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The admin demo user and password are wrong, it doesn’t goes anywhere….. can’t log in to view the demo.

Please let me know where you are seeing this error?

I just checked on http://eventsx-ms.herokuapp.com/ in desktop chrome browser.

In fact login credentials are by default entered in to the demo site, so you dont need to enter. Just click on login button.

Hi Shlomiatia,

Did not hear anything from you a day after, please let me know if you have any query and also check my other items.


Hi, I bought this script raspokoval it and found nothing on the database tables. What deployed table in the database and where to enter the settings to access the database? The documentation anything about it does not say.

This application is developed using


and I have used its generator-angular-fullstack 3.3.0 version. You can check that version from grunt file.

You can refer that github repo for project structure understanding.

ok understood



itamit Purchased

Hello, please look in the console.log error … Class constructor NavbarController cannot be invoked without ‘new’ ..., what is wrong with the application?

you have configure this application on your system on that day, so you can try configuring that fresh code, with npm and bower packages.

Please rate the application if you fund it well deserved.

Hi, Please rate the app if you like and it saved your time, thanks :)


itamit Purchased

Hello, everyone is clear, translate into his own language – Russian. But there is a question: how to add a new user?


itamit Purchased

is versed with the script, just noticed that there is a button – registration, out what to do?

Hi, there is not registration in the application, it is also showed in the demo that there is no registration.

This app is scalable and people can extend this to any level as per their requirement.

I have created below app to show how you can extend the event calendar app:


This is also having Registration, forgetpassword, reset password, Nodemailer integration etc.

You can do manual entry to add user in seed.js from below path

server/config/seed.js where I have added admin and test user.

Hope this will help!


itamit Purchased

great, now I look, thanks!

Is this still actively supported?

Please let me know if I can help you in something or any further query.

I emailed you separately via Gmail with a question. Let me know if you haven’t gotten it. Thanks!

yes, I replied on that.

Cool Item! Good Luck!

Hey Thanks! :)

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Thanks for your suggestions, I will try that.


Hello I’m very interesting by your Events Calendar item for a development i have to make

I have to ask you maybe a silly question but we are agree that all events are stored in a database ? I suppose it’s the point having MySql or mongoDB in your product ?

Other question : i have seen that your js component FullCalendar js has the capability to connect google calendars ? Do you confirm that ?

Is it possible to have a week with only 5 days and is it possible to select Monday as the first day ?

Thanks for your answers

And great work by the way


Thanks for giving time to review my app!

Yes, this app has mysql database for mongodb you can check my below app.


My portfolio is at below:


I suppose it’s the point having MySql or mongoDB in your product ?

-- Yes Mysql connected in this app.

Other question : i have seen that your js component FullCalendar js has the capability to connect google calendars ? Do you confirm that ? —Yes it can be connected with Google calendar.you can follow the steps given at below:


Is it possible to have a week with only 5 days and is it possible to select Monday as the first day ?

-- yes in the fullcalendar config you can give "firstDay: 1" to set Monday as starting point.

my another app:



Great product,

Some pre-purchase questions

1. is it possible to have users signed up and assigned to categories , which are more or less like departments where an event can be assigned to them and they get notifications via email , a day to the event and few hours to the event.

2. Is it possible to request for special customisation, which would be paid for of course.

Yes, It is customizable and I do paid customization.This is scalable app which you can see in my another product.


HI, I installed node and other dependency on my server and setup all things. can you help me to configure the database. where should i define hostname, databse and password.

Hi, Thanks for buying.. You can change the database level things in server/config/envrionment folder.

There will be 2 files for that, production.js and development.js to can change database level configuration there.

HI, I installed everything and put things.. set document root as /var/www/html/client and put the database link in production.js and development.js :

but still not able to login, please see the url, :

please tell me the email id, so that i’ll send the credentials and pls check

something is not configured properly. Just change the development.js db url and try to run in local. Document root is already configured to client folder from express.js


we have some queries when we are trying to setup event calendar.

we have down load (codecanyon-15954232-events-calender-using-angularjs-with-nodejs-and-mysql) this one.

1. http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/

when i m trying to download and run, its asking to install .Net framework 4.0. so it’s necessary to install ?.

2. where is the database. How can create database and import.

Please create blank database in mysql named “eventx” and then seed.js will automatically seed dummy data in that database with table creations. Password must be there I guess.

Can you provide database schema or dump file..

DataBase table with data will get created from Config/seed.js file. I can provide dump file too, but will take time now.

is ist possible to attach .pDF, or microsoft document etc to a date, so it can be viewed by those attending that event only

Currently that feature in not available in that. It will be on-demand customization or new development.

Hi, I want to ask about the installation. I’m just a beginner in programming but my i have to make a reservation website for machine in my lab. Then i found this awesome template. I tried many way to install it but failed. if you have any tips to install, i will appreciate your advice. I have web hosting in domain.com.


What errors are you getting please let me know so I can review and help you in that way.

Hello, I love your calendar. I’m interested in using your Events Calender using Angularjs with Nodejs and MySQL as part of our booking system dashboard plugin which will be free on wordpress.org? Would you be open to me using it in this capacity if I bought the extended license? Thanks so much!

Hi, Thanks for interest. I am fine with your free wordpress site but extended license means you need to charge your client for this app. If you want to give free than its fine but no one should misuse this app. I am mean stack developer so do not know wordpress, so not sure if that will work with you or not, but I will be only helpful if my app is not working while running without wordpress.


panicou Purchased

Hello i am getting the following on the console, Warning: a promise was created in a handler but was not returned from it.

Is it something i need to get done? Thank you for providing.

Warning: a promise was created in a handler at anonymous> (C:/Projects/seabob/server/auth/auth.service.js:40:11 but was not returned from it, see http://goo.gl/rRqMUw at Function.Promise.bind (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\sequelize\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\bind.js:65:20) at [object Object].Model.findAll (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\sequelize\lib\model.js:1355:18) at [object Object].Model.findOne (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\sequelize\lib\model.js:1527:34) at me (C:/Projects/seabob/server/api/user/user.controller.js:124:8) at Layer.handle [as handle_request] (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:95:5) at next (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\express\lib\router\route.js:137:13) at next (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\composable-middleware\lib\composable-middleware.js:40:9) at [object Object].<anonymous> (C:/Projects/seabob/server/auth/auth.service.js:40:11) From previous event: at Promise.then (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\sequelize\lib\promise.js:21:17) at Middleware_Common_Object.<anonymous> (C:/Projects/seabob/server/auth/auth.service.js:35:10) at next (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\composable-middleware\lib\composable-middleware.js:59:18) at C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\express-jwt\lib\index.js:122:7 at C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\async\lib\async.js:52:16 at Immediate._onImmediate (C:\Projects\seabob\node_modules\async\lib\async.js:1206:34) at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:383:17)

This is just a promise warning. No need to handle this.


poiuy111 Purchased

hi there I was interested in your calendar, i think it has a lot of powerful features that i can use. I’ve tried installing it through wordpress and cpanel to no avail. I’d like it hosted on my site where I can make some adjustments. Is there any advice you can give me to help?


Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Its MEAN stack base application itselft. You can host this application individually on Apache server and then from your wordpress site you can redirect users to here. I doubt you can not install this in wordpress as module.


poiuy111 Purchased

Could I host apache on cpanel and forget wordpress alltogether? what If i wanted to make some changes to the inputs?

yes, I think you can host this app on apache with ngnix and make changes