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Hello, its possible add PagSeguro Payment?

This would have to be coded manually into the plugin. We can provide you with an estimated cost to add this payment method if you want.


bibou26 Purchased

Bonsoir , votre site est infesté , lorsque l’on clique sur comparer les prix un pop up d’alerte virus apparait … cela ne met pas en confiance pour acheter votre plugin

Salut, le problème doit être dans votre navigateur, car nous avons scanné le site et trouvé aucun virus. En outre, personne d’autre ne signale cela. Notre plugin et notre site web sont à la fois propres et sans virus, vous pouvez acheter en toute confiance :-)

Can we have CCavenue payment gateway integration ? what would be cost for it ?

Hi, please contact me directly through my profile page and I will provide you with a quote. Cheers :-)

hi Is Frontend-Submission possible ? with payment Thanks

Hi, front end submission is not available at the moment.


deeps Purchased

Hi, we put a support ticket into your website, but it’s now down!

We are using the latest version 2.3.6 and the ticket availability does not count down if you don’t use a payment provider, we want to use offline payments and have them count down.


deeps Purchased

that is a real shame.. we need to spots to appear booked even without payment :o( can we apply for a refund?

refunds cannot be given based on this reason alone.


deeps Purchased

It doesn’t say in any of your documentation that tickets will NOT count down when using the pay offline mode. I believe this is a valid reason for a refund.


javiusim Purchased

Can I display the attendee list on a page? is there a shortcode?

Yes, you can use the following shortcode: [eventsplus_attendee event_id=”??”] just replace the question marks with the actual event ID

Hello can this plugin be use with any template, for example Bridge?

Yes, it works with most popular themes :-)

Thank you with your reply, can the registration be integrated with a crm?

no, that would have to be manually coded into the plugin.

Pre sale question: Hi I will test the plugin and buy it, but I have a problem like many other testers. How can I see my events in the calender? I add [PLUS_CALENDAR] into a page and create an event. But the calender doesn’t show it? What did I wrong?

It is an old theme, with a custom designer. But also, if I try to add it text based into a div, I just get the calender without a created event. Can I send you a link?

If you are getting the calendar than the shortcode is not the problem. It must be a problem with the event date and time. Also, try testing it on a different theme just to be sure.

Don’t know what I did wrong. I make a simple test with the wordpress standard theme. I get the calender, but no entries. I test it local and online. If I use the event shortcode like [eventsplus_category event_category_id=”1”] the event is showing … but not in the calendar.


these are pre-sale questions :

1) I couldn’t find on the demo site any example of multidays events display on the monthly calendar. Could you please send me a link or screenshot showing it ?

2) I am wondering if this is possible for someone who has registered to an event to cancel his own reservation ? (for example through cancellation button within the booking confirmation email).

Thanks for your answers, best regards, Cyrille

Hi, here are the answers to your questions:

1) I have re-arranged the events in the calendar so you can see what multi-day events look like. The event is the Party Rock Cafe event on the 26,27, and 28 of February

2) Only the admin can cancel reservations. The customer would have to contact you and request a cancelation

Hi, Thanks for your answer Cyrille


Est-il possible de proposer sur son site un calendrier de réservation pour une maison en affichant les disponibilités et les périodes sans location possible ?

Je pense que oui mais votre module est tellement complet que je ne m’y retrouve plus :)

Avez-vous une démo pour une location simple d’une maison ? Cela m’aiderait à voir exactement ce qui est possible. Merci.

Merci par avance. Benjamin


Je pense que ce dont vous avez besoin est un plugin de réservation et non un plugin d’événements. Dans un plugin de réservation, les utilisateurs peuvent choisir les dates. Dans un événement, les dates sont déjà créées et les utilisateurs s’y inscrivent. S’il vous plaît excusez mon français :-)

I need to know what statistics are obtained from each event, Example: How many men and women, ages, etc …

the plugin displays only overall statistics such as latest events, latest purchases, latest attendees, etc.

I’m testing your free version to make a buying decision. I’ve created an event and inserted the single event in the home page, but I don’t find any styling options so I can make it match the page design and the map and the images I specified are not displaying. Even worse, after I installed the plugin the existing google map I had on the home page stopping loading. could there be a conflict that prevents me from using your plugin? Thanks for your help.

Hi, there’s probably a conflict with the maps. As far as the style, you would have to manually edit the css to match your theme. We created the design with neutral grey colors to match any theme but you are welcome to edit it as you wish via css.

Hi I’ve been using this for a few years and now all of a sudden expired events are not dropping off the list until a day or two later. I haven’t changed any settings. How can I fix this? Thank you

Make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin. If you still face issues, you need to create a support ticket here: https://eventsplus.ticksy.com/

Pre sale question; Can I limit the registration to an event to registered website users?

The only way you can do that is by adding the single event shortcode inside a private password protected page that only registered users can access. You would need to use a third party plugin or use WordPress native private page feature.


I went to buy the most famous calendar plugin on codecanyon with several addons. I’m not against buying one or two add-ons / Unfortunately, it requires me to buy many addons (some basic) and now with an annual subscription.

I see that there are several beautiful alternatives including yours. I am ready to buy the plugin that comes closest to my specifications

Filter by cat
Filter by location
Rec. By tag

CARD EVENT DISPLAY (if geolocation gives at least 1eve)
zoom aggregation map: Cluster a multitude of events with a clear and concise look.
rapid sorting by city (auto complementation); example: Paris, Rome …

entered by the front-end (guest or member). Assigning the connected member as author of the event to be able to handle these proposed events
several different forms according to member, pro, exceptional
fields (text, radio button, checkbox, select different depending on the form have conditional fields in the form according to the roles
category and sub category
minimum registration (cancellation if not completed the day before)
maximum registered and waiting list
woocommerce gateway?

if member, see link to buddypress profile of members registered on the event page
possibility to put on the waiting list. Go to register if you wish to cancel the main list
remember: Notification by email (or sms) 1 week before, 3 days before, the day before (possibility of a reminder defined by the mebre?)
More expensive rate a week (or a few days) before the start of the event automatic display if complete event

import eve. Facebook (1, several at once subscription …) by admin or member
set favorites events to read them later
import csv, ics eve
display event list on a non-wordpress site
subscribe to a category (or keyword) of future events to receive by mail a notification

Thank you for taking the time to answer. After a successful first purchase, others should arrive


zurnch Purchased

We are having a conflict with Divi. The shortcode registration does not work. Any work around?

Please create a support ticket so our developers can assist you in debugging this issue: https://eventsplus.ticksy.com/

Hello, this sentence appears and do not let me register “No commission has been set for this event! Entries for this event can not be made at this time.”

you still need to create tickets to avoid overbooking even if the event is free

ok, tks

is there any tutorial on how to do this?