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You’ve got some malware on your demo site. Is there anyway to verify the actual plug-in isn’t infected?

There is no malware on our demo site. We have thoroughly scanned it. You can test yourself with the google transparency report: https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search We do not distribute infected plugins.

I didn’t think for a second it was intentional. Honestly out of curiosity – how is it possible that I’m the second person to mention this in two days? I was on the phone with a WP development company today trying to get a quote, had a guy look through your demo, and he instantly tried to steer me away from the plugin because the malware literally took him away from the demo on his first click. My entire day was ruined thinking I had to find another event registration plugin for my company, because I already know they’re all shit (and my company is based on event registration). Do you have ANY explanation why two users would detect the same thing while you’re running clean reports? I’m not trying to be controversial…I want this plugin more than anything for my business, but if you could help me understand this a bit more clearly, it would put me far more at ease implementing it…

Hi, please take a look at the converstion right above this one. The customer actually pointed us in the right direction and it appears that there was malware injected into our website. Fortunately, we managed to clean all files and our website is now malware free: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/wpeventsplus.com It was a clever malware as it was not detected by google or other scanners, it was only detected by Sucuri as you can see above. The plugin is not affected in any way as the files are stored in envato’s servers and not our website. Only our demo site was affected and has now been cleaned. Thanks for pointing it out to us :-)

Hi, i need to know if your plugin can use for register > fill up details > proceed to paypal payment. I dont need the login for membership. We just want to register and make payment. Of course, once they paid they will receive some kind of reference as proof they have paid for the event.

yes, that’s exactly how the plugin works. Register for event, make payment, and receive a confirmation email.

Hi guys,

I have a pre-purchase question for you. We have a client who will need us to change the text on the buttons from Register to Book Your Weekend amongst others, how feasible and easy will it be for us to do that or do we have to ask you for assistance on that.

Thanks for your time. JP

If you want a different text for different events on the register button than you would need a dynamic input option coded into the plugin. If you are not an experience programmer it would be very difficult to achieve. However, if you want to change the text on the register button for all events, than we can assist you with changing that through our support forum.

Awesome, thanks for the replay. One more question do you guys consider GodCardless integration into the plugin?

it would have to be taken as a separate project.

Hi, a simple question, in the full version the carousel event display is included or is a pay addon? Thanks

is not a live url is under development. Another question also. But when you choose offlice payment you get the registration email. But when i manually CONFIRM after getting the payment the system don’t send any email. I think that when you confirm a registration you need to send and advice too.

offline sorry not office :-)

If you are having issues with confirmation emails, you should create a support ticket here: https://eventsplus.ticksy.com/

Does plugin have a feature to send post event email/questionaire?

No but you can easily export your attendees list and import it into an email service like mailchimp to send a mass mail.

Cool Thank you for quick response

Does this plugin supports mollie payments method ?

The plugin works with PayPal, Authorize.net, and Stripe.

Thnx, i see that stripes supports iDeal payment. So if i use Stripe , then i can use that? or does your plugin only supports other payment methodes?

Yes, you should be able to use Stripe. At the moment only those three payment methods are available in the plugin.

Can I get the shotcode to use on page that would show the widget layout please

Hey, couple questions – has Eventastic been approved by Themeforest yet?

Also, I have to launch my website in a couple weeks, and my time is spread very thin with other components of the business… do you have any kind of estimate how long it would take someone who is totally unfamiliar with customizing plugins to get this all set up? I’m trying to figure out if it would just be more productive to hire someone to install and customize everything.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, we just re-submitted the theme for approval again. We hope this time around it will be approved. The theme has been built with easyness in mind so you should be able to setup your website easily without the need to hire a programmer to do it for you.

Hey :) I have a pre-purchase question for you. Why on free version of your plugin, events dont appear on calendar, the categories are but the event is not. and another question, if i want to create event which will last 2days, how it willl appear on calendar? like 2 separated event for 2 days, of course with same color and label, or there will be like one long line(timeline) through this 2 days?

There could be many reasons why the events don’t display in the calendar. We would need to look into that. The plugin displays multi-day events seperately, a badge for each day.

this should work using [PLUS_CALENDAR] shortcode, right?

Hey, why your plugin is blocking revolution slider on my website? how to solve this?

It must be a jQuery conflict somewhere. You need to create a support ticket here: https://eventsplus.ticksy.com/

i wont purchase this untill i am sure this suits my needs, why when i created free event, during registratotion process i got ” No Fees Have Been Setup For This Event! Registration for this event can not be taken at this time.”

