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Thanks for the help so far.

I have another problem (all i changed are the things in the user guide so just the backend)

When I press share button it crashes with the following error: http://paste.ofcode.org/KuSfeHNJRrPLFFAQ9fumCG

because the update has not been published yet :)
It’s not up to us but by Envato reviewers, hopefully they’ll approve it and publish it tomorrow or next Monday, anyway you’ll get an email from Envato when the update is available

ah, my bad :) i misunderstood you guys have great support!

thanks :)

How can I get the UML , E-R Diagram , Database dictionary and what kind of database use SQLite or MySQL for this project

this app doesn’t use any of the databases you mentioned, it works with Parse Server hosted on back4app.com, check it out ;)

Why not add a module to book tickets to a specific event posted?

because every event will have its own website where to apply or buy tickets, so the app provides the link to it

Is it possible for admin to add events by web interface?

Yes, with http://adminca.com, a free CMS panel for Parse apps, you can connect your Parse app from back4app to Adminca and use its user nice interface, check that website out ;)

Thanks! Also interesting how much it would be cost to add categories?

For cutomization requests, please send us a detailed explanation by contacting us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Hello, Pre-Sales questions f Android an iOS apps
1) have the same backend admin for both?
2) Possible disable users publish events and just admin can handle or publish?
3) backend can be hosted inside my own hosting?

no, you must use back4app, create a free account on back4app.com and you can use the Parse database for free on there

Is possible to add a event that have at least 7 day duration?

Sure, events can have any duration, just set the start date and end date, it can even be a month, whatever you want :)

i did every thing like your guide , but there is no event class?

Btw, there’s no need of a video, if you tapped the + button in the home screen, the Submit Event screen would show up and there you can fill all the forms to send your events to your Parse dashboard, it’s easy. After sending an event via the app you can enter your Parse Dashboard and change its isPending field into False to make it visible in the app. Then you can add other rows in the database and fill its empty fields with new events.

i send to you by the sending form , please reply .

thanks, we’ll get back to you asap.

how do i put events in catogories

we’ll reply to your email asap.

Is there a chance to categorize the events ?

for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap

how about font?Is ur app support UTF-8?

Are there any good tutorials, I’m adding spinner views and checkbox groups and need submit data, how to use spinner like submit to string method?

just make a google search of those topics, and also search on stackoverflow, you may find something helpful for your needs.

Is it possible to connect the “Facebook Events” page to insert automatically all events for many restaurants or bars?

No, sorry, because it works with Parse SDK and it is not compatible with FB events