Discussion on Evento - Multivendor Event Ticket Booking Website

Discussion on Evento - Multivendor Event Ticket Booking Website

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If you guys can add two features then i think this will be much easier and perfect booking script please allow customers to buy the ticket without registration allow then to buy the ticket as a guest , if you guy check any of such websites will have that feature because the customers do not want spent too much time if it is a credit card payment then allow customers to do so , and if you guys can create a mobile app link with the site to scan tickets that’s much easier and secure because the PWA scanning is not that safe those who have the link they can misuse it

ecortescl Purchased

When I want to buy a ticket on the same day of the event it is blocked, this does not allow my ticket buyers to buy on the same day of the event, and for my use case it is the most important sales day, the majority purchase on the same day of the event . I must leave it until the date and time of the event.

please contact our support
if it’s a script issue, they will fix it
otherwise, it will be noted or you may have to hire us
They will check this one

Hi does this include option for organizers or admin to create seating with venue map?

Unfortunately, it’s not available yet, this is in our note


Mercadopago is not working properly.

How should I proceed?


Please create a support ticket here:
Please share ftp / cpanel, admin credentials & website link there

NB: Friday is weekend

Is there any possibility to add city names? at Menu bar and Search bar after the ‘All Category’?

City wise events are missing? Will you guys adding that feature in future? IF Yes i would like to purchase.


We have location based searching on search page
I will note it but I cannot promise any feature
You may contact us on telegram for customization
Telegram Username: KreativDev
NB: Telegram is not for support.

is it possible to assign for each ticket a first and last name of the benefit even if there is a single buyer of several tickets

I am sorry, I did not understand your point.

When you buy several tickets you must mention the name of the beneficiary on each ticket, to have nominative tickets

I got it now
Unfortunately, this is not available here

Hello! Can you make festivals free? That is, disable the payment system?


we have free ticket option here

I see that many users are asking for the seat selector like in bus or in close events, some sort of map is shown or even drop down and user are able to select the seat….without that ticketing website is not complete….

or there should be timer for shopping cart…once the ticket is added to cart, provides maybe x number of minutes, and if they do not check out then the tickets are available again. Good for popular events.

Thank you so much for the suggestions & sharing the link
We have seat mapping feature in note already
I am going to note the link too but I have to hide the comment as it holds link of other item

Hi, Can the item include wedding planner?

Unfortunately, it’s not in our plan yet

Hi, pre-order questions ? Any plan de add these features : 1- Point of sale 2- nbr of tickets sold/still available 3- Private access to pwa check qr (organizer access) bcoz it’s a public link 4- Charge commission/tax per event 5- Maybe to fix: after login as user and already ordred and chose tickets, after login you have to re choose the ticket like it’s not happened. thank you.

here you will find available tickets:

You can change the breadcrumb image only from Admin dashboard

Yes, organizer can feature event without admin confirmation

Thank you

I just figured out that if you buy multiple tickets, you get only 1 qr code invoice, but I guess that every ticket need its qr code, cuz if you check that qr ones, others attendees connot make it. Is there any update to make it easier and logic. Thanks

Thank you for this suggestion, dear
I will note this one


royjm22 Purchased

if anyone face issue with mail system

I am sorry it was a national holiday + weekend
Please contact our support


royjm22 Purchased

Anyone can tell me how to configure the PWA , i have opened a ticket but still not solved i need support urgently , in the documentation also no more details how to configure PWA for our website

I am sorry it was a national holiday + weekend
PWA will give you the option to install it on phone
but it depends on the browser & device
The browser or device must support PWA feature
You just need to fill in this form :
There is no additional configuration required, just make sure you have SSL

Does the money go directly to the organiser? Or do Ihave to have the money in MY stripe account first? I’d prefer if I didn’t deal with the organiser’s money

The money will go to admin’s stripe, then vendor will send withdraw request from their available balance & admin will send them their money

Hi. Before I purchace, Does the regular license include everything or is got limitations?

I just saw this on one of the threads.

“We did not provide any restriction on our system based on license. Envato recommends purchasing extended license to charge end users”

Did you mean that we can charge end users with a regular license or will have to purchase an extended license for that? I just need full clarity before buying. Thank you.

Yes, you can charge user with our script with regular license
Thank you

Hello, Went through the demo, I am interested in the script, but I have just one question which is.

Is the system recording the scanned ticket and storing it somewhere to know the number of people who attended the event or the scanner is just to validate the ticket?


Thanks for the appreciation
Currently , its only validating the ticket
I will note your suggestion too

I will come back when that feature is added. Thanks

Thank you


If an organizer scans a ticket, and if the customer shows the same ticket again, will the scanner identify that that ticket has been scanned already??


yes, that’s already implemented here

Hello, which license is needed if I am looking to use the full version of this including the ticket sales? Example: people come to the website and purchase tickets.

Does the regular license include everything? like stripe integration??


We did not provide any restriction on our system based on license
Envato recommends purchasing extended license to charge end users

If i buy this app for myself /my firm and i publish it on app store, where people can post events and buy tickets. I will get small commission. Which licence I needed ? Will regular licence is okay ?

Its a website, you cannot publish it in playstore

Can you create apps for user & organiser.

Unfortunately, it’s not in plan yet

hello, I can’t get the emails with the ticket to reach the customer, I would like a quick help, it’s been 2 months and I can’t solve this problem


I am sorry to hear that
It might be a hosting issue but can we please check it first ?
please create a suppor ticket here:
Please share the cpanel / FTP details in the ticket

Hello, I have a few questions before finalizing the purchase.

1. Do you ever think about creating a refund option? Sometimes we need to carry out and this can be essential to deduct from the organizer’s earnings.

2. There could be an option to limit withdrawals to 70% of winnings before the end of the event, letting the producer know that 30% is reserved for possible chagebacks. (this is a feature suggestion)

3. Will there ever be an option for the organizer to create their own coupons for their event, without admin intervention?

4. There could be an option to insert registration fields, I believe it is relevant that we can require a document number to give greater reliability in the purchase.

5. Is there an option for the customer to transfer the ticket to someone or enter data from a third party in cases of purchasing 2 or more tickets? I believe it is relevant in the process.

6. The function of commissioners (to make offline sales) and exclusive link for non-publicly listed tickets are also interesting resources that can make the system even more complete, as well as export the mailing of a specific event.

Furthermore, I believe that the system is excellent and complete to start using and I already intend to buy it.


Thanks a lot for the interest towards Evento
I have read through all the 6 points
Unfortunately, we do not have these in note , dear

We are noting down these features
If you need, You may contact us on telegram for customization
Telegram Username: KreativDev
NB: Telegram is not for support.


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