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Hey Author, Presales Question – 1) can i make others as co-admins or event owners. So, they can publish event info. 2) RSVP or like or m going to event features 3) reserve your entry by paying minimum fee fr event ? 4) customization available ?

1) yes, you can. We suggest to see this video about admin panel features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkPVtc_inNk
2) sorry, these features are not available
3) no, even this
4) you can change colors, data source (SQLite or JSON) and some minor options. If you have a customization idea you can contact us opening a ticket at https://bandst.freshdesk.com/

exellent app and support …see my app in play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devopin.uruguayeventos

hello, Can i ask some pre buy question if you mind, Is there any chance to login users? Is there any chance to add news section or youtube video? Is there any chanec to add google or apple calendar? Can we control feature events or suponsored events to display first ? If not your new template contains these feature? Thank you.

We think that user events are a useful feature for the admin panel. If you want to enable user to generate events from the app, you can integrate the http://codecanyon.net/item/add-and-edit-my-poi-library/15335967?ref=bandst
We plan to release a tutorial that explains how to do it…

We hope to release the “sponsored events” feature in the next month…
Thank you for your interest in our works

I bought. It clean source code. Big job. I wonder user add feature is workjing on ios? i will buy ios version also? And news section when will come. Thank you

Hi, at this moment the iOS version has the same features of Android version. The “featured events” feature will come on june.

in app map doesnt show in json. How can i enable map show tab ? i insert my google map api.

Can you provide us your json response or your json url via private mail ? ( info@bandst.com )

hi, does the plugin use JSON to read the database info? regards

Hi, you can use the Admin Panel (PHP+MySQL) included in the item package. The communication between server and app uses the JSON format.

Hello, do you plan to add image event?

Hi we are testing this feature with some customers, as you can see here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devopin.uruguayeventos We are plan to publish this feature in the next months


Nimpo Purchased

Hello, the search button is not working for me with JSON API Mode ! Can you help me please to analyse this problem ?

Hi Nimpo, we can help you! Can you contact us via mail at support@bandst.com or open a ticket at http://support.bandst.com ? The solution is too descriptive to write in the comments section.


Nimpo Purchased

problem solved, assistance support is fast & efficient, thanks :)

Hello, I Just purchased this app, and when i trying to run in a smartphone conected to my Android studio, i have some errors like this:

Error:El valor del atributo “android:value” asociado a un tipo de elemento “null” no debe contener el carácter ’<’.


Error:Cannot read packageName from D:\adt-android_studio\pruebas\aplicacion\prueba2\app\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml

Can you help me to fix that?

kind regards.

Hi, please send us the project at support@bandst.com . If the file are too big, we suggest to use wetransfer.com (the free version)

i just have to send it via wetransfer :)

Thanks, file received! Tomorrow we can investigate about the issue. We are sorry for the delay.

I tested your demo and distance slider don’t work. Is blocked at 1.5 km. In same time distance for all events are 0 Km.

Hi, maybe the location is not retrieved. What’s your android os version?

Lolipop on Samsung S6 Edge+

App just crashes on startup “unknown error (code 14): Could not open database”

I have same issues as user above slider not updating data… Nexus 4

Hi, the map shows your position?

Another issue comes up when app is loaded for some time: FATAL EXCEPTION: Timer-0 android.view.ViewRootImpl$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views.

Dear Kenzapsia, this item is on sale from about one year. About fifty people have bought and most of them not had any of the problems that you have listed. Someone has already published its app using this item and is very satisfied. So, keep calm, and please wait for the new update. If you’re not happy purchase, ask for a refund.

P.S: “new error: A SQLiteConnection…” it’s a warning on console.

if it is warning why all requests disappear ?

This warning tell you that the connection to the database is not properly closed after a query (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25307868/a-sqliteconnection-object-for-database-was-leaked-please-fix-your-application).

The query does not return results because there is a problem in recovering the GPS position and we’ll fix this problem on the weekend. Had you tried the demo available in google play store before buying?

However, we refunded. Sorry for the problems you’re having. Best regards.

this app is enable in android studio or not ?

Yes, is an android studio v1.5 project. You can open it with last version

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Hi Johnny, - about the android log: if you don’t use admob in your app, you have to set admob to false in the java source (please follow the documentation) - about the admin panel: can you share your website admin panel url so we can test it?

P.S: please do not past verbose log on comments, codecanyon review this kind of comments… (you can use http://support.bandst.com , thanks)


indevop Purchased

hi bandst , my app now do not show the distance mt only show : distance 0mt

Hi, can you check if the google play version works? ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bandst.eventsdetailsmap )


indevop Purchased

Hi . I ‘ve installed it and is the same : only show me distance 0mt

hi bandst, is the source code available both for the app and the admin?

hi bandst , my app now do not show the distance mt only show : distance 0mt . i have same issue with indevop.

please , i need solution

Hi, have you upgraded “compilesdk” or “targetsdk” version? Can you share us your build.gradle files? (write us at support@bandst.com)

done, please check sir

ASK The search button is not working for me with JSON API Mode ! Can you help me please to analyse this problem ?