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Is there an ability to add an extra dropdown box for a class event when someone clicks the register button? Like for the Yoga Class demo that you have, say for example I wanted a dropdown box where someone could also choose the color a free yoga mat when they register. Is that possible?

Yes, you can add it as a ticket and it will create a dropdown for you. You can choose whether to charge for it or not by making the ticket free or paid.

Hi I have a website with a client area, the clients are assigned to courses and I would like to add a calendar to their private area with their own events, in this case, the “courses” they are assigned to. Can I do this with your plugin? Or just display a calendar and then assign one event to a specified user? Best Regards,

This is not possible, only admin can create and manage calendars.

I guess I did not explain it very well. What I attended to do is, I add the events as admin to show them their private events. Can I do that? Example: “You (client) assigned to a course, I enter the course to the calendar that is shown on your private area.”

yes, you can add different calendars to any page or post. You would need to use the categories, add events into the categories, than display a calendar for a specific category on any page or post, in this case, in your clients private area.

How to include currency PKR ?

I never mentioned i had purchased. I want to make but asked just one question. Can you test emails on your demo server ?

emails work fine from our end, no other customers are reporting this so its a serverside issue on your end.

What a ridiculous comment, I asked you for 5 times to test your online demo for emails and you cant do that … Very bad . Kept saying that all good because others didn’t reported. I am sorry but i never seen poor support like this Bye

Hi, I would need to have all the attendees names to the confirmation email (the one I receive when someone registers). Currently, the email tells me the name and details of the person who registers, the number of attendees ([attendee_quantity]) but I would also need the name of all additional attendees. Thank you.

Hi, please create a support ticket so our developers can fix this issue. Thanks.

Hi, thanks, done a few minutes ago.

ok, please be patient as its the weekend and our developers are away until Monday. Thanks.


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Hi, I tried to install, but it did not work.

Please guide me how to install.

Only page “Registration” is there. Where the theme & other pages?

There are no pages or themes created when you install the plugin. You have to create your events than add the appropiate shortcodes to any page or post so you can display your events. You can view more about it here: http://wpeventsplus.com/documentation/article-categories/shortcodes/

Hi There. We’re trying to setup an Event with no cost. We believe we’ve done everything correctly however when trying to register we’re getting an error “You Are registering for 0 persons, please provide a first and last name for each person” and “You must select at least one registration item”. On the previous form there were no extra fields that appeared upon selecting the ticket/items.


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Hello there, is there a way to stop payment reminders? Thank you.

No, this is not possible at the moment.


spuninst Purchased

I see. thank you for the update. This might be a good feature in future release, we have couple of events with more than 200 attendees and when it sends reminders, our hosting is picking it up as spam disabling our Wordpress site. Thanks

yes, I will pass this on to our developers for our to-do list. Thanks.


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Hello, I requested a refund via envato, but after 14 days there is no answer. So I leave a post here. Your promised approval is needed to quickly change the event feature on my homepage.


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Can a calendar show multiple categories? How would I do that in the shortcode?

at the moment only one category can be used per calendar.

Has anyone used this for class registration?

Yes, we have many customers that use it for workshops, painting classes, yoga classes, etc.

What about this situation: a yoga school where someone pays monthly for 8 classes of their choice. So the classes would be free but would have space limits. Do you have any examples like that?