Discussion on WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets

Discussion on WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets

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Can be use in php 7.2?

yes, it should work with php 7.2

Your homepage demo is broken. Anyway, is this plugin compatible with woocommerce?

yes, unfortunately our server was hacked so we are restoring the website from scratch. At the moment the plugin is not compatible with woocommerce, it has its own checkout system.

please refund! this plugin destroyed my page!

I apologize for the lack of response but our server was hacked and all our websites have been down. You may request a refund through envato and we will gladly approve it.

Where are you guys? Your site is down and I need help with some errors in your plugin.

I apologize for the lack of response but our server was hacked and all our websites have been down for the past two weeks. we will respond to your ticket accordingly.

Documentation Site offline?

No respone?

I apologize for the lack of response but our server was hacked and all our websites have been down. A refund has been granted for the inconvenience.

Hi, when I have the events on the same day – then the later event appears as earlier on the calendar. It looks as the hour of event influences the order but in opposite way. How to set the order of events on the same day? Example: look at the 19th of Aug.

Hi Elbisnero, any chances that you would look into above matter, please?

I have a question: we have the newest version installed on WP 6.2. I have never received notification for new register. In setting, i don’t see the field for primary contact email, only the field for secondary contact emails. what could be wrong? My Contactform 7 is sending out Email perfectly.

Hi, it may be an issue with the UI of the admin section. Please create a support ticket here: and provide our support team with a screenshot and wp admin login details. Thanks.

1. Can we create both virtual and offline events? 2. can we create single date and multi date events? 3. after event booking,, bar will generate – so organizer will scan the barcode and allow them inside event 4. only admin can create or any once can be organizer and publish events 5. any rest api support for further development 6. can i see date wise all available events in website 7. each event has unique url right?

hello waitting for your reply

Hi, I apologize for the delay in response. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. At the moment virtual events are not possible but we will be adding this to version 3.0 which is already under development. 2. Yes, you can create single and multi date events. 3. Barcode generations is currently not available in the plugin but we will take this into consideration for version 3.0 4. At the moment only admin can create events. 5. Rest API will be integrated in the new version of the plugin as well. 6. You can view all events by date using the calendar, here’s a sneak preview of what the new calendar in version 3.0 will look like: 7. URL’s are currently unique but we are improving them to be more SEO friendly, they are also being reworked in the new version of the plugin :-)

ok. thank you

I can add other pay method?

At the moment only PayPal and are available in the plugin. Any additional payment methods would have to be hard coded into the plugin. We are currently revamping the plugin into version 3.0 which will have a new UI/UX and compatibility with WooCommerce for additional payments.


zulu11 Purchased

​Hello, I hope you are keeping well, please can you help? I am getting the following errors in the server error log after updating.

[22-May-2023 01:16:26 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “eventplus_pm” in /home/transpor/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/payments/paypal/handler.php on line 12 [22-May-2023 01:16:26 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “title” in /home/transpor/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/widgets/events.php on line 21 [22-May-2023 01:18:31 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “eventplus_pm” in /home/transpor/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/payments/paypal/handler.php on line 12


The sever specifications are: PHP Version 8.0.28 max_execution_time 800 open_basedir memory_limit 512M upload_max_filesize 128M post_max_size 128M

Many thanks

Is your demo down at the moment?

only admin can create event and publish it or user also create event and publish it by admin approval process?

only admin can create events unless you give access through a user role plugin.

Greetings, In the past few days, I purchased Events +, and I have tried to install it according to the programmer’s manual, I have asked for help, but he has only sent me a link where are the steps to follow to configure the module, which are totally outdated and are no longer valid to the current date. If you check my purchase record, I have not had any major problem, only in the last two purchases. I bought this module because it looks a little simpler compared to Eventon which I have also purchased and I have no problem. I confirm that there is not the necessary help from the programmer, and the information is totally outdated. I request your help to solve this problem.

Hi, kindly provide us with the ticket number and we will respond accordingly. Thanks.

What is the shortcode for Sidebar Widged, why is not displayed the picture of the event in the preview, how to change the language…there is no information on these questions and errors of your pluging. please more seriousness on this issue, I need assistance or at least a complete manual, for that is acquired the complement.

you can find the plugin documentation here:

Hi… I will like to know if there’s a possibility to import .ics file?

Hi, at the moment you can only export a .ics file but not import. We will add this to a list of upcoming features.

hello. Please add an option where the payment form can be edited and modified from the beginning and also add two or 3 different page models because the one you have is boring. and the most expected option is invoices to print and in pdf or normal sheet. but that it is allowed to print it. Another thing, it would be good if you could change the names of the text in the form that are editable

I am going to renew the membership and I want to know if you can help me customize the plugin? I would pay all the expenses. It’s nothing new, I just want to edit the names, because I’m using this for a chess university and parents register their children and the texts must be options for children and it would be good if you helped me

Hi, sure, I can connect you with our developer and he can provide you with an estimated cost and turnaround time. Please contact me directly through my envato profile. Thanks.

Hi, I don’t find the good page on paypal to configure your plugin ? It’s possible to obtain an up-to-date procedure? Thanks

Hi, you can view our online documentation on how to setup payments here: if you still have issues I highly recommend that you create a support ticket here:

The event form is not submitting and we submitted support ticket yesterday. Please have a look and help to fix it. As we are in middle of launching our event.

Hi, is this plugin integrated to buddypress? or perhaps future updates?

Hi, at the moment it does not integrate with buddypress and don’t have plans to integrate it yet.


gr8moe Purchased

Hi. I just bought your plugin and here’s the error I’m getting on the calendar page

“Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/customer/www/ on line 482”

How do we fix it?

Hi there, kindly create a private support ticket here:

Please provide both ftp and wp admin login details credentials so that our developers can assist you quicker. Thanks.

Hello, I want to buy this plugin but before I buy it, I want to see dashboard. can u send me dashboard user and pass for check on demo page? thanks

For security reasons we cannot give access to the admin section. However, you can view our online documentation to better understand how the backend works:


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