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Why are past events not dropping off after the event date?


Considering purchasing this plugin. Does it come with front-end submission option for events?

Also, can clients upload their images that they would like to use as the featured image when they register their events

These are non- negotiabale key features.


The users can submit their own events yes. The upload of images is not supported currently sorry

is this dead? no updates?

Not dead still working with it’s supported features

i dont see any updates since 13 May 2013

are you coming up with some more features?

We don’t have any planned new features. We may have future updates yes

dear i bought your app , but i have error to facebook connect “Invalid Scopes: publish_stream. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at:" can you help me please ???

Our free support doesn’t include help on customization. For that please reach us through our profile page for an estimate if interested

do not worry, I solved

All right great!

hi, i have a few question i need to clear pls?

1 – i have created 2 events, how does admin know how many events a user has posted ?

2 – the two events i have created how can i share it? i see facebook like button tweet add comment features

3 – once an event passes it expiry date does it get removed from listing?

4 – other then the user who has posted the event can admin delete events?

5 – is there an admin user demo?


Yes please reach me through our profile page, and we’ll get in touch by email, thanks

ok i have uploaded all files and i cant see the following

on event view page i click on Author it is showing me this error page >

when i add a comment on post it is not showing on my time line ?

For support please contact us through our profile page with a link to your app and details about the issue, thanks

Any update ??

hello am getting Undefined index: fb_app_id , hw do i resolve this, am new to php.

I cannot see your buyer badge.


indevop Purchased

Any update ??