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Pre purchase question: I tried the Events Lite (free) and like your plugin. How to test ticket function in Events Lite? Or need to purchase the full version to test ticket function?

Hi, after the last update the sidebar widget got many problem on the dimension of the images and the boxes, not fitting right the text inside.

I cannot afford it. I hope it will be fixed in next release

sure, no problem, I will pass this on to our developers :-)

Many many thanks

Is there a way to required payment before the customer get registered?

Customer can still register but the seat is not deducted until payment is made.


How can i add event recurring daily and show on calendar daily there is no option for daily only weekly monthly and yearly and i also try same way you define in documentation make event weekly recurring and add 7 in Repeat number of times.


There is no daily event option. You would have to create one event and use the copy feature to make clones of it than simply change the date.


arabi-ja Purchased

how to display a full calender in the page.? How can I create multiple different full calendars for different pages?

Hi, you can search our knowledge base tutorials here: http://wpeventsplus.com/documentation/knowledge-base/

pre purchase question… colors and style able to change?

Yes, you can add your own colors to the calendar and you can also use category colors as well.

great, would i be able to make a calendar to look like this? id ike to send you a screen shot, just want to make sure i can make it look like the screen shots…

the calendar will look and work exactly like our demo. The only thing you can change is the calendar header colors to match your theme.


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Hello, can’t use it. i configure my paypal pdt but can’t see the payment methods on registration.


Jeol Purchased


When I signed up, I do not see the paypal button so I can be redirect to paypal. I only receive the message. A confirmation email has been sent to my email. But I do not get an email. In yellow I have the message telling me to select one of the following methods and clicking on the button to pay now


Jeol Purchased

Its okay now. i used ftp. but i use wp-admin to upload

glad you got it working :-)

I want to add more bookings per day, I just can book 1 tour per day. How can I do that?

create your first event, make clones of it using the copy feature built into the plugin, than change the time for each.


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Hello – how can I add in the email a custom field I created using the Questions option? Thanks! Gabriel

you can only use the shortcode snippets provided by the plugin which allow you to add custom information such as the event name, customer name, payment info, etc. but there is no shortcode snippet for fields.


gabitech Purchased

ok so I created a custom registration field – how can I see what the client filled in then? Or is there another better way to create that field so that I can get it by email?

you can view that information in the attendees section of the plugin. If you are not receiving this custom fields information in the notification email, than it must be a bug and you need to report it in our support forum http://eventsplus.ticksy.com/


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How can I view list of events in a page with a recurring countdowntimer

you cannot display a list with recurring countdown timer.

Is it possible that after an event registration the plugin already decreasing the available seats without the administrator’s approval on the backend?

Yes, it deacreases automatically once payment is made. The only type that requires manual processing is offline payment.

Hi, Pre purchase question Is it possible to sell prepaid ticket (one or multiple tickets) and then the use can book when he need ? Thanks, Richard

no, at the moment there isn’t one that I know of. However, we’re building a new events theme that will work with woocomerce and this may allow you to do that. If you want, you can sign up in the form that pops up when you leave our main website and we will notify you when its ready. Thanks.

Will it be developed as a plugin? We have our theme.

no, it will be an events theme, we will eventually convert the theme into a more advanced plugin than the current one but for now only the theme will be available.

Hi, I would like to know how long till we see mailchimp integration? are you able to give us ETA, really like the look of this plugin vs the others.

Hi, we don’t have an exact ETA on mailchimp integration, however, we’re about to release an events theme which comes with mailchimp already integrated, check it out: http://wpeventsplus.com/theme/

​We are looking to optimize events for search engine, it looks like they come up somewhat in organic searches but do not link to single events. We need to optimize for each single event, since there is no true single event page with SEO friendly urls and meta tags this is almost impossible.

What are your efforts to make this plugin more optimized for Search Engines?

Compatibility with Yoast SEO would be very nice, meaning it can set meta tags, etc. for individual events with Yoast plugin.

We will eventually move to custom post types for events which will open up more SEO functionality including seo friendly URLs. For now you might be interested in looking into our new events theme to be launched soon, this theme will allow you to control all SEO aspects and build any type of event you want. You can view the preliminary info here: http://wpeventsplus.com/theme/

Hi – I am creating a gym website for a client. They want to add 2 gym classes (high impact and one low impact). Their subscription packages includes 10,20,40 sessions, monthly and annual unlimited sessions. When a client for instance books 10 sessions, they need to pay (Payfast in South Africa) and then need to go onto the calendar and book their gym sessions. Can your app allow for this?

The client must be logged in with a username and password and accept terms and conditions every time they book.

They must pay first before they can book (or if they click on the session, it must log them in first).

Can they book 1 session at a time if they want (and go back and book the remainder 9 sessions at a later time?)


What you need is a booking plugin, this plugin is more for events than anything else.

Are there any plans for Facebook integration?

Yes, we’re already planning facebook integration after our events theme is launched :-)

Great news. Got a rough timeline?

We don’t have an exact ETA on it yet but its in our to-do list

I’m trying to get my confirmation emails to show up correctly. Whenever I do a test registration the confirmation page always shows an orange alert box with a different message each time. Plus the info in the emails is never complete.

Fields have enabled on the registration page: First name, Last name, Email, Phone, City, State, Custom question (dropdown menu for “how did you hear about us?”)

I’ve tried several times to code the confirmation email that is sent to admin after an attendee registers. (General Settings>Confirmation tab) But I can’t find a list of the available tags anywhere. Here are the ones I’m using. Can you help with the missing ones, please?

Tags that work include: [event, [fname], [lname]

What tags can I use to make city & state, phone, ticket type, & custom question show up properly in the email? (Note: address_city, address_state, & phone only work some of the time, not consistently)

Hi, thanks for the info. Please report this bug in our forum (http://eventsplus.ticksy.com/) so that our developers can take care of it asap.

nothing is working, if you turn debug on there are notices on every option in back-end

I will pass it on to our developers.

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well removing comments is not a solution to the problem, event i am not interested to make an issue here. i have sent a refund request, please proceed with it as soon as possible thank you

Hello! Can I translate events with WPML too for multilanguage events? Right now only changes event keywords only but can I translate events text too?

The events themselves cannot be translated via wpml since the plugin doesn’t use custom post type. You can make copies of the event, translate it, than paste the shortcode of the event in a specific page, that’s the only way I figure it can be done. However, we’re building an events theme that will be fully compatible with WPML and will have a ton of features, check it out: http://wpeventsplus.com/theme/