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yidiyu Purchased

There REALLY needs to be a way to set default options for new events so I don’t have to check things like “show registration button (no)” and “disable registration? (no) for every single event. What’s more ridiculous is if neither yes or no are chosen for the “disable registration?” question, it just won’t display any registration information by default.

I will pass this on to our developers and will have it fixed for the next update. Thanks.

Hi, I have seen my own question being asked over a year ago with negative answer but maybe this has been changed with current release?

1) If it’s a WP user that is registering to an event is their information (name, email, etc) prefilled in the registration fields? This is really a must have for me.

Additonal questions

2) Is it possible for an admin to pre-register WP users to events in advance? Something like bulk registration?

3) If a WP user registers, do you have some kind of 1-click registration?

Right now I am using eventOn which has 1 and 3 but not 2. But your plugin looks awesome too so I might reconsider buying and using yours instead but I really need question 1 to be a positive answer.

Thank you In advance for responses.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1) The plugin does not use wordpress for registration, its a total separate registration type. Registration fields are not pre-filled.

2) Bulk registration is not available in the plugin.

3) One click registration is not available in the plugin.

If you have additional questions let me know and I will gladly assist you. Cheers.

Hi, I have pre-sale questions

1. Can we customize the registration fields? i.e. add more fields that are not available by default.

2. if user chooses more than 1 attendee then can we customize their registration form as well? I would also like to add their email ids too.


At the moment its only compatible with the events grid, but we will be adding filtering options to the events list, events widget, and events calendar in the near future.

Hi Thanks again for your quick reply.

Do you have idea when can it be expected because it will be an important feature for us on what we are trying to achieve.

We don’t have an exact date on delivery but if its a must-have feature for you, I can have my developer contact you with an estimated cost to add this feature for you. Just contact me through my profile. Thanks.

Hi, can this plugin send out event reminders (emails)?

you can send payment reminders for all of those who have not paid yet. However you cannot send a mass mail to all attendees yet. We’re already working on adding this feature and we hope to have it ready in a few weeks.

In the meantime, a good workaround is to export the attendees list in a .csv file, than import that list into aweber or mailchimp to send a customized email to all attendees. Let me know if you have additional questions and I will gladly assist you. Cheers :-)

When is the Italian version? Thanks

Hi, we are releasing a revised version of all languages next week. We will introduce the new Italian language version as well :-)

I’ve tested several booking plugins so far & and before I buy this & the (hopefully) last one: Is the Plugin fully customizable to match (my) theme (colors, boxes, etc.) ?

Again, the checkbox designs are inherited from your theme.

Thanks. Gotta buy it!

you’re welcome, to get you started on setting it up, you can checkout the knowledgebase section here: http://wpeventsplus.com/documentation/ Cheers :-)


sraza74 Purchased

what i would like to see in next release is the following https://ibb.co/b5ts0a the ability for me to turn on/off instructor profile image attached offset to my events.



sraza74 Purchased

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sraza74 Purchased

i guess its called disqus (not discus)

Hi, thanks for the feedback, we’ve taken note of it. Our next big project on this plugin is to re-do the entire admin backend. We’re moving to the Redux framework to manage all admin options for the plugin. This will provide a more stable platform and will give us flexibility to add event coordinators, event venues, mailchimp integration, and many more features that we have lined up for the near future.

Once that is done, we will shift focus into the front end again. We will create different design templates for the events list, single event, events grid, and events widget. We will also be introducing full width events maps, and event carousels. We have lots of work ahead and tons of new features coming up :-)

No day view?

At the momement only month view is available.

2 questions please :
How could I remove ‘REG’ behind the name of tickets ?
Is it possible to switch off ‘attendee’ screen when buying 3 tickets (we not always need to upset people with giving name of all people)

It is not possible to remove REG as it used to identify the ticket type. You must provide the names of all attendees during registration. We can add an option to not request the names of additional attendees but you must create a support ticket so that our developers can give you an estimated cost to add this small feature. Thanks.

Please, take me a doubt, with your plugin, is it possible for the client to submit a movie (project in the events) instead of being the purchase of a ticket to the events?

My intention is to create a movie submission website at events. Similar to this site www.filmfreeway.com

Hi, only the admin of the website can create events, users cannot submit events.

Hi guys. Its mentioned that the event plugin is responsive, but on my http://www.forequalrights.org website its not responsive at all.