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Excellent, Im currently building a cms and have been studying the way different cms’ use events/hooks for a plugin system… this is exactly what Ive been looking for… no if you could write me a class to find <blackbird type=”title” /> and replace that with the $title variable that would be great :-) 1st purchase for you. Thanks

Ok right, yea the new update on the item should have the documentation as well as the trait and static class.

If you want it right away I can send you it through skype so you don’t have to wait for it.

I’ll look into that Custom Tag thing. I have written something similar before.

Brilliant, yea If you could Id appreciate that. My username is jonleesmith

Awesome! I did write a small one using a htmldom class but not as flexible as I need it really

Sure thing, added you.

Now this is one quality item on CodeCanyon that I’m really happy that I bought!

Very intelligent approach.

Thank you, that means a lot :)

Have actually purchased three of your items now. Looks really good! :-)


your other class for muted class object, can be used togheter with this one? or it’s the same feature?

Yes, the event class is not the same as mutations and can be used at the same time of course!

Can you make a demo page with explanations and not only screenshots please or provide a link for the documentation ?

There really isn’t much to show as it doesn’t produce any output on its own. There is a guide on how to use it on the item description.

Hey, just purchased this item, seems to be great but i think its a wrong zip?

You’re right! I’m uploading the correct one now, sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know though!

You should be notified via email once the update has been completed.

great update, any idea on the time frame of release of new formstrap?

Glad you like it! “Formstrap”?

i meant to say neat forms, your form class, says v2 is coming

Right. I have a few ideas I’d like to implement, but I don’t know if I’ll get to do them yet (real life issues). Sorry about that :\

You deserved my respect friend.