment we have a lot of work ahead of us and we can’t enable this feature now.

Thanks. I can’t activate my admin panel. Please help me

You have to upload the AdminPanel fonder content to your PHP+MySQL server. In the Documentation folder there is a step by step guide: please go to the Data section (“Admin panel” subsection). If you need a support, we can help you at http://support.bandst.com

Distance scroll is only working on Event Map screen, not in Event List screen? Distance of all things is 0MT. So When scroll distance option, it isn’t working. Can you help?

Hi Chris, do you use SQLite data or JSON data? If you use sqlite data, can you send us (support@bandst.com) your sqlite database? Otherwise, if you use JSON data can you provide us your URL endpoint? Thanks in advance

Good day, Distance scroll not working correctly. I have used default values, but it shows 521 km distance if I am selecting 3km distance. And if i change values on MAP, than all points dissapear at all

So when it will be fixed ?

hi, if you send us a private email (https://codecanyon.net/user/bandst), we can send the fixed DBQueries.m file. We have now submitted a update to codecanyon

Updated version still not working correctly i have snet you screenshots

Another thing in sqlite databse you have two columns brief description and description. But in details view it is showing in both places description column…

Thanks, we correct immediately

Congratulations! Good luck

Pre-Sales Question
Android and iOS are using the same backend/admin?
Best Regards!

Hi Aralom, yes, is the same. A server with php/mysql support is required. Best regards.

App has problem with search, that it is case sensitive. Another thing is that when you search in list, it does not update search on map.

Hi, we’re working to resolve these issues. We’ll send an update as soon as possible.

Where we can find installation guide for admin panel ?

Hi, in the documentation (“Data” section). The admin panel is codeigniter based, so you can get more information at https://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/installation/index.html

Hi! Im receiving this message:

“Your view folder path does not appear to be set correctly. Please open the following file and correct this: index.phpYour view folder path does not appear to be set correctly. Please open the following file and correct this: index.php”

Can help me? Thank You

Hi, please check if the required application and system folders exist. Moreover, some server changes the folder permissions, can you check this?

Now its working, thanks for support. Btw, nice app!!

Hey there, Does it support Push Notification? for Both Android and iOS. Also, both apps use the same databse?

Hi, at this moment push notifications are not available. Howewer, the database and the admin panel can be the same.

How much will you charge to add it for both?

Have the objective-c version been update/switched to swift and is there an website portal to retrieve the events overall

Hi!, No swift version??

is there plan for swift version?

hi alek, we are full of work at the moment, so there is no swift version in our plans