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There is no field to fill out in priority support service, just pay now. Should I pay and send receipt info in support email?

not sure what you mean by priority support service, please elaborate or provide a screenshot. Thanks.

From mail: “If you need urgent attention please consider purchasing a priority support service through PayPal and don’t forget to introduce your Envato username in the pre-purchase form’s textarea:” Then in Paypal there are no fields to fill out. Just the amount.


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Hi. Is it posible to select dates on the form and and depending on how many days you select the price will very ?

no, but you can create discounts based on how many tickets are purchased by one single buyer.


I intend to sell tutoring hours, will this type of plugin work for me? I need to have many time slots and more than one person can attend.

No, what you need is a booking plugin, this one is mostly for events.

Pre-purchase question: I have tested this extensively and noticed that the program does not prevent someone from choosing multiple, contradictory options for an event. For example, if you set up an event form with options to (1) register for entire event package, or (2) register for package that only includes certain days/options, someone can check both options and the form will allow iit. There is no error message saying something like “Please register for only one package.” Am I incorrect?

Hi, the plugin does not use “conditional logic” during the registration process, meaning it doesn’t distinguish one option from the other, its a fairly simple plugin that works with tickets. All is handled via event tickets, you can create vip, normal, and all types of tickets and you can choose the price for each ticket and choose when those tickets can be purchased but it will not change based on what you chose previously.

I got a question, if y put the grid shortcode, when I click on it, dont show me the event, so… I put a botton, so… I need to creat a new page per event to put in there the shortcode for single event and when people click on it, the botton redirect to a single event? But If I want the grid template, what need to do for the event redirect me to the single event? Thank you

In General Settings > Confirmation tab, make sure your registration page is set to REGISTRATION in the dropdown. If you choose another page from the dropdown the links will not work.


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Bought and installed the plugin. Problem is that the german language file is a mix from english and german language. Can I fix this by myself or any chance to get a correct file? Thank you very much


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How to add that drop down menu, yes/no and text area field in event+ like in the demo? >> http://wpeventsplus.com/wordpress-register-plugin/ (after click on “register”)


DERYK68 Purchased

OK, found it in the video docs. You have to add these fields AFTER generating an event. Thx anyway ;-)

glad you got it sorted out :-)


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I sended you email but no answer :(

Presale question:

1. Can widget be like calendar ofc only smaller with legend?

2. Calendar example: Events Plus Launch Party! Unlimited link http://wpeventsplus.com/wordpress-event-calendar-plugin/ can i remove Unlimited?

3. Calendar example: link http://wpeventsplus.com/wordpress-event-calendar-plugin/ can i remove tooltip?

4. Calendar example: link http://wpeventsplus.com/wordpress-event-calendar-plugin/ can i remove link? or atleast edit it to # so user stays on same page, in this case calendar?

Hi, here are the answers to your questions:

1. the widget is a list of events, not a calendar.

2. yes, there is an option to remove this from the admin section.

3. yes, there is an option to remove it from teh admin backend.

4. no, links are mandatory in order for the calendar to work but you may be able to do a workaround for it.

Let me know if you have additional questions and I will gladly assist you. Cheers!

Hello, thanks for your time, I got the grid and y have 4 events in each event I put the cost of the event, but when I click on it says in red: “You need to select at least 1 inscription” and below “No Fees/Items available for todays date! Please update fee dates!” How can I do for select how much tickets i want?

You need to create event tickets even if your event is free.

I created the tickets too and don’t works. First I created my categories,then I created the event, then I click in the event in the option admin, then fees/item and there I creat the events fees/tickets with all information and don’t works, still appear the red box and says: “No Fees Have Been Setup For This Event! Registration” I let the page of the event: http://casashantii.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=6&v=db88e8b63556 Thank you

Hello, I was able to solve the previous problem. One more doubt, if I need payment in store and select the offline payment option does not give me option to register, only to see more details which does not allow me to finish the registration, and if I create $ 0 tickets it comes as free but it is not free. How could I handle it? Thank you


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Hello, I add an additional textarea/message box to an event. What shortcode do I add to the confirmation mail text area to see the message. I try question-1 and [textarea_1] but none of these code works. Thank you for your help and happy new year :-)

Hi, here are the answers to your questions:

1) It must be an issue with your admin email and not the plugin if you are receiving notifications as an attendee. Make sure emails are not ending up in your spam folder.