You need to create tickets even if your event is free. This is to keep track of attendees and avoid overbooking.


jwvb Purchased

Hey there! Any chance to hide/delete the previous/next month on a calender view? It’s very bad aligned with the dutch translation and won’t be needing it as I am using the Date Selector. Thanks.

Please report any bugs you find in our support forum https://eventsplus.ticksy.com/ Thanks.


jwvb Purchased

Will do! Any chance to hide/delete the previous/next month on a calender view? Dont really need it when using the date selector.

You could probably do it using simple css “display none” but its best that you ask our developers in the forum.

When will LinkedIn be added to the social media share options?

Hello, I would like to buy your product. Two questions: can we create events on a whole day, remove the option from the number of places available? Is the translation into French automatic? Thank you Richard

Hi, yes, transtaltion is automatic. You can create whole day events. You can remove the remaining seats from the general settings area of the plugin.

Merci de ta réponse. j’ai acheté le plugin. Du coup, comment faire pour créer un événement sur une journée entière ? Retirer éventuellement la case places disponibles ? Merci

Hi, I need a booking system for a small flying air company where people can book a sit in a plane. I ask: 1. There’s only 19 sits is it possible to stop booking after 19? 2. Is it possible to make 2 recurring events like: 2 flights on saturday at 9:00 am and 10:00 am and the other days 1 flight per day ? 3. Is it possible to send an automatic email to the customer with the booking number? 4. Is it possible to buy tikets online with credit card or paypal? 5. Is it possible to have a custom form with one way ticket and return ticket? Thank you!

One more question:are you planning to be compliance with the GDPR? Thank you!

Hi, I think what you need is a booking plugin instead of an events plugin like ours.

Hi there, I have a last question on the registration form can we add fields as needed for example a couple need to register for the event so wife and husband have different fields for each one. Also if they have any special needs i.e. disabled or allergy so a field for that.

I hope you get my drift on the additional registration fields.


Okay, could you show me an example pls so I can be sure thanks.

Thank you so much.

Hey there,

I was wondering if it’s possible to have different pricing for additional registrants when a user is entering an event?

So the first registrant is at one price, and any extras are at a lower price.


Yes, there is a bulk discount feature available in the plugin. You get to choose how much the price is discounted for each additional attendee.

Hello Support,

We are facing below error messages after activate the plugin:-

The plugin generated 4974 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.


Notice: Undefined index: event_category_id in /home/rt13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/app/controllers/front/shortcode/event/list.php on line 14

Notice: Undefined index: event_category_id in /home/rt13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/models/events.php on line 700

Notice: Undefined index: event_category_id in /home/rt13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/app/controllers/front/shortcode/event/list.php on line 14

Notice: Undefined index: event_category_id in /home/rt13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/models/events.php on line 700


Notice: Undefined index: evrplus_page_id in /home/rt13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/app/views/admin/settings/tabs/tab4_page_config.php on line 11 Main registration page

Notice: Undefined variable: class in /home/rt13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpeventplus/eventplus/app/views/admin/settings/tabs/tab4_page_config.php on line 27

Can you please confirm us, how to fix them. I have never seen such type of error messages on a premium/paid plugin.
Look forward a quick response from you.

Regards Deb

I don’t want to take any further support for your plugin. That’s your plugin bug and not only me but a lot of people facing that issue with your plugin.

I think you guys always leave those bugs in recent update for customers whose support expire. So they complain and you suggest to take support.

I have tested at my end and this plugin, full on bugs. Please provide us bug free version of this plugin asap.

Nobody else is reporting this issue in our support forum. Nevertheless, I have passed this on to our developers for future updates. Thanks.

Thank you

Can you please confirm me the solution for those bugs, how we fix them.

I have recently downloaded the Event Calender Registration in my site. I have configured as per the instruction and create new event with price/fee giving REG and selected order per 1 and configured event.

Whenever attendee trying to register they are getting issues as below

“You are registering for 0 person(s). Please provide the first and last name of each person:”


“You must select at least one registration item. Please go back and select an item!”

When i click back, there is nothing to select, all are filled and accurately, please visit clone1.c21.ae, try to register.

Looking for valuable support.

Thanks, Sam.

The page I need help with: http://clone1.c21.ae/index.php/evrplus_registration/?

Please create a support ticket here: https://eventsplus.ticksy.com

For that its asking for Purchase Code, which i dont have it, i wanted to test

Can you reply, i need to test to see, whether its suits to our requirement.