Discussion on EventRight Pro - Ticket Sales and Event Booking & Management System with Website & Web Panels (SaaS)

Discussion on EventRight Pro - Ticket Sales and Event Booking & Management System with Website & Web Panels (SaaS)

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Hi team, based on comments I see that team is working on feature of including option for organizers or admin to create seating with venue map?

Will this have feature have option for user to book seat while purchasing ticket?

if yes, then i will purchase this code immediately, as soon as it is released

Yes, the user will be able to select seats if the organizer has added the seat-map

Sounds really good, i am eagerly waiting for the release. Any tentative timeline for this?

Can you please tentative date so that i can plan accordingly the purchase?

HI! How many languages can be added to the site? Is it possible to add free ads Thanks !

As many languages as you like. Yes, you can add your own ad sections after purchase by customizing the code. There’s no ad integrations provided by default.

Hi does this include option for organizers or admin to create seating with venue map?

We are working on that module

Do you have an ETA?

Module feature will be available in next month’s update

there is 500 error in organization settings please check that and fix it in demo i need to purchase this.

i have few confusions here;

1. can organization be able to add their own payment gateway?

2. how will i charge the organization will that be through a percentage in ticket or a service fee that is not clear in the docs or in the demo.

3. can i add my local payment gateway here?

will be waiting for your reply.

500 fixed. 1 – No, but can choose one from existing 2 – Percentage or Flat amount per order 3 – Sure, by modifying the source code.

Hello Team, I would like to purchase your theme. My main problem is synchronizing everything with Booking, airbnb, Kayak… and others…

If you can give me this solution I will buy it and also many others will…

This is the problem that many have.

Let me know please.

Do you have this system for wordpress plugin?

Thank you

Wordpress => No. Please contact us at for further communication. (Please mention this message in initial email along with more details of your requirement)

are you getting rid of google maps? itcan get really expensive to run on it, and you cant create events offline unless you have a billing account with google cloud

There’s no plan to change the current system related to Google Maps.

ok was ready to buy but its too expensive to run in google maps and unless u have a google maps billing account your software is useless, since it wont allow you to add events unless maps is activated, thank you

can you fix the links, nothing show, all link different website, ask subscribe what is this?


hnkenne1 Purchased

Can you please reply to my ticket? My team and I have been waiting on your follow up. Thanks Ticket: #DK-3115224



hnkenne1 Purchased

Thanks… Please see my reply back.


hnkenne1 Purchased

Please check your emails. my site is not loading, only the admin login is loading

Hello Expert,

I’m looking forward to buy the whole system (including Flutter App). Please suggest which Hosting server is required by your system. Will a Cloud server from Hostinger work?

any good vps server works for better performance.

Hello SaaSMonks, I’ve purchased & installed the website on my domain -

1. Organizer Signup doesn’t works at all, neither gives error. It just reloads the page.

2. When you submit an event, it should go to pending review from Admin side before directly getting published on the website as it can have quality or security issues.

3. Color Change doesn’t applies to the front end website. Loads in the backend but front-end doesn’t shows.

4. Second tab if logged in same tab window (as organizer) tab again asks to login, Error. It works fine in case of User (customer)

5. The header layout gets distorted with Last name.

Thanks for informing us about those issues, please share your purchase code & your domain URL in the ticket reply

I see that you have an app to scan the ticket, do you have a feature built in place to scan a qr code when someone goes to an event so they can check in and verify the person checking in the system, also, what if someone gives another person their phone to enter the event, do you have a system to protect fraud like that, it would be nice if you have a system like that in place. The whole idea of this is to not print physical ticket but to have virtual tickets.

We do have a scanner app as well as a User App & Organizer app. Here is the link: About scanning, We have a feature to limit the scanning to a defined number of times or unlimited check-ins. We can add additional paid (& personal) customization to prevent ticket handover with photo ID or something like that.

Hello I am looking at purchasing a complete booking system for events like “Ticketmaster” or “Ticketsolve” does your system do this. I would buy all the add-ons needed to make it work. I have some customers that are ready to leave these platforms but i need to give them close to the same service. I would also be looking at further developing the system with additional features. Can you advise if this is the system for me? Also if you want to PM me with the pricing & rates for development please.

Hello Please check our product demo and contact sales team at

Hi There, I like this app and planning to buy asap, but I have question regarding payment. How admin and organazier will check and withdraw payment. is there any wallet facility for them???

Thank you for response. I can you provide wallet and scanner app feacture inside the web application if I pay you extra???

Sure. Please contact with EVERYTHING related to your customization. also, make sure it is in the list format with complete details in multiple scenarios so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Thank you for sharing!!

If i buy all 4 apps. Will you help in all other process from buying app to list on both play stores . What are the charges if any ?

$1200 is very high cost for small help.

What all covered under “documentation for buyer” .

instruction how to setup.

When purchasing, there is an addition to the reservation through the seat map,

and I want a feature, which is to add a medal that is interactive for the organizer who adds the events, and he is interactive, or a documentation medal such as Twitter. Is there a version in Boostrap

For Additional Customization Contact us at

Hello, I was interested to buy the program, but I got it after inquiring about the program 1- Is there an RTL version 2- How are the amounts transferred to my account and how the ticket value is transferred to the organizer 3- I can add a percentage of any purchase transaction 4- I can create an admin account Assistant 5- Do you have a payment gateway that supports Saudi Arabia or can I connect from my external payment gateway, thank you

1 – Yes, 2 – The admin has to pay the amount shown in the reports, locally outside the system & mark it as paid in the system. Right now we are working on the update which will allow the payment to the organizer’s account if they wish. 3 – Commission percentage can be applied to all transactions from admin panel -> organizer settings 4 – No but adding Multiple Admins are possible 5 – Not by default, but we can provide it as an additional customization after purchase. Related payment gateway should support the coding environment.

good I can add packages to the organizers, as when he purchases the package, he has special features

Is the barco scanner application separate and how to activate it You’ll need to connect the app with the web URL Same as the User app. The process is inside the documentation.

Can you add the following Gateways?

1. Paddle 2. Skrill 3. Paystack 4. Flutterwave

Sure, Please contact for more info.

What is the frond-end and the backend code used? If I buy the whole product and want to customise according to my requirements, can that be done?

Which Database is used? Can we change if we need to?

After purchase code is all yours to modify as you wish. Tailwind & HTML for front-end, Laravel PHP, bootstrap & MySQL for back-end. database change? only if you can re-code the whole thing.

I’m very much interested but a little too pricy considering there’s also the addons to buy as well you should had started early sales promo I’ll wait for discount I hope this improves overtime and not just one update in a year

We are updating it every month as you can see in the changelogs. Please don’t wait to discount, as that period is gone, the current price will not go down now but will raise even higher on additional feature updates.

You should consider combining the addons with this at least. it’s already way too pricey for small business

I would like to know if you can sell me the UI kit of the platform app and web in PSD, I have to make a presentation to my superiors with the design of our company, before that so that we buy the complete version

The product is made with manual elements. You can show our live demo though. It’d give them an even better idea maybe.

Hi, Pre-sales question2: 1. Do I have to purchase extra addons to get access to qr scan reader or other options or it is all included? 2. Is there any way to allow organizers to create exclusive/Private events and the access can de given to those who belongs to the organizer guest list or the users applied and were aprouved Thank you for your help

For question 1 I found that I have to purchase the 3 addons (Total: $246). Do you install everything for me? How much it will cost me? Thank you

2 – Private Event is a feature that can be added with additional customization. After purchasing, you can surely contact us for additional services


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