2) Attendees do not appear as registered if payment is not made, therefore, the counter will not decrease or the space be booked in the admin section until payment is made.


DERYK68 Purchased

OK, thank you very much. What about the shortcodes for additional questions like the textarea in my question above. It would be very helpful to know the shotcodes for textarea, drop down menu, textfield etc. (ticket 1006959)

view the documentation in the zip file you downloaded from codecanyon.

Where did the option to add “MDS -Merchandise” go. It was there as of version 2.0.8? The yearly convention I use this for also likes to sell t-shirts and 2.0.8 does not work with newest wordpress version. Can we get this feature back. Thanks

This feature is no longer available in the plugin. If you are having issues please create a support ticket so we can assist you. Thanks.


Vaext Purchased

Hi, No Saving possible. Events, Settings…

I Become follow Message:

There was an error in your submission, please try again. The configuration data was not updated!

Newest Wordpress and Plugin Version.

Are Anything rights To distribute? eg 755,777…

Ticket open #1006114

You have to make sure you fill out all the information in General Settings, otherwise it will not save.


I am your user but this time i am using your calendar, i have one issue on this.

When i use plus_calendar shortcode the calendar shows in frame page to when you scroll page the another scroll showed on page


please help me on this.

Try adding events or more content to your page so that it scrolls.


DERYK68 Purchased

Hmmm I didn’t get an answer although I post it several times – even with support ticket. OK AGAIN !!

I add an additional textarea/question item to an event. What shortcode do I add to the confirmation mail text area box to see the message. I try [ question-1] and [textarea_1] but none of these codes works. And what are the shortcodes for i.e. dropdown-menu, single text field etc. Thank you for your help

Did you watch the video tutorials on how to create custom fields? There should be a documentation folder inside the zip file you downloaded from codecanyon. Custom fields do not work as shortcodes, you have to create them in the admin section for each particular event.

Pre-purchase question: I want to ask if he’s already registered in an event, he wants to sign up for another, the system alerts him in some way, since he’s pointed to an event at the same hour. Thank you very much!

Hi, all events are independent of eachother, meaning that if someone registers for one they can register for the other even in the same time interval.

Ok, Thank you for your quick reply!

One more doubt, if I need payment in store and select the offline payment option does not give me option to register, only to see more details which does not allow me to finish the registration, and if I create $ 0 tickets it comes as free but it is not free. How could I handle it? Thank you

customers should be able to register even if payment is offline. If you’re having issues with this, you need to create a support ticket so our developers can handle it.

I turn on the offline payment and I create offline tickets, but at the end don’t appear the button of registration. The handle in confirmation step


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is there a way to disable the tooltip thumbnail / grey circle?


tracy_fs Purchased

i don’t want to disable the entire tooltip…just the thumbnail image on the left of the tooltip only

that is not possible, you can only disable the whole tooltip.


tracy_fs Purchased

that i understand…but is it possible to just hide it with CSS?

Pre-purchase question: As seen on demo page , Multiple Event Calendars can be show by the category id , before we buy can we have a example of shortcode as we can only see the example page but not the shortcode.

The list of shortcodes is in the documentation folder you download when you purchase the plugin.

I love you plugin! Just one question, i use BeTheme, it is compatible ? Thank Yoy!

One more question , can i disable the registration button and the Event Fees ?

Yes, you can disable the registration button but the event fees can only be removed via css hack.

ok, and can you help me ? because on this project all events will be free Thank You