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Does Eventer support multi-day/repeat events?

Yes you can repeat events by setting the “Repeat Events” option to yes in the options page of Eventer’s admin panel.

Can I use more than one eventer calendar in a single page?

The only way to use mulitple instances of eventer calendar in a single page is to use iframes.

How to set the width and height of the calendar?

Calendar Width Calculation:

To set the width of the calendar you have to set the value of “Date Box Width” and “Date Box Horizontal Space” options in the admin panel because the total width of the calendar is calculated based on the value of these options + some extra margins. Following the formula for calculating the total width of the calendar:

(Date-Box-Width + Date-Box-Horizontal-Space) * 7 - Date-Box-Horizontal-Space

For example if you set the width of Date-Box-Width as 136 and also set the value of Date-Box-Horizontal-Space as 1 then you will get total width of the calendar interface as:

(136 + 1) * 7 - 1 = 958

Calendar Height Calculation:

Though you can set the height of date cells of the calendar via “Date Box Height” option but the actual height of a date cell depends on number of events in that date cell. If there are many events occurring on the same day then it may be required to increase the height of the corresponding row in order to show titles of all events to users.

Why Repeat Event Feature is not Working?

Make sure that you have turned on the Repeat Events by choosing “Yes” option from the Repeat Events select menu in the options page in the admin panel.

